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img m

Does anyone happen to know what these miniatures are?
And if they have an sort of value for collectors?

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The tank almost looks like a Demolisher from BattleTech.

Made in us
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NE Ohio, USA

The tank is a BattleTech Demolisher
Dude = ?
Purple thing = ??
Thor from Marvel comics, or some companies "not-Thor" knockoff.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ellicott City, MD

Pretty sure the purple thing is a Grenadier models alien.

The base on the duelist makes it look like it might be a Minifigs model? But it’s hard to tell from that shot.

In any case, I wouldn’t expect those to be worth too much.





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The purple one is a Grenadier Miniatures Demon. I remember that from waaay back in my 2nd Ed ADnD days

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Were different runs of Battetech Demolishes? I’ve got a pair of old RP ones in a box, and don’t recall them being that big.

Made in au
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Newcastle, OZ

Yes, There were different runs of the demolisher.
Early one, like this one, was more rounded.

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