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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Do I dare start this thread two years in a row? I'M DOING IT!!!

Things I Started With
Three Outriders (on hold until Codex 9.2 comes out, since they might get actual weapon options or something)

Things I've Added in 2022
Ten Devastators
Five Sternguard
13 assorted veterans/Sergeants/special weapon guys
Jump pack Librarian
Jump pack Chaplain

Chaos Knight
Knight Tyrant x2
War Dogs x6

War Hog
Two Eferrit Scouts

Thing I've Finished

Venerable Space Wolves Dreadnought/Wolfen Dreadnought
Two Venerable Dreadnoughts
Invictor Warsuit
Land Speeder
Three Suppressors
Five Assault Terminators
Ten Vanguard Vets
Gravis Captain
Three Firestrike conversions
Leviathan Dread x2

15 Hormagaunts
22 Termagaunts
One Tryannofex
One Toxicrene, sort of
Parasite of Miorax
Three Tyranid Warriors

Soul Grinder
10 Furies

Chaos Knight

Lord Carver BMMD, Esq.
Dr. Arkadius
Sturm and Drang
Helga the Conquerer
Helga of Wheels
Lord Azazello
Road Hog
Gun Boar
Splatter Boar
Battle Boar
Razor Boar
Agata, Queen of Carnage
Farrow Sapper
Farrow Brigands and Warlord
Farrow Commandos
SlaughterhousersRazorback Crew
Bone Grinders
Meat Thresher
Rorsh and Brine

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Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant


I'm aiming for these 2021 hangovers:

KoW Northern Alliance army. This year I hope to get a 1500 pt army painted, including...

* Assorted 1980s Dwarf minis, mostly with 1980s era paint jobs so at least needing a wash or two...

* Blood Rage minis to be my main human forces. Mostly primed, some painting done.

* Three Shieldwolf Amazon riding bears. Assembled and primed.

* Three Mierce Walrus Dudes. Assembled and primed. These will be Snow Trolls.

Plus, ALL NOO FOR 22:

Five chaos space marine bikers
One chaos lord biker

One space dorf airship (converted toy)
One space dorf land train (bought as a 3D print)
One space dorf drill vehicle (converted toy)
At least two squads of space dorfs

My painting & modelling blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/699224.page

Serpent King Games: Dragon Warriors Reborn!

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

NE Ohio, USA

Hmm, what's on the pile.....
Krondys - build/paint
Karazai the Scarred - build/paint
Stormdrake Guard x6 - paint
Knight-Questor Dacian Anvil - paint
The Godsworn Hunt - paint
Darkoath Chieftan - paint
Darkoath Warqueen - paint
Holga Clovenhorn - paint
Khagra's Ravagers - paint
Man-skewer Boltboyz x1 - build/paint
Beast-skewer Killbow x1 - build/paint
Khinerai Lifetakers/Heartrenders - 1 box - build/paint
Nagash - build/paint
That LE vampire woman with the dragon, whatever her name is - build/paint
FW Bonegrinder Gargant x1 - going to paint him up as a giant zombie. - build/paint

Venom x2 - build/paint
Voidraven Bomber x1 - build/paint
Razorwing Jetfighter x1 - build/paint
The SM 1/2 of the Indomitus launch box - build/paint
Sgt. Castus - build/paint
Eradicators - 2 boxes - build/paint
Primaris apothicary x1 - build/paint
Invader ATV x1- build/paint
Storm Speeder x1 - build/paint
Gladiator x3 - build/paint
The Silent King - build/paint
Lord Hasmoteph - paint
Dungeonbowl - build/paint/play
Cursed City - build/paint/play
War Cry: Red Harvest - build/paint/play
Areonautica Thunderhawk x1- build/paint (as SW)

Other than that there's around 25 assorted models for various Warcry bands - assembled, but not even base coated yet.
And another 50+ random figures (all manufacturers) in the misc. box.

Things will be deleted as I accomplish them.

As of March 1st? I've taken about 1 step forward (got some stuff built) & about 3 backwards as I'm now building/painting a Grot tank army....
So anything in this list looks like it won't be changing status for some time.

As of May 18th:
A few things got built.... Paintwise? I've got about 90 40k grots finished - 1/2 of wich don't really count as they're just crew for guns & are irrelevant for actual play....

July 9th:
Work continues on the Grot project.
And I now have a big box of Horus Heresy to get table ready asap. I've chosen Iron Warriors to help speed this project along.

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Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

The pile is big, so I have to list it by project instead.

Green for projects I would love to finish in 2022, orange for projects I want to work on and red for those that will likely stay untouched

Big projects (hundreds of unfinished minis or similar effort)
Fantasy - Empire Army of Ostermark
Fantasy - Skaven Skryre horde
Fantasy - Dwarf army - bought in 2021
40k - Tyranids
40k - 122nd Cadian
40k - Vogen city board - bought 2021 D-4 Manufactorium
FoW - Mid/Late war germans

Medium projects (20-100 remaining)
Fantasy - Kislev rota 1000pts army shot
Fantasy - The peoples crusade (empire fanatics)
Fantasy - The golden army (Dogs of war Myrmydians)
Fantasy - Karl Franz' 1st Armoured Engineer regiment
Fantasy - Norscan hordes 2000pts army shot
Fantasy - RPG monsters and heroes
Fantasy - Tomb kings Chariots
Fantasy - Mordheim Marienburg warband Current warband
40k - Vogen renegades Example Squad
40k - Vostroyan company - bought 2021
40k - Steel legion company - bought 2021
40k - Krieg company
40k - Ecclessiarchy battlegroup - bought 2021
Post apoc - Fallout heroes and villains
Team yankee - Soviet VDV battalion
FoW - Midwar Americans
FoW - Midwar Italians

Small projects (Less than 20 minis remaining)
40k - Night Lords warband - bought 2021
40k - Armoured company Action shot
40k - Imperial Fists strike force - bought 2021
Walking dead - Survivors and walkers

Would be nice if I was able to actually finish some projects, but knowing myself, my priorities will probably change several times during the year, and looking at all the additional armies I added in 2021, there might be some more additions. I find it very hard to resist good deals on middle/oldhammer armies in particular

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Made in fi
Locked in the Tower of Amareo

Oh boy. Here's what I need to get painted for AOS:


10 warden
10 sentinel
10 windcharger
ballista, 5 bladelords
lord regent
5 dawnrider
endless spells&shrine

cities of sigmar:

2 battlemage
10 ironbreaker


10 vindictor
3 annihilator
3 praetors
5 evocators,sequitors&judicators
6 gryph hounds
10 vnaguard hunters
knight arcanum


40 savage orruk foot various types
20 gutrippas
2 swampcalla shaman
killaboss on foot and mounted
3 gore grunta
megaboss on mawkrusha
15 ardboyz
5 brutes


2 ironblasters
6 glutton

gloomspite gits:

20 stabbas
12 rockgut troggoth
5 squig hopper
madcap shaman
dankholf troggboss
5 loonsmasha fanatics




2 bloodwarrior
3 khorgorath
mighty lord of khorne
5 wrathmonger
5 skullreaper
6 skullcrusher
lord of khorne on juggernaut

slaves to darkness.:

21 chaos warriors
3 varanguard
2 chaos sorcerer
sorcerer lord on manticore

Plus tons of blood angels Above is around 300 models. Didn't even count some not so important support models I have ended up with spares in sales that aren't in a hurry.

Only 1/3 of what I painted last year. Hopefully I can avoid buying too much models this year.

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2023 painted/bought: 302/287 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Thanks for starting this again. Really helped last year!

Feeling like I might actually be able to get caught up this year. Long ways to go, easy to fail, but lets write it all down and see what we have to do:

High Priority Stuff:

- Misaki Crew
- English Ivan Crew
- Anya Crew
- All the new stuff releasing

- Picked up a few new models to finish up O-12 but more or less complete!

A Song of Ice and Fire
- Kind of lost interest in this, but picked up the new Night's Watch heroes so I can have Coldhands and Sam and Gilly so I need to get them painted.

The Pile of So Much Shame:

- 2 Units of Iron Fang Pikemen
- A small set of Menoth stuff for Old Faith Theme
- A unit of Northkin and the Hooch Hauler
- Some various starter plastics I might sell
- A unit of Idrians I might just sell
- Random Circle stuff I should probably either finish or sell

- Sylvaneth Tress
- A couple Sisters/DW units I have no real use for
- My Knights army

Guild Ball
- Brewers Team

Upcoming Kickstarters:

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika
Monsterpocalypse.... soooooo much Monpoc

Things I'm tempted to start:

A Blood Bowl team
An Ork army

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Made in us
Battlefield Tourist

MN (Currently in WY)

Last year, I got my backlog to 0 models. That means this year I am starting fresh.

I got the following all ready for 2022 projects:

1 Reaper Nativity- 10 models- Done
2 boxes of Dark Age Irish- 80 Models
USAF Korean War 1/600- 31 minis
Communist Aircraft Korean War 1/600- 39 models
1/1200 Greek Triremes - 5 models

I all ready have 10 minis done for this year! Only 155 more to go!

Support Blood and Spectacles Publishing:
Made in si
Foxy Wildborne

It would take me a year just to type out my pile.

My goal is to finish any 5 from a list of 10 or so major projects (most are about 1000 pts of leftovers from previous army painting pledges).
Leaving a flex slot open for when GW blindsides me with a must-have new side game again.

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Posters on ignore list: 36

40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


I also have too many models to lists so I'm focusing on ancients and medieval projects this year.

I have the following full projects:

Pontic (Almost done, just basing the last of them)
Roman Slave Revolt
Arabs (Which is about 3 times bigger than the others)
28mm Oathmark Humans, using fireforge crusaders

The following minors projects that don't need many models or are morphs of existing armies:

Fixes for existing armies (New editions need new minis)
Western Successors

I also have "Leftovers", models unpainted as my army lists didn't need all the models in a box. Hopefully this won't become a project.
Made in ca
Poisonous Kroot Headhunter

Well, my pile of shame is far too big to list everything, so I'm just going to put down what I think is achievable for 2022. (At least it's all built, if not painted. XD)

Remainder of my Tau Army that I didn't quite finish in 2021:
1 (of 2) XV8 Crisis Commanders.
3 (of 6) XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
10 (of 15) Pathfinders.
3 Stealth Suits
3 (of 6) Knarloc Riders
40 (of 60) Kroot Carnivores.
1 (of 2) Ethereals.
12ish (of 20ish) Drones.
1 (of 2) Cadre Fireblades.
4 (of 12) Kroot Hounds
1 (of 4) Kroot Shapers
Dahyak Grekh

I'm always passively whittling away at my massive Space Marine army and since I've basically stopped buying models for them, I am slowly making headway. I'll usually build a casual 1k point list from my shame pile and just focus on getting that painted up (last year I knocked off a Termi Librarian, Termi Chaplain, and 20 Terminators for a 1st company strike force), so for this year:
1 Phobos Lieutenant
10 Infiltrators
1 (of 2) Land Speeder Storms
3 Scout Bikers
1 Attack Bike
3 Eliminators
20 Scouts (That are just in need of a few finishing touches).

I've taken a similar stance to my Necrons (since the Indomitus box at least) and at least want to finish up some stuff from my pile that I started long ago and put on hold, even if I don't get the whole army done.
5 (of 6) Canoptek Wraiths
6 (of 20) Canoptek Scarab Swarms
12 (of 54) Green Rod Warriors (with 20 "done" that need some tweaks since I've updated the scheme slightly)
Technomancer and 2 Cryptothralls
9 (of 10) Lychguard

Beyond that, I think it's really going to depend of what strikes my fancy to play in 2022 and if I like the scheme for them I've come up with. On one hand, I'd like to get back to work on my Astra Militarum army, I've only got about 1/3rd of the my Infantry heavy force done. On the other, I'm still playing around with my schemes for my Death Guard and Tyranids and can't quite get them to look just right, perhaps I'll take them on if I can solve that. I suppose I'll just have to jump off that bridge when I come to it.

17210 4965 3235 5350 2936 2273 1176 2675
1614 1342 1010 2000 960 1330 1040  
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

I've been using the Pile of Potential site to track my (incomplete) pile of shame. Need to add a Necron option for "metal skeletons that aren't in starter sets", though.

My current Pile of Potential

2021 Plog - Here we go again... - my fifth attempt at a Dakka PLOG

My [url=https://pileofpotential.com/dysartes]Pile of Potential[/url - updates ongoing...

Gamgee on Tau Players wrote:we all kill cats and sell our own families to the devil and eat live puppies.

 Kanluwen wrote:
This is, emphatically, why I will continue suggesting nuking Guard and starting over again. It's a legacy army that needs to be rebooted with a new focal point.

Confirmation of why no-one should listen to Kanluwen when it comes to the IG - he doesn't want the IG, he want's Kan's New Model Army...

tneva82 wrote:
You aren't even trying ty pretend for honest arqument. Open bad faith trolling.
- No reason to keep this here, unless people want to use it for soemthing... 
Made in pl
Horrific Hive Tyrant

3 GW trolls
1 GW ghoul
4 GW skellies
5 GW fenrisian wolves
6 GW ghosts
20 GW gobbos
1 Northstar witch
12 Fireforge zombies
16 Fireforge northmen
19 Fireforge peasants
3 WGA spiders
Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter

Alexandria, VA

Need to finish out two armies:

3x Aggressors
10x Hellblasters
3x Outriders
1x Bladeguard Ancient
1x Judiciar

3x Stealth Suits
3x Pathfinders
1x Yvarhna
1x Farsight
2x Broadsides
?x variety of drones
Made in us
Battlefield Tourist

MN (Currently in WY)

It has begun! I have started painting for 2022.

First thing I finished was a Nativity scene for a gift. Better late than never!

Busted out the new Orange30 Resin Printer and gave it a whirl too. I was pretty nervous about using it, as I am not a technical type and have no real idea what I am doing. However, I found some 1/1200 Greek Triremes from Capt Ahab, and gave those a whirl as my first prints. Eventually, I will need about 50 for games of Poseidon's Warriors to compliment my Victrix Greek land forcesin land/naval campaigns. Here is a start!

I also have my Wargame Atlantic Dark Age Irish and my Tumbling Dice aircraft in route. This could be a great year!

Support Blood and Spectacles Publishing:
Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


Right, what's on my pile:

Thousand Sons
5x Rubrics to finish off
1x Scarab to finish off.
Around 10x Pink/Blue Horrors which need doing.

10x Fire Warriors
3x Converted XV15s
1x Commander
1x Heavily converted Stormsurge

Also have another Commander, a Broadside and a Hammerhead in the post

2x 1/48 EE Lightnings
1/48 BAC TSR-2
1/48 Gloster Meteor
1/72 DeHavilland Vampire
1/72 Jet Provost
1/72 F-15
1/72 Mitsubishi Zero
1/72 Mustang
1/72 Boulton Defiant

I did splurge a little on the 1/72 kits over Christmas. When they're only around £10 each it's nice to pick up a variety.

Also got a special project for my fiance's birthday; since she's getting into D&D I had HeroForge make up a figure of her. Arrived today and looks pretty decent, so got just under 2 weeks to get that painted.
Made in ca
Knight of the Inner Circle

Montreal, QC Canada

Man I did manage to get a bunch done last year. More then the year before actually but looking back on it the vast majority was terrain. I only made a minor dent in my pile and, overall, added to it.

So going to buckle down and try to get at least one army done or at the very least one project in my backlog done.

So I'm going to either:

1. Complete 1000pts of Stormcast
2. Finish painting my Conan boardgame

Those are the main projects I want done this year. Anything else beyond that will be a bonus.

Commodus Leitdorf Paints all of the Things!!
The Breaking of the Averholme: An AoS Adventure
"We have clearly reached the point where only rampant and unchecked stabbing can save us." -Black Mage 
Made in se
Regular Dakkanaut


My pile of shame:

Nothing. :(

Nurgle protects. Kinda.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

 LunarSol wrote:
Thanks for starting this again. Really helped last year!

You're welcome.

Made in si
Foxy Wildborne

 Kall3m0n wrote:
My pile of shame:

Nothing. :(

Get the trebuchet, guys

Posters on ignore list: 36

40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
Made in ca
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

I've got the following

2 invicror warsuits
X1 lt
X4 5 man marine squads
X2 eliminator squads

A box of terrain

×3 underworlds warbands

X2 sets of the goblins from battle at skull pass.

Wolfspear's 2k
Harlequins 2k
Chaos Knights 2k
Spiderfangs 2k
Ossiarch Bonereapers 1k 
Made in us
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

A Protoss colony world

I've got basically an actual mountain of shame (piles are rookie numbers) and there's no way I'm going to make more than a slight dent in it in a year, so I'll just list some of the highlights of what I've got sitting around:
Warhammer 40k:
Over a dozen Ravenwing bikers, plus Outriders, ATVs, and vehicles. Hoping to get at least a few of these done.
A bunch of Deathwing Terminators. These will probably have priority over the aforementioned Ravenwing due to being more needed for competitive DA lists.
Most of the Indomitus Space Marines. One of my main goals for the year is to finish knocking these out.
Lots of Firstborn Dark Angels. As in Tactical, Assault, and Devastator units, plus their transports. Very low priority, won't happen this year.
Space Wolves. As in, a pretty fair sized army of them, many of which are still on sprues. I'm planning to have a full competitive list of them painted by the end of the year.
Sisters of Battle vehicles. A couple of Rhinos that are basically minimal paint standard for events, plus some Mortifiers and Morvenn Vahl in the same condition, plus a primed Exorcist. Not a huge priority currently but I might at least try to squeeze Vahl in.
Some random Sisters infantry and characters. Low priority since most of it is not very competitive.
The Triumph of Saint Katherine: Still bare plastic and in subassemblies; might get painted this year, might not.
3 Questoris-class Knights, 2 (probably recast) Cerastus Knight-Castigators and 4 Armigers. One of the big guys is actually my Khorne Knight, who is getting a new paint job and removal of all the Chaos-y bits since I no longer play Chaos (don't really want to part with the model). These are not a huge priority, but I might try to sneak one or two of them in, especially if a new Knights codex drops and is fairly strong.
A bunch of Wargames Atlantic Les Grognards infantry. Low priority for now; could get bumped up if Astra Militarum become strong.
2 Leman Russ tanks and a Valkyrie. See above with the Grognards infantry. Might even get some 3D printed reinforcements...
Japanese-themed Drukhari proxy army. 3D printed; planning to print a bunch more for it to make it a full proper army; not sure how quick I can get it painted, my year is already pretty full as it is.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar:
5k points of Stormcast Eternals. I hope to at least get some of these painted this year, but I'm unlikely to do more than that unless I get a bunch of games in and attend an AoS event (as I said, not very likely).
Minas Tirith: Started painting a few infantry last year, didn't finish them. Got plenty of infantry and heroes, plus some cavalry. I'm hoping to get at least some of this painted.
Rohan: I've got the models from the Pelennor Fields starter, but none of them are even primed at this point. I'd like to paint them, but we'll see if I have time.
Lothlorien: I've got Wood Elves, a few Galadhrim, and a handful of heroes (including 3 different Haldir sculpts). I'd love to paint these, but sadly other projects are unlikely to leave me time to do anything with these.
Khazad-dum: I really need to add a few things to this army to get it properly playable, but I do have some stuff that needs paint. Probably won't happen this year.
Mordor: Pelennor Fields stuff, plus a few reinforcements (like Warg riders). Low priority, but might get bumped up if I can get some local interest in the game going.
Easterlings: Some infantry and characters need paint. I'd like to add more infantry and more cavalry to the army, but it's not a priority right now.
Other stuff:
Infinity: I've got the contents of the Red Veil starter set, plus the Beyond Red Veil expansion box. Low priority for painting this year.
Guildball: Kickoff box, plus a starter of the Blacksmiths' Guild team. Low priority for paint despite the fact that I think I'd have fun with the models.
Ankh: Gods of Egypt: Picked up the Kickstarter edition at my FLGS late last year, plus all of the expansions. I hope to at least get started on painting the models this year, but we'll see if I can find time.
Blackstone Fortress: I still have the game kicking around, and most of the models have not yet been painted. I probably won't get around to them this year.
Star Fleet Battles: I have the heavy cruisers from most of the races, and a couple of them are partially painted. I'd like to get those finished and put some paint on more of them this year if possible.
Star Saga: Probably won't get paint this year; might actually get sold if I can find someone who wants it.
Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps: Have the main game plus expansions, started painting some of the heroes last year and haven't touched it since. Might happen this year, might not.
Primal: The Awakening: Kickstarter that will hopefully be fulfilled later this year (already been delayed once). If it arrives at a good time, I hope to at least start painting the models from it this year.

As you can see, there's enough here that even if I didn't buy a single thing for five years, I'd likely still have a pile of shame. Oh well, no use crying about it. I'd best just get painting!

My armies (re-counted and updated on 2/8/23, including modeled wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~16000 Astra Militarum: ~1000 | Adeptus Custodes: ~1200 | Imperial Knights: ~2000 | Sisters of Battle: ~4200 | Leagues of Votann: ~1800 | Stormcast Eternals: ~5100
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Imperial Knights blog | Total models painted in 2022: 58 | Total models painted in 2023: 25 | Current main painting project: Primaris Azrael
 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
Made in au
Dakka Veteran

Sydney, Australia

My goal for 2022 is to clear the backlog almost entirely, but there's stuff in there I've let languish for years.

By system, these are my plans:
Malifaux- Paint up Yan Lo (in progress as part of local slow grow), Nightmare Colette and McMourning crews plus the new Master boxes for my crews as they release. Fairly realistic all things considered, they're all only a good couple weeks' effort
Batman- I'm fully painted here (except for 3 Black Friday models still on the way), but I know there will be models that release that I'll buy and so I want to remain fully painted
The Other Side- base my army then it can sit in the knowledge that it's finished
Terrain- I've been gifted most of a Malifaux table now and I've got a friend printing some scatter pieces for use for Batman/Fallout and Bushido/Malifaux so I'm really quite set on this front once I paint up the small bits and pieces of scatter.
Bolt Action- The real shameful one, I haven't touched it other than to add to it in years. It really needs paint and I worked out a speed painting recipe last year, I just have to find the motivation to do it.


I mainly play skirmish games, but am still fairly active with 40k. I play Warcry, Arena Rex, Middle-Earth, Blood Bowl, Batman, Star Wars Legion and The Other Side as well, but my main game is Malifaux.

My plog- https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/787134.page
My blog- https://fistfulofminiatures.blogspot.com/
My gaming Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fistfulofminis/ 
Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

4 projects on the table ATM.

Adeptus Arbites
The army is long done, but it's just fun. Still have some Necro Enforcers and the Orlock Doggies and Jumping Idiots set to add to the precinct.

Field Police
Law Enforcement themed Marines, done mostly out of inventory from my bitz box. Built, need lots of painting.

Death Guard
My second 40k army bring redone with new plastics.

Space Port Letham
Civilians and space ships as a fun project for random models.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I bought 35 models last year and painted 84. I'm now down to owning about 19 unbuilt/unpainted models, which I continue to work on.

Realistically, I don't think I'll get as much done this year - it's going to be a busy one in my personal life. So I'm not going to be buying too much.

My resolution last year to only buy stuff new that I was planning to immediately paint held up pretty well and I think was largely responsible for helping shrink the pile of shame and prevent adding too much to it along the way.

We're in the second week of January and I painted this Lamenter plus an inquisitor, and on to a vampire lord on zombie dragon conversion.


Made in us
Battlefield Tourist

MN (Currently in WY)

I had a very productive weekend, painting several Tumbling Dice 1/600 aircraft and printed Greek Triremes. That gives me about 40 models done, and half of my Korean Air Forces models complete.

Support Blood and Spectacles Publishing:
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


I've completed my Pontic army and have worked out what I need to paint to keep up with the new edition:

Sarmatians and Bactrian Lancers
Macedonian Pikemen
Asavaran Armoured Horse Archers
Dailami Infantry

So far this I've painted 16 Infantry, 9 cavalry, and 2 chariots. As well as 32 Infantry started last year but finished this year.
Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

Got a good start on the year, cleared out pretty much all of my fantasy chaos bits box to get 5 units of javelin throwing marauders. 36 minis total, and a nice bite into the Norscan army project.

And finished my very elite Night Lords warband, just got to sell an extra hellbrute to totally clear that project:

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Excellent work. Those Night Lords look particularly sharp
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Right here goes.....
Zombie Dragon.(this is pretty daunting).
Mounted Vampire Lord.
Knight of Shrouds on Etheral Steed.
Spirit Torment.
Guardian of Souls.
Master of Possessions.
Daemon Prince
Skulltaker on Juggernaught.
Terminator Captain.
Commisar Lord.
SM Masters of the Chapter x 3.
1 Crypt Flayer.
5 Custodian Guard.
Stormcast Knight Incantor.
Stormcast Castigators and Gryph Hound
PoxWalkers x5.
5 Stormcast Sequitors.

I need to base what feels like a ton of Nighthaunts.

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I have to concur, I dig those Night Lords.

I finished three Venerable Dreadnoughts this morning, and it's probably going to take a while before the next thing gets done because A) the lion's share of my Farrow arrived yesterday and assembling those takes precedent over everything else and B) I think I'm going to do another round or two of proper basing before I put another painting project on the table. I've been slow on that and it wouldn't take that long if I knuckled down on it.

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