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How do?

Now I’ve got your attention with a frankly childish thread title you’d think was beneath me, here’s a wee video for you.

My best mate Paul, who has suffered my presence in his life for coming up 30 years has done his first painting tutorial. And he’s demonstrating how to paint Poisoned Wind Globes, using an ArchVillain not-Skaven.

He’s a talented guy, and with this being his first foray into formal tutorials, I’m sure he’d appreciate any and all constructive feedback.

Go on, show him some support. He deserves it having put up with me for so long! And hey, if he goes mega on the YouTube’s and Twitch, you can say you were in at the ground floor.

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Deffo gonna give this a watch when I get off work - I've got some green glass bottles just jeering at me for how I've not touched them since priming, because I am a little babby man who is scared of trying to paint opaque things transparent. Cheers for the recommend, and good luck to your mate - his production seems pretty slick at a glance, and I like how he's managed to get a camera on the brush and the pallet simultaneously - something I think is a bit overlooked, and can be really helpful for newbies in particular. The facecam is a nice, personalizing touch, too.

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In terms of feedback on the vid, I’ve suggested recutting it, using the three orbs to demonstrate the technique, then using the model to contextualise it in-situ.

And with the three orbs, working each one up different levels for ease of reference for the viewer. They’re also something he can refer back to once working on the model itself.

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