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Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey guys,

I'm completely new to the game and want to get started soon.
I want to start off with a 1000 point army for Cities of Sigmar and thought of three lists so far:

1. Dwarfs:

1 Warden King (100)
1 Runemaster (90)
1 Cogsmith (60)
30 Ironbreakers (240)
30 Longbeards (270)
2 Helblaster Volley Guns (240)

= 1000 CP

2. Dwarfs with artillery focus:

1 Warden King (100)
1 Runemaster (90)
2 Cogsmiths (120)
30 Longbeards (300)
3 Helstorm Rocket Batteries (390)

= 1000 CP

3. Mixed forces:

1 Freeguild General (100)
1 Runemaster (90)
30 Handgunners (300)
20 Longbeards (200)
15 Pistoliers (300)

= 990 CP

Could you please give me some feedback if those armies would be any good and which one you'd expect to perform better?
I intend to upgrade whichever i pick to a Greywater Battalion with 4 artillery pieces, once i assemble a 2k army.

Any input would be highly appreciated.
Made in us
Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

I think the first list is the strongest, followed by the third. Greywater artillery company w/4 rocket batteries is a tried-and-true army build so you don't have any problems in the concept. It will really come down to what you are up against.

Still trying to be more polite. If you catch me being toxic please call me on it.

Enjoying narrative before matched play, crusading on a path to glory! 
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the reply!
I'll go with one or three then.

One would be my favored playstyle and its great to know it would probably be the strongest one, too.
Three would be a lot cheaper for me to build, so its awesome it would also work.

It's great to have the choice between two viable lists now, i'll have to think about that some more.
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