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OVERLORDS themed big dudes / CSM? by Mutant Modifier  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in fi
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By the end of last year I decided to take a break from the Nurgle CSM stuff. I came up with an idea of an "army" with a very small number of (big) models. The fluff for Overlords of Barbarus with their Golem slaves were definitely an influence, but I'm in no way strictly trying to make just them. Been thinking hard if I could use some Xenos or even Imperial rules/codices for them, but it just feels like the CSM list is very well suited for all the types of models I have in mind. Everything will be scratch built / sculpted or very heavily converted. Demon Princes, Helbrutes, Demon Engines, Centaur shaped monstrosities for Bikers, and maybe even some titanic sized thing such as Khorne Lord of Skulls or a Traitor Knight. We'll see about that...

Anyway, this is what I've come up with so far. Two DP's & Helbrutes, and the duo of horse-headed (possessed soldiers from the Doom board game) will likely be used as troops such as regular CSM's. This is fun!

Made in fi
Fresh-Faced New User


It feels like this project is progressing super slowly. But I have to remind myself it's only an odd two hours work a day, and not even every day. Sometimes a bit more for sure. Usually I'll just be gluing a few more tiny bits (such as skulls, crab claws and whatnot) here and there. Then sculpt in some shoulder pads, nostrils and spikes, before leaving to dry overnight. Surely there are many positive sides in this kind of layer-by-layer method of working. The process is fun and intuitive, and I'm not completely sure how the end results will look like even though I have some vague ideas and feel where I'm constantly aiming at. Certain things are also very easy to sculpt one piece or an area at a time. It requires lots of waiting however, and results are showing very slowly. But I'm getting there!

Very happy and exited with how the squad of 5 horse-headed troopers (maybe just regular Chaos Space Marines?) are turning out. I really like the vibe of many Imperial command squads (with all the medics, vox casters and leaders pointing fingers), and wanted to have something similar going on. Together with the Centaur "bikers" I'm planning this army is accumulating some obvious Beasts of Chaos vibes. Glad I got some old Beastmen miniatures hiding somewhere...

Made in ca
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

These guys are definitely strange and fun! The horse head troopers are excellent.

realism is a lie
Made in fi
Fresh-Faced New User


Thanks amazingturtles !

The core of this new "big guys" "army" of mine is now almost ready to to get some paint on. I'm currently just waiting for the clay on their bases and some Green Stuff details to dry. So might actually get painting this evening!

It has been a fun journey to come up with the final looks for these miniatures. The big guys (Demon Prince and Helbrute types) are quite close to the initial blurry picture I had in my head some time ago. One major element I like a lot are the curved lines that can be seen on many places (such as the boot tips, noses, claws etc.), that evolved very naturally from the myriad toy scorpion parts, armoured horse bits and horns.

Latest arrivals here are the trio of centauroids I plan to use as Chaos Bikers. I can see a futuristic Beasts of Chaos type of theme emerging here. Glad I've got dozens of old and new Beastmen miniatures, horses, boars, more toy scorpions and other animals waiting somewhere. Also started scratch building a trio of Obliterator types back at home (no pictures taken yet). They are bloated blobs of flesh and Lego guns wobbling on thin legs. Yet to add or sculpt big heads on them.

Plans for painting? I'll start with black basecoat, maybe spray some red droplets on from above. Unhealthy and pale flesh on the faces. Skulls, iron, gold, bronze and parchments as usual. Bright orangey red for demonic scorpion parts. Maybe bright cyan/blue for glow effects and eyes? Marbling red & black on the robes. And for the final touches as many black & white checker patterns, runes, sigils and symbols everywhere as I can comfortably fit.

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