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Made in cz
Fresh-Faced New User

Had a conversation with my brother last night, where, in a GW discussion he suddenly remembered hearing a song in a GW store (must have been in the mid 90s).
Of course, as soon as he started singing it I realised I also knew this song.
We remembered it was the 12 days of trollsmass (Christmas). And we also remembered at least the 1st line:

On the 1st day of Trollsmass my Gobbo gave to me,
A gerbil in a Capri!

Unfortunately, my aging brain cannot remember the rest, and the internet seems to have forgotten all about it!
So, I ask of you (well, at least you of a certain age who probably grew up in the UK), does anyone else remember this gem?
And, for bonus points (like, at least 3 internets) can anyone provide a recording?

Or, is this an unfortunate display of the Mandela effect, and will I be forced to spend my days forever singing the first line of a song that never existed?
Made in gb
Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Quite possibly Trollish Tunes?

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Made in cz
Fresh-Faced New User

Oooh. Thanks. I've just had a look and a quick listen to the tape that is on youtube. It's in the same vein certainly... but I don't hear what I am looking for.
'member when GW were fun? I 'member
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