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With my father having run a carpentry firm for as long as I have existed (founded the same year I was born, in fact), working with tree has always been a part of life here. We made tree swords and shields for playing at war (4 wounds, 20 seconds countdown when killed before back up, hands, feet and head not counting for hits) as well as tanks, planes and lots and lots of naval ships to play D-Day in Normandie on our gravel garage driveway together with lots of plastic soldiers. Now that my mother has got new inhabitants in her home, life for me has turned even more childish and playful than it usually is, and I have served as my stepsiblings' (aged 10 and 12 at the moment of writing) playmate slave regularly for over a year now.

This has included whipping out the best of our old wooden creations, some of those I built can be seen here. Most of our wooden armada had to be burnt a few years ago since it occupied too much storage and most of it was ramshackle were hastily built, but we saved the better pieces. As I have helped my stepsiblings with building wooden tanks, cruisers and amphibious limousines out in my mother's workshop, I also took the chance to dabble in wooden toyships again. In the middle of this picture can be seen the new creation, from summer 2020, surrounded by the better of my non-weapon wooden creations from around 1998-2001:

These, on the other hand, are some simple, and most importantly cheap Christmas presents made out of plywood for various family members in four intense days of work before Christmas eve 2020.

Recievers of presents in top row, from left to right: Younger brother, maternal grandfather and grandmother, father.

Recievers of presents in bottom row, from left to right: Stepfather, stepsister, stepbrother, mother.

Note that the rightmost piece in the bottom row is based on this lucky photograph:

Also, as mentioned elsewhere previously, some Star Wars woodworking occurred:

Wood is such a nice material to work with. Just some quick non-Warhammer projects from last year.

Have you done any fun things in wood? Please share stories and pictures.

Made in gb
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cool stuff

Made in us
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Ah yes, and this wooden horse was also made during summer 2020 at the same time as the ship:

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