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The Triskelion War Game 29: Fear No Evil - Chaos vs Salamanders  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Off the shoulder of Orion

Welcome to game 29 of our (glacially slow) campaign. In the previous battle, a combined force of Salamanders and Antipodean Rangers broke through renegade
defences and into a valley suspected of hiding a significant Chaos staging area.

In this game, a strong force of Salamanders pushes deeper into the Vale of Shadows – but the followers of the Ruinous powers will not be so easily swept aside again…

This game is the second battle of a 4 part operation in the Vale of Shadows.

Previous games in this campaign can be found here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Gordy2000%27s_Battle_Reports

Epistolary Tu’Shen swayed with the motion of the Rhino carrier as it powered across the valley floor. His tactical display in his helmet showed his force line abreast,
racing up the plain towards the valley head.

He had left the Rangers back at the last battle site to hold the area, and his allied Sons of Gord chapter was performing a recce up another branch of the valley.
His force was alone, but he had little doubt it was powerful enough to deal with any lurking threat.

His display showed the flat land ahead suddenly narrow between a river bend and wooded ridge. The perfect place for an ambush.

“All units slow to combat speed. Bikes, check out the wooded area centre axis – I don’t like the look of it”

Tu’Shen watched the runes representing his bike squad advance towards the edge of the woods.
Moments later the first contact reports came across the vox net. He had been right – the enemy had been predictable as expected.

“Driver, take us in behind the bikes’ He hefted his force axe “It’s time to deliver the Emperor’s judgement”

The valley approaches with the narrow pass between the river and the wooded ridge

The powerful Salamander force races forward

In the trees, the enemy waits

The Salamanders head for the ridge – impassable to vehicles, but not infantry

The mighty Land Raider moves in from the flank

But this is no mere rabble of renegades and heretics – a powerful Chaos force waits in ambush


Tu’Shen and his command squad disembark to engage the enemy on the ridge

The beastmen are savaged by bolter fire, but they are not alone…

Worldeaters appear through the trees

Along with renegade Ogryns

The Ogryns and Khorne Champion lays the command squad low, but Tu”Shen is unbowed

Berserkers charge the bikes

Both sides take serious losses, but the chosen of Khorne prevail

Tu’Shen smites the last Ogryn

On the flank, more Berserkers charge form the trees and fall upon a newly disembarked tactical squad.

The fight is bloody, and for the unfortunate Salamanders, brief

The Worldeaters crash into the Salamander’s flank as vehicles from both sides engage point-blank

Salamander elite teleport into the mist of the enemy

Mayhem ensues

Dreadnaught smash!

Behind the enemy lines, a fell ritual is underway…

A Vanguard Squad attempt to slay the creature

On the far flank, Reviers roll up the renegades

Tu’Shen gets his smite on again and fells the Champion

The terminators advance

Chaos armour is reduced to ramming

…to little effect

The Chaos Landraider dies (having not been able to hit the side of a barn all game) and tips out more Berserkers

The Bloodslaughterer charges the terminators

…and gets hammered

The Berserkers are beset on all sides

And go down fighting

The Landraider berserker squad charges the terminators

Who prove shockingly resilient

Both sides fight each other to a standstill as the skies suddenly darken above…

The Salamander captain battles a second Bloodslaughterer as all manner of fell creatures pour from a sudden rift in realspace

The Chaos ambush has held off the Salamanders for long enough and the ritual is complete.
The Marines are pushed back, giving the forces of Chaos more time to fortify their positions further up the valley.

Chaos victory!
Well, Chaos squeaked out a victory, but only just. I was far too timid with my use of the Chaos armour, and in particular the Bloodslaughterers,
who sat back way too long and let the marines come to them. Also, the Salamander termies were crazy tough and their librarian was a one-man wrecking ball.
No first game blues for that model!

Next game, the Salamanders and Sons of Gord team up again to assault the main Chaos base. What surprises do the servants of ruin have in store this time?

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My Collected Narrative Photo Battle Reports


Thanks to Thor 665 for putting together the article
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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

I like the little stories that your (amazing) photos tell.

Like the two bikers towards the bottom left looking at one another:

I imagine one of them saying "Well, this isn't going to end well...".

And then the Marine with the Auspex later on as the Berzerkers charge:

"I think we're under attac... AHHH!"

Your stuff is always a fun read.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Pleasure to read as always, Gordy. Doesn't hurt that the correct side wins, too

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Some things are worth the wait - your battle reports are one of them :-) brilliant stuff mate

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Yes, as previous posters have stated these batreps are amazing. I really enjoy them. Many thanks.

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