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Fresh-Faced New User

Good day to all!

I finally got around to making my blog on this forum. My name is Alexander, and I am engaged in painting miniatures. Basically, it is fantasy and space miniatures of the Warhammer universes. I attach several photos of my works. Thanks for your attention)
[Thumb - bpqO16ODfqE.jpg]

[Thumb - dxyXbe0HwF8.jpg]

[Thumb - G6TyUOEa6aE.jpg]

[Thumb - izYOIsr_aas.jpg]

[Thumb - KNyHHpZV-rk.jpg]

[Thumb - O1f8Ij6gNfc.jpg]

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Really like that Grey Seer. Great skin tone.

The arrow boyz take me back too. Sweet nostalgia...
Made in ca
Deranged Necron Destroyer

Those are all fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing what more you have!

See what's on my painting table Now painting: Myrmourn Banshees 
Made in us
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Houston, TX

Great looking stuff. Your shadows and highlights are really dynamic and your photos are well done. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Project log and campaign featuring Orks, Imperial Guard, Marines, Tyranids: http://www.xhorikwar.blogspot.com/
Currently focused on our Horus Heresy campaign with White Scars, Death Guard and Imperial Militia.  
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Welcome! Great looking minis so far. That Skaven is top notch.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thank you very much for all the good words! I really have a lot of miniatures (there are more than 10 Warcry gangs), but there is no special opportunity to finish these projects. I will post as many photos as possible as soon as I finish something new.

The latest now - is painted my friend's sphyranx today. Instead of a terrible chaotic cat that destroys the mind, it turned out to be a noble and beautiful guardian of the forest.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

It's been a long time since I've posted anything new, because I've been so busy with my work. The other day I finished my last order - Robout Guilliman! There were quite a few problems with it, but I finished it in a day, with all my efforts.
Made in gb
Procrastinator extraordinaire

Edinburgh, UK

Impressive range of stuff you've been painting, awesome Grey Seer.

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