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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

My 6 months are up and its kind of a relief. The last couple of weeks were rough, putting all that effort into a tournament that didn't happen took a lot of motivation out of me. In addition I tried to build a Chaos list for an Apoc game which turned into a frustrating experience that finally left me so upset I just quite instead of bringing a poor attitude to the 12 hr game. I did manage to get the vehicles for the Space Marines done as well as the Honor Guard for the Chapter Master. Last Thursday I went to an unboxing, assembly and painting event at a FLGS for Warmachine. I managed to get the Battle Box painted minus bases, and that spurred me on to work on my Iron Fangs. I got the base models painted and the shield arms magnetized, I ran out of magnets for he shields and besides want to look into adding metal washers to the backs of them instead and see if that works before using 24 more magnets. I drilled out he holes on the Standards deeper to allow for a swap of those with out magnets.

Over all this challenge was a wonderful journey and I gained a few new skills over the process. While I did not meet all my goals I still managed to acomplish a huge amount of work.

A look at what I got painted

Platoon of Chaos Renegades (30) Chaos Cultists (12)) Winter Guard Rifle Corps (10)
Squad of Chaos Grenadiers (10) 3 Tactical Squads (30) Epic Sorcha (1)
Renegade Command Squad (5) Devastator Squad (10) Manhunters (2)
Finished out a 5 man vet squad (4) Assault Squad (10) Marauder Warjack (1)
Black Legion squad (10) Command Squad (5) Beast 09 (1)
Abaddon (1) Captain (1) Doc Killingsworth (1)
Bringers of Despair (5) Librarian (1) Ruphert Carvalo (1)
Khorne Beserkers (24) Honor Guard (5) Farrow Side of IKURPG (10)
Khorne Raptors (8) Chapter Master (1) Exemplar Cinerators (5)
Leman Russ Main Battle Tanks (2) Inquisitorial henchmen (3) Eiryss (1)
Leman Russ Executioners (2) Rhinos (4) Koldun Lord (1)
Mauler Fiend (1) Razorback (1) Greylord Ternion (3)
Chaos Nurgle Lord (1) Whirlwind (1) Black Legion Term Sorcerer (1)

I used a total of 6 jokers during the challenge,

So a grand total of 225 models. I am now better with my Airbrush and can make my own washes. I don't think I will try something like this again as 6 months seemed to long to try to keep up the goal. I think maybe 3 months for me would be a good length of time.

With that I think I am taking a break form painting minis and going to work on my terrain some. I will try to keep up the blog a little now the the challenge is done.

Pick of all the stuff painted during the challenge
[Thumb - DSCN3928.JPG]

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

I did a personal 6MMRC starting at the begining fo the year. this September started a shorter official one, this time only 3 months, since I still have a chunk of my mountain I figured I would take part. In the time since my 6MMRC I have swung heavily into the Iron Kingdoms, participating in a Journeyman League for Warmachine and starting an Iron Kingdoms RPG group. That brings us to week 1 of the 3MMRC. Week 1 was mostly stuff for my IKRPG group. I had one Player Character left to convert and paint Ed Carington, an Aristocrat/Investigator. He is a very flamboyant character and we used an old IKRPG model Guildon for the base. I switched out the Electro Rod with the cane sword and removed the sword from his back. I then sculpted out some of the back lost with the sword and added a pistol holstered on his leg. Also from the groups last adventure I have Anna Kareen and Vincent striker. The Journeyman Warcasters competing in a Grind Match (I am running it as an illegal Jack Fighting game in my campaign.) I also added paint to Anna's Jacks as they and her will be recurring NPC's in the campaign. Something else that occurred this week was a Painting Competition at my FLGS. The challenge was 2 fold the first one was to bring in a painted copy of the Slaughterpriest from September's White Dwarf. The 2nd part was a speed painting competition of an Eldar Death Jester. I took 3rd in the WD model and 4th in the speed painting. I managed to get all but the basing done on it before time was called so not too bad for an hour of painting.

So there you have it my first weeks worth of work. Not as much as most weeks during my 6MMRC but a good start. Here's the group shot, sorry for the crappy photos but didn't get the photo box set up and wife had the camera so they were taken with my phone.
[Thumb - 20161001_160747.jpg]
Painting Challenge

[Thumb - 20161001_202802.jpg]
Week 1 Progress

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So below is my progress on week 2. I managed all but final high lights on the 3 Grind Jacks and just need to finish eyes and basing on the Gun mage. Though I did finish my building(s) for the 4th Achievement of the Crossroads of Courage Season 1. I am finding myself struggling for motivation to paint. I had intended to have the 3 jacks painted for this last weeks adventure and managed what you see in the picture. The gun mage who is so far the Campaigns Big Bad was 1 of my jokers. I had always intended to get the model and when I stopped into a recently opened game store in my community there the model was on the rack. Ironically I had just finished the last figure of the party when in a side adventure that should have barely been challenging the party managed to wipe itself. I fudged the rolls as often as I could but short of just failing every roll I could not counter half the parties desire to just do the dumbest things possible. Some of them are keeping character images that will be very similar though the other 2 (the ones that basically got he party killed) will be going in completely different routes. I really need to work on knocking down some more of my back log of 40K stuff but every time I think about it I just feel discouraged. Considering how little I have played 40k in the last couple of years I figure that is the biggest part of it. I have played the game for so long and love the armies I have built but I have not truly had fun playing the game since 6th edition.
I have also submitted an application to become a Press Ganger for the local community. I enjoyed my time playing Warmachine in the Crossroads League and the fact that even with a 1/5 win loss rate during the League I am still doing better than I am at 40k and while winning has never been terribly important to me I am thinking my 1/90ish win loss rate with 40k may be a factor in working on the models. Anyways hoping to finish the last bits of the models and maybe start on some of the other stuff on my shelf here this week.
[Thumb - DSCN4343.JPG]
Week 2 Progress

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