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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So Commission is done to the point the customer asked for. Camo Airbrushed and Name free handed on to side. Overall I am happy with the project though a part of me wants to finish the painting (didn't charge enough to warrant the extra time though much less want customer to wait until my varied schedule manages to finish it.) So next Step is to finish painting some Beserkers Then finish Necron commission. there is no real time frame on the Necron's so going to space out the units with some of my personal work. Keeping my eyes peeled on E-bay and Craigslist for some lots of Ork stuff that will finish out what i need. Will see where things take me. so here are a couple of pictures of the finished product.
[Thumb - 20150217_221136.jpg]
Finished 1

[Thumb - 20150217_220538.jpg]
Finished 2

[Thumb - 20150217_220334.jpg]
Finished 3

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So shortly after finishing the Baneblade commission life struck our family with several challenges. We had planned on going home to spend the first solstice on property my wife and I own with another couple in the the 5 years since we bought it(well me anyways she had made it to all of them). The weekend before the event some inconsiderate people who were setting off fireworks during a burn ban caught 8000 acres on fire including ours. So instead of relaxing we spent the whole 2 weeks recovering the property from the fire. While on this trip I found out that upon returning to work I would very shortly be traveling out of state for 30 days. Then I got back to work and found out that I would be transferring to the other side of the country by October 10th. Prior to all this I had planned a campaign for our local group involving a Chaos invasion and the imperial defense. I was excited adn it spurned on a gathering of some stuff to build, but also highlighted the fact that I have a lot of projects sitting uncompleted in my cue. This combined with the packing and moving decided me something needed to be done. Our resettling took a lot longer then I would of liked and we spent 60 days in a hotel before we closed on a house and started to get settled. While perusing the internet for ideas on chaos renegade conversions I stumbled upon this -http://6mmrpc.blogspot.com/. I was way too late as the 2nd annual one as it was going to end a week after I found it but talking to the founder he gave me permission to run with it starting Jan 1st. So this is going to accomplish 2 things hopefully;

1. Get em to clear out some of backlogged projects (including the last of the Ork stuff)
2. Post more on my blog.

As a father I don't get out to game as much so the little bit of encouragement i get form posting goes a long way to keep me motivated on projects. So I will try to start the weekly posting detailing my prep work on my Mountain of plastic. Today I will show both some shots of Grey Knights I did in the hotel room as well as 2 conversions I did for them as my first projects in the new house. Please excuse the quality as they movers killed my photo box and we have yet to locate the camera so these are cellphone pics.

Grey knights were supposed to be one of the available assets to players during the campaign and I came across a good deal on a box of them form a little store on the way. The rest were purchased after the move while waiting on my the house and getting my other projects. I am planning on finishing them The Dreadnought started out as a spare AoBR dread with gratuitous use of spare Furiouso bits. The Dread knight is most the original kit with some pieces from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue and a lot of green stuff. My goal is to have all 1000 pts of the asset done before the 1st of Jan.

[Thumb - 20151212_144836.jpg]
The Mountain

[Thumb - 12241547_10153447218049818_1712687561977670303_n.jpg]
Hotel unit 1

[Thumb - 20151213_135251_001.jpg]
Big and Little Brother

Made in au
Dakka Veteran

Sydney, Australia

That is quite possibly the best looking Nemesis Dreadknight I've ever seen! My only criticism is that the pose is a bit static, but it looks imposing and intimidating in that pose anyway. I look forward to seeing the "mountain reduced" as well, best of luck!


I mainly play skirmish games, but am still fairly active with 40k. I play Warcry, Arena Rex, Middle-Earth, Blood Bowl, Malifaux and The Other Side as well, but my main game is the Batman Miniatures Game.

My plog- https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/787134.page
My blog- https://fistfulofminiatures.blogspot.com/
My gaming Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fistfulofminis/ 
Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Yah! a 1000pt Grey Knight Force complete.
We have:

1 Librarian with Force Staff
5 Man Terminator Squad
5 Man Strike Squad
5 Man Interceptor Squad
1 Dreadnought
1 Dread Knight

Next up is to take on some IG I got in Ebay lots with vehicles for my Chaos Renegades army that are going to become PDF. While the GK force painting was done to test out the planned method of repainting my SM I am trying a different technique with the PDF. I am making my own wash and am going to be doing minimal painting trying to knock out a large swath of troops very quickly. I may use this same technique on Cultists and Plague Zombies during the 6MMRC so going to test it out now so i have an idea of how to set my goals.

On to the pics. Admittedly not my best paint jobs ever but for models that won't see the light of day outside of a Campaign or an Apoc game I think they are good enough,

[Thumb - Grey Knights1.jpg]
All 1000 pts of Grey Knights

[Thumb - Grey Knight Librarian.JPG]

[Thumb - Grey Knights Dread.JPG]

[Thumb - Grey Knight Dread Knight.JPG]
Dread Knight

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

It is now official and the Journey has started. I managed to finish the PDF Guard Just in time, I ma happy with how they turned out for what they are. These were painted one by priming with an Army painter colored primer, then painting the flesh, leather and Armor. I then used the Les was Recipe from http://theleadheadblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/making-your-own-washes.html. After the wash dried I highlighted the flesh painted and washed the metal portions and then detailed the icons, eyes, and unit markings. Its not the best paint job I have done but is serviceable and doesn't look out of place among my other models. I will be using this technique on my Chaos Cultists and Plague Zombies as I work through the challenge. I also started the last step which was sorting and organizing(reorganizing in some cases) my bits. I got about half way done with sorting the last years worth of acquisitions and some resorting of bits that had been pulled out for projects and didn't get used. So I am now as ready as I will ever be (well kind of have to be since it is officially started).

So first up in the attempt to clear out some of my back log of projects is to complete a project I have been working on for awhile. Back in 2013 for Armies on Parade I built some chaos cultists using Ungor models, as item has passed I found myself using cultists less and less as I tend to play Khornate Chaos and load up on Beserkers (yes I am aware that they suck.) I started building a few more with the intention of using them as IG allies to my chaos forces, then 7th Ed rolled around. They got put on the back burner for a little while until I discovered the Lovely IA13 Renegades and Heretics list. While I do not have the Rule book yet I have "acquired" a copy I am using to work on a modeling a list and when I lose the battle with my reasoning and wallet I will probably be picking up a copy. I have one Platoon done as well as a Rouge Psyker and the start of the Command group. I picked up 32 already converted Models using Cadian Torsos and arms and these are the first big project of the 6MMRC.

I have included some pics of the Armies on Parade as well as the completed PDF. Since I am heading back to work full time after 1/2 days for the Holidays I am aiming for about a squad a week. We will see as time progresses if this is achievable. So here are the pics (got the photo box repaired but a side project of this challenge will prob be to build a bigger/better one.)
[Thumb - PDF.jpg]
PDF painted with wash technique.

[Thumb - 1013005_530437050357462_321374837_n.jpg]
Armies on Parade entry form 2013

[Thumb - 1005598_530436967024137_1152919952_n.jpg]
Armies on Parade entry form 2013

[Thumb - 998007_530436980357469_742389933_n.jpg]
Armies on Parade entry form 2013

[Thumb - 600194_530436993690801_484172556_n.jpg]
Armies on Parade entry form 2013 The first of the Ungor

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

After some deliberation and taking into account my schedule I have decided Sun Morning is the end of my Week for the Challenge. One post a week sounds like a manageable rate and I may add more posts if one of the projects becomes more involved than just painting. So I aimed for 1 squad a week and well i made that plus this week. I managed 1 1/2 squads fully painted and the otehr half down to final highlights AND even managed to get the Maulerfiend that has been assembled and primed and sitting on my Hobby Desk to be painted for the last 6 months (well not quite since he was in a box in transit for about 2 1/2 of that.)

The main push this week was my Beastmen Renegades and Heretics Platoon. As stated in my last post these guys started as cultists in an Armies on Parade entry and I have started building them form there. The ones i am painting now were a find on ebay. As i had gone along searching the web I had come across a few images of a conversion involving cutting the legs off of Ungors and adding Cadian torsos and arms and then Ungor heads. I loved the look of it and started collecting the requisite pieces then right before we left WA a lot of them ended up on ebay. I snatched them up and have been chomping at the bit to put paint to them sicne we moved into the new house. After a lot of thought I decided to keep the red color for the cloth to help tie the army together, the other options I had thought about were green (didn't think it would mix well with others) black, and blue. The Armor Portion also went through some consideration going form bone, to black to finally grey. I am very happy with the look. The only model in the lot that is a conversion by me is the Gor Demagogue. A theme of the Army is the Gors being in Leadership roles over the smaller Ungor. He was an early attempt at the Warlord of the Army that didn't quite look Warlordy enough. I took a CSM chest piece and a SM vehicle sprue back and carved down the lower portion leaving the top rounded portion of the armor. I then carved down the top of the Gor body and until it matched the curvature of the armor piece. I then added a Gor standard army with a leftover power sword bit form my Berserker conversions. I was wondering what I was going to do with him until this unit came along and trying to figure out what the unit's Demagogue was goign to be as unarmored Gor just didn't mesh as well. I still think he is a little off and will be playing around with the design again when i build the 3rd platoon for the Army. I also have plans to build some Grenadiers in his style for the final army list. Next weeks goal is the last of this platoon and then we will be tackling some more stuff that is primed and waiting paint. before I delve into the deeper portions of the Mountain.

So the talking complete here are the pictures. Also if anyone can recommend a good picture hosting place other than Photobucket (a long while back my wife maxed out her free account and made one under my e-mail and its pretty close to maxed out as well) I would greatly appreciate it. Only requirements is it has to be either free or cheap (under $10 a year) with a decent amount of storage space.

[Thumb - DSCN2195.JPG]
Week 1 Progress shot 1

[Thumb - DSCN2196.JPG]
Week 1 Progress shot 2

[Thumb - DSCN2197.JPG]
Week 1 Progress shot 3

[Thumb - DSCN2199.JPG]
Week 1 Almost complete

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Week 2 was not quite as productive as Week 1 but it stills sees the 2nd Platoon of Renegades done. In addition I finally got the display case I got last Christmas Assembled and filled with models that don't have a foam tray yet. The case is adding inspiration. I also Spent some time at Siege of Augusta, a Historical Gaming Con held locally. A long while ago I started looking at other games to branch out to outside of GW. Bolt Action was one such game and watching it played has defiantly convinced me to pick it up once the Challenge is done. While I was there I also saw some fake fur gaming mats that I will probably be constructing when I have the chance.

Next up is a black legion squad, and maybe some cultists and beserkers if time is on my side. Sorry this is all boring paint stuff but trying to clear out what is assembled and primed before starting anything new.
[Thumb - DSCN2331 (3).JPG]
Week 2 Progress

[Thumb - DSCN2333 (2).JPG]
Week 2 Progress

[Thumb - DSCN2334 (2).JPG]
Week 2 Progress

[Thumb - DSCN2338.JPG]
Display Case

[Thumb - DSCN2345.JPG]
Renegades so far.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So Week 3 was kinda a planned slow down, or at least I was worried I wouldn't have as much time to devote. It was one of the reasons I choose the Black Legion models that had been sitting in my back log. This week looks the same but I have a set myself a goal of 17 cultist painted in the wash technique I used on the PDF Guardsman, I am hoping that that will work. In addition this week I want to knock out the skin tone paint scheme for the Plague Zombies, My mother in-law is coming down over this next weekend and my wife has aspirations of us getting a hotel room and escaping Fri. or Sat. night ans since Sat. morning and Fri. night are my big work times I may not meet those goals. Anyways here is the shot of this weeks progress.

[Thumb - DSCN2385 (2).JPG]
Week 3

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Black Legion dudes are looking great!

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Yah!, I managed to get my goal accomplished, well kinda. It turns out that of the 17 primed black cultist type models 4 of them were my zombie conversions I thought were in a different box. So the main goal was the cultist of which I actually had 13. In addition the wife and I got a weekend out which may put a little of a dent in my work this week but the gal is smallish. This weeks goal is my converted Abaddon and his 5 Bringers of Despair with converted Combi Plasma and A Standard. So my biggest reservation with this is I ma free handing a Black Legion Banner on said banner, in addition I tend to take a little more time on character models so even with the 6 total model count and the simplistic scheme of Black legion I am worried I am going TO miss my goal this week.
So the other portion of this week was to try a flesh tone scheme for my Plague zombies. I have a picture of the first trial up for this week. Its Camo Green (the old Citadel Paint) with a layer of my sepia wash and then a final coat of Pallid flesh. The goal is to paint these in the Block and Wash technique I used on the Cultists and PDF. I kinda like the Green but am wondering if a purple might work better. Please let me know what you think.

[Thumb - DSCN2396.JPG]
Week 4 Progress

[Thumb - DSCN2397.JPG]
Plague Zombie Trial

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So this week saw more interference in my ability to paint then any other. Between the mother in laws visit, to a sudden 24 hr Duty shift and to top it off our house being hit with the plague I pretty much missed my normal deadline. I normally take the pictures in the morning before my daughter wakes up since it is dark outside by turning off the lights around the living room I can achieve a dark room effect with my light box to get the pictures to turnout okay (photography is not my strong suit so okay is great for me.) Since I woke up after a long night of dealing with a sick 3 year old I woke up well after the sun rose and missed my opportunity to take a picture of the 1 model I had managed to finish I figured I would put off posting till this evening and try to push through to finish the models i had in progress. Thus at this the end of the day after sun has set and the little one is in bed I am finally finished taking photos and starting my post.

So this week we have some of the last of my primed models that were awaiting paint, I have 15 Beserkers and 8 Raptors now left from a massive batch of Khornate stuff I airbrushed the Red on about ohhh 2 years ago I think. After that I can get back to doing some conversion and assembly work again. I am very excite to be getting to that point. I REALLY wish I had taken some in progress shots of the Abaddon model before priming him. I am very proud of how this model turned out. He is a fine cast sculpt form GW cut at the waist and extended to normal Terminator height I also extend the arms with a bit of green stuff positioning them o the proper portions of current edition terminators. I loved Abaddon's model when i first started playing and while the size difference bugged me as the new terminators came out I still had a soft spot for him. Until about 2 years ago I had no reason to get him and since the size turned me off enough to do him as a one off character model and I am not a huge fan of using named characters in game he was one of those "maybe if he's included in a lot of other stuff" figures. Then on a trip back home to AK a friend of mine had decided to drop the hobby and he gave me all his CSM stuff mostly un-assembled Khornate models, but also a number of assembled but unpainted Black Legion CSM marines and a rhino with FW Black legion doors. Also in the lot were about 20 more shoulder pads and seem more Black Legion rhino doors. Since the last edition of Codex:CSM I had transitioned my undivided Chaos forces back over to a World Eaters only legion. I still wanted to kind of do undivided chaos and the Black Legion had interested me. Thus I went through the lengthy process of tracking down an Abaddon model. I wanted fine-cast over metal because I new the process I wanted to go through to expand the model, and even though there are a wealth of awesome Abaddons out there made from the Terminator Lord kit I wanted to use the original model. It took me 3 weeks of checking all the stores in about a 60 mile radius till I found one that had him, this process also started sowing more heavily my animosity towards GW corporate. Apparently he had become a direct only model at some time and I was told at all 3 GW stores I went to that they had sent all the blisters they had back to corporate about 2 months before I started my search since they were no longer allowed to sell the model. So after finding him in a small FLGS I started work hat night. the fine cast cut easy and I pinned the model at the correct height and the length of the arms with wire. The next day I had the first layer of GS down. Day 3 saw the final layer done and smoothed. I went back and forth over the ports in the back and almost cut some off a spare terminator back I had before just deciding to leave them of at this time. I add some guitar wire to the front portion after not feeling the front needed something. After having painting him up I made go back and add the ports after all because the back does look a bit off now that it is painted.

This weeks other time consuming project this week was free handing a banner for the Bringers of Despair. I remembered on of the games i played at a tournament for 2nd Ed that Black Legion had a chapter banner. I wanted to recreate that banner for Abaddon retinue. Thankfully google came to the rescue because none of the CSM books I had from 3rd Ed on had it to include the Black Legion Supplement and Eye of Terror global campaign book. These guys are also all lightly converted form the banner bearer to the 3 combi-plasma made form CSM terminator storm bolters and spare SM plasma pistols. I also made a press mold off one of the Black Legion shoulder pads and made green stuff chapter insignia for all of their shoulder pads.

So next weekend is a 4 day for me so I am hopping to get a the last of my assembled and primed models done. If nothing else goes forward getting these models painted has been a major relief as every time I would work on something new it would bug me that I was not finishing something I had already started. If anyone wants a tutorial on the Combi-Plasma I will try to track down the page I used to do my conversions and post a link here. So here are the pictures.

[Thumb - DSCN2446.JPG]
Abaddon and Retinue

[Thumb - DSCN2447.JPG]
Abaddon Side

[Thumb - DSCN2449.JPG]
Abaddon Side

[Thumb - DSCN2448.JPG]
Abaddon Rear

[Thumb - BlackLegionBanner.JPG]
Banner Reference

[Thumb - DSCN2450 (3).JPG]
Banner Close up

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Abaddon and crew are looking good. Excellent work on the banner.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So this week's update is very late. This week I got some painting done as well as a little bit of the work towards a new photo box. Also as of today I got in my first game in over 3 months and the first time meeting he local 40K players.. This week more importantly lead me to an epiphany on why I suddenly slowed what had been steady progress to a deadlock then a crawl.
See I enjoy modeling more than painting and the sooner I can paint a model after I build it the mroe excited I am about painting said model. I embarked on a quest to repaint my chaos army into a newly painted World Eaters Host and for awhile I was excited about this project. I entered the Armies on Parade with several of the models and played several games with them, The whole while something bugged me with them. I made it through 5 Beserker squads of 8 each before I just lost the desire to paint them. I painted a 25 point Khador Warmachine force as well as some Menoth and Cryx models, I painted some Zombicide stuff but I kept avoiding them. I even had Abaddon and his Retinue and the other Black Legion models primed but there was this thought of "I need to finish the World Eaters first." That kept stalling me. I managed took the Beastmen Cultists and transformed them into a Platoon of Renegades which I warranted with "Well they Started as part of the World Eaters." So this week in painting progress almost hit a stop again, and I figured out why. After Armies on Parade I took a break and then came back to painting and modeling the army, while progress was not great my daughter was an infant so painting time was only done after she slept. I managed about a squad a month. I got a break when my wife took my daughter to Alaska and pushed through assembly of the last 4 squads.
Then 7th Edition came out, I played a couple of games and well my World Eaters could not compete, I shifted my focus over to the newly acquired Black Legion trying to build just enough to use as allies and mix in units I wanted to convert over but hadn't acquired the parts and just used stock models, things like the Helldrake and some Obliterators. I started to move to Warmachine for a bit got a force painted up for that and then tried to go back. Then the nail went into other coffin of my motivation... Codex Khorne Daemonkin.
I love this codex with one MAJOR exception, to play some of the units I spent weeks converting and painting (or not getting around to painting) can't be fielded in the Bloodhost formation with out needing MORE of the same type. This mainly applies to my Bikes and Raptors. Couple this with the fact that I don't have the pieces I need to do said conversions I either go with a disjointed force, spend time tearing apart models that i already built and painted and to make the unit smaller to field as multiple units or just not use them. In addition one of my favorite conversions no could no longer be fielded, my Bloodsmith (Warpsmith with Mark of Khorne I converted over and will get some pictures up of later.) My first plan was to jsut add the units anyways, and thsu the project became an overwhelming burden. Progress stopped and since I didn't want to work on something else till this was done painting became a horrible chore. This week I finished 10 of the last 16 beserkers, After those 16 are done I have 8 Raptors and 8 CSM with the Mark of Khorne then the World Eaters are going to be closed. I am not building 8 more bikes or figuring out how to change the Raptors into Warp talons. I will add some Daemons to the mix when I tackle daemons but as far as the Space Marine side of Khorne it is done. Apart of me is disappointed by this decision but I will say the 2nd 5 of the Beserkers done after I amde this choice went much faster then the first 5.
I didn't bother setting up the light box so the quality of this weeks pics is low but they are here and up.

[Thumb - DSCN2451.JPG]
Week 6 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN2452.JPG]
Week 6 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN2453.JPG]
Week 6 Pic 3

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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So last 6 Beserkers are done, finally and that is a huge relief. This also brings me to the last 8 models left in the cache of stuff the Khronate Raptors. There is a twinge of excitement over finally clearing out the back log of figures. I have several ideas for the Renegades that I want to get started on but I am trying to be good and finish the back log first. My hope is that after next week the back log will be done. Once I finish the Raptors I will probably do an Army Shot of my World Eaters,

So this week is mostly kit bashes like last week with one main exception, Champion Garua. Inspired by Goro form Mortal Combat and with a desire to make a heavily mutated and unique champion. Originally he was going to be one of 7 Lords to run around with my Daemon Prince but got demoted to champion when I got the Black Legion stuff and decided to do more than one Legion in my Chaos Space Marine Army. I took 2 CSM torsos and cut them in 3/4 from the bottom and 3/4 from the top and then joined them together. I then took 4 Ungor arms and extra chain swords I had left over from earlier Beserker conversions were I replaced the ham-fists with current sized CSM hands. I used one set of the old ham fists in the champion form last week, to make Champion Baneus (inspired by Bane form Batman). He was a fairly quick conversion requiring a little bit of green stuff around he arms and the join in the middle. The pony tail on his head is from a set of Gor horns of which the horns went into another champion conversion.

Next weeks goal is the 8 Raptors, the last of the back log and the 2nd to the last unit of World Eaters I need to finish.

[Thumb - DSCN2537.JPG]
Week 7 Progress

[Thumb - DSCN2539.JPG]
Champion Garua 1

[Thumb - DSCN2540.JPG]
Champion Garua 2

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nice addition.
Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

New York City

Alllllllllll the chainswords! I love it. It's perfectly khornate.

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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Sooooo... yeah didn't make my goal this week. I swear these Raptors are cursed, every time I try to make some progress on them something happens. Anyways despite my mom coming a week early and thus losing most of my painting time to the now frantic cleaning and having to take a day to pick her up form Charlotte AND the invasion of little bugs (no not Tryanids, termites) I think it is a wonder I got even half the squad done. Too boot I have had to reattach several claws to the lightning claws and a couple of legs that had been cut and re- positioned as I was painting them it is a blessing to be done with even this many.

So these models have been a work in progress since the release of the Multi-part Possessed kit. I gathered the bits for them form either kits I bought, other players, and form the old Battlewagon bitz. Originally they were just on the running Beserker legs but as I started redoing my Chaos I re-positioned many of the legs and mounted them on the stems form flying bases. In addition I took a heat gun to some of the wings and adjusted them slightly. The claws on the champion are power fists that had the fingers cut off and replaced with knives form the CSM kit a technique I used to make a couple of others for my World Eaters champions..

Next week I will get a picture of them in the light box with the other 4. If i get them done early I will start on the Renegade and Heretics Beastmen Grenadiers and take some WIP pics of them.
[Thumb - DSCN2570.JPG]
Khornate Raptors

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Week 9 was much more productive than the last few. I got the Raptors done, and started working on the next few units of my Renegades and Heretics list. It felt so good to be converting again, i much prefer building to painting .

So after I finished the raptors I started on the Grenadiers. These are both a unit I wanted to convert up and field as well as a test run for my Command squad to see if I wanted to do them the same way or do it differently. I decided to do them just using the stock Beasitgor bodies, as I don't think the conversion would look as well on most of the bodies I have. I am quite happy with the final product of the Grenadiers I went with a conversion similar to the old Kraskin hotshot lasguns as opposed to the newer Tempestus Scions look. I also converted over my Master of Renegades. I used a Chaos Warrior Torso, Beastigor Champion bits, and the legs form a spare Gor Body. Lastly I through some spare guns in holsters on some of my Gor bodies that were still assembled when they were proxied as Daemons in a previous codex version of the army (you will notice some stubborn paint left over on some of the grenadiers.

As you will be able to see in the pictures below quite a few bits go into the Grenadiers; we have a SM vehicle crew back, a SM or CSM front, a bolter and arms(i have been using Space Wolf and Black Templar ones), a vehicle sprue IG lascarbine , the up raised horns and Gor Head with the hair clipped form the back, a Gor body, and finally a length of guitar wire.

Cut the two body pieces under the curve of the breast plate then glue these pieces together. Drill a hole in the area where the cables came off the back piece the size of your guitar wire.
Cut the Gor body just under the flat attachment points for the arms and file and trim the sides of the cut to the shape of the front of the breast plate. Then attach the breast plate to the model.
Assemble the head and attach it to the breast plate.
Cut the magazine and barrel of the bolter off. Then drill a hole where the magazine was that fits your guitar wire. Then cut the barrel off the lascarbine and attach it to the front of the bolter.
Attach the arms and hot shot lasgun to the model.
Green stuff the back with musculature to fill any gaps you have on the back side of the model and fill any gaps on the front.
Finally attach the guitar wire between the 2 holes. Viola Beastmen Grenadier (or Tempestus Scion if you are going loyalist.)

So this weeks painting goal is all the stuff that got assembled this week, I am also hoping to knock out assembling the last 5 grenadiers. Now for the pics.

[Thumb - DSCN2685.JPG]
World Eater Raptors

[Thumb - DSCN2710.JPG]
Bits for Grenadiers

[Thumb - DSCN2718.JPG]
1st 5 Grenadiers

[Thumb - DSCN2720.JPG]
1st 5 Grenadiers Backs

[Thumb - DSCN2723.JPG]
Master of Renegades Fornt

[Thumb - DSCN2724.JPG]
Master of Renegades Right

[Thumb - DSCN2726.JPG]
Master of Renegades Left

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So this week is a win, even if I did not get the other 5 Grenadiers assembled. I enjoyed painting the models I had and it was a welcome change to the World Eaters I was working on before.

So completed this week are five Grenadiers, four Gor that were going to be a retinue and now are changing to a veteran squad, and my Master of Renegades. I still have not named him but so far nothing has come to me. Next week will be a little bit of a wash as far as progress goes. I did mange to throw together the Beastigors for the new retinue and 3 of the Grenadiers. After this batch it is on to the Armor and then the last platoon of Ungor models. Not sure what is up after that I still need to sort the Black Legion stuff and Strip my Space Marines though I do have several AoBR Ork Boyz to finish up for a green tide so maybe that will come next.. Is there anything you guys want to see let me know.

[Thumb - DSCN2814.JPG]
Master of Renegades

[Thumb - DSCN2816.JPG]
Gor Veterans

[Thumb - DSCN2822.JPG]

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So I know I missed last week but that was kind of expected. I had a wonderful trip to Savannah Area, spent some time on Tybee Island, visited with some old friends, and took a dolphin tour.

Over the course of last week I finished the Grenadiers, Putting them on the shelf they mesh well with the rest of the renegades. That was all I expected to manage with the trip that weekend and the workload that week.

This week I made a little more, I finished the 4 converted Beastigors (admittedly very minor conversions) that make up my Command Squad. These were some hand swaps and then the addition of some Lasguns with green stuffed straps on their hips. Once again I am happy with the aesthetic as they blend well with the rest of he army. I also started and finished restoring 4 Leman Russes from various Ebay lots. With the exception of 1 they were all poorly assembled and required being completely torn apart and re-assembled I also had to dip into my bits bin to acquire all the parts needed to finish them. I had to scratch build the top of one of the hull mounted weapons since the piece was MIA and the spare I had did not quite match up. These tanks will finish up the last of the Renegade Army for the time being.

So the group here is starting to make a major shift to 30K and reading the lists I thought "Hey these guys might make a good Cultists & Militia Army." After playing around with some lists I have scrapped that idea. IF I add in some extra Lasgun models to my 2 platoons I end up with about 700 points of models that transfer out of 1500 in the 40k IA list. the executioners don't trnasfer over and I don't have enough of any other models to make units for most of the rest of the list. Its sad but got me to thinking how overpriced most of the IG stuff is for the difference to be so great. SM's transfer over fairly evenly between the 2 and since they are the basis of "balance" between the 2 lines. If I can get my 40k SM finished by the end of the challenge I may take the plunge and pick up a Betrayal at Calath set and build a small force to play here.

This weeks goal is to get the 4 tanks done as well as a few one off models that are assembled but need primed or are primed that don't have anything else with them. I have a Black Legion Nurgle Lord, a Riddick inspired Inquisitorial and we will see what else i find. So with out further adieu here are the pictures.
[Thumb - DSCN3014.JPG]
Week 11

[Thumb - DSCN3018.JPG]
Command Squad

[Thumb - DSCN3009.JPG]
Russes 1

[Thumb - DSCN3010.JPG]
Russes 2

[Thumb - DSCN3011.JPG]
Russes 3

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So didn't get a chance to post yesterday, I had Charge of Quarters duty from 6-6 and by the time I got home was too wiped to take pictures and write a post. So today we have the finished tanks for my Renegades and heretics as well as a counts as Typhus for my Black Legion.

The tanks are just Ebay Salvage and I didn't find too many more bits of flash or mold lines as finished painting them though there were more than a few gaps I will just live with.

Finishing Draegor the Gluttonous was another exciting achievement for me. I started on him after the Armies on Parade I entered the World Eaters in. He is a Fantasy Nurgle Lord mixed with spare terminators bits and a lot of GS. I am excited as to how he turned out and am actually feeling the idea of building some Plague Marines and maybe some FW terminators to go with him. I was originally going to paint him in a Death Guard theme, but following the fluff for Black Legion I decided to just make it a Nurgle Detachment to my Black Legion forces.

This weeks goal is kinda hazy, I have some more random figures left on my painting desk that I hoped to get to last week but didn't. Also while sorting through my stuff I located some WM Winter Guard Rifle Corps that are already primed. With the Renegades done I should move on to my SM but there is just this... Dread for lack of a better word to starting them. I am not sure why as I have fits of excitement towards them and tons of ideas, only every time the hobby log frees up to start them I find something else to do. Perhaps I will through the first batch into some Totally Awesome this week and get them stripped while i paint up the other stuff.

Here are pictures of last weeks progress.

[Thumb - DSCN3122.JPG]
LR Executioners

[Thumb - DSCN3124.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN3115.JPG]
Draegor the Gluttonous Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN3117.JPG]
Draegor the Gluttonous Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN3118.JPG]
Draegor the Gluttonous Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN3119.JPG]
Draegor the Gluttonous Pic 4

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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So thanks to Work I lost last weekend and the weekend before was a whirlwind of activity at our house so I missed that post as well. In addition my goals have been missed the last 2 weeks. I FINALLY finished the last two weeks of goals tonight. All but 2 of the pics failed to turn out so I might (prob will get distracted and not manage to do it) get around to taking more later.

So goal for week 14 was all 10 of my Winter Guard Rifle Corps and a few other Khador solos, I finished half of those mid way through week 15. Weeks 15's goal was to finish the Rifle Corps and base all my Khador models. I finished that tonight. On the plus side week 14's other goal was to through the painted SM's into some Totally Awesome and start striping the paint off of them, and I got that done on Monday of week 16.
I did find enough assembled but unpainted SM's to get a Tactical squad and a Devastator squad armed with Plasma Cannons to start on the SM's on the 24 hr duty I have to pull on Sat.

So the snow basing on the Khador models was done using a home made baking soda mixture. I LOVE the way it turned out, and ma seriously considering using it on my SM's as I finish them. So the only pic that really turned out was a group shot of all my Khador models, most are stock though Aiyana and Holt have some minor mods, notably she has a fur ruff added to her cloak and he has a Khador Fur hat courtesy of an old metal pSorcha. One of the hooded Widowmakers has a slightly shaved face and a bit of green stuffed hair to make the face a bit more feminine.

Hopefully after Saturday I will be back on schedule and will have 20 painted SM's for Sunday evening report.

C&C and questions welcome.

[Thumb - DSCN3211.JPG]
Khador Group Shot

Made in ca
Three Color Minimum

Draegor the Gluttonous is awesome! Is that an existing model, a kitbash or an orginal sculpt?

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

He's the Fantasy Nurgle Champion with some Chaos terminator bits mixed in and a healthy dose of Green Stuff.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So missed last weeks update but made half of my goal. Finished the rest of it this week. In addition started scrubbing he paint off the rest of the marines that have been sitting in totally awesome for he last 3 weeks. This is a much simpler color scheme then my previous one. The idea and shift towards it came form a Blanchitsu article in White Dwarf. Some one had converted a True-scale marine for Inquisimunda. They had painted him in simple metal armor more like a knight errant. I had always seen the Space Marines more as Knightly orders and i had incorporated many elements form the Black Templar Upgrade kit in my original build of he Army. In addition I had a red, white, and black paint scheme that while striking on the table top was a pain in the but to paint in the manner I was now painting. So the Magi have gone through a shift, Becoming more inline with a mystical Knightly Order. I have also adjusted the Chapter symbol unto a Templar cross to more easily meld in elements from the Black Templars. Rules wise the chapter fights more like Crimson Fists and I have plans to do a counts as Pedro Kantor as part of the 6MMRC.

I also painted up 2 stand alone models I had a Commissar I got in an Ebay lot with one of the LRMBTs I painted up a couple of weeks ago and a Inquisitorial Henchman I model up using some leftover Catachan Bits form a lot I picked up for converting my Ungor Guardsmen.

This weeks goal is to assemble 20 more Marines for painting and panting up the Monster/NPC half of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventurers Tool Kit.
[Thumb - DSCN3289.JPG]
3rd Battle Company Tactical Squad VI

[Thumb - DSCN3291.JPG]
3rd Battle Company Devastator Squad X

[Thumb - DSCN3293.JPG]
Some Stand Alones

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So the double week posts are becoming more of a regularity then i would like, that said here are the last 2 weeks of progress. The IKURPG stuff got mostly done with 2 models ,all but the Warlord and the Bone Grinder getting done. The following weeks saw significantly more progress.

I finished the last 2 IKURPG models, then since I was waiting on GS to dry I painted up 2 more models that were laying around, A Crusader that was modeled up around the time I did the other inquisitorial Henchman, He is a pretty Straightforward conversion. I took a Bretonian Men at Arms body, shield and sword arm, then I cut off the blade and added the blade for a SM power sword, I then took a Chaos Marauder head and shaved off the hons and sculpted a closed face for it.
The other model is another model for my eventual venture into IKRPG. This is a Cyrxian Necromancer based off an old Sorcha model with a Blood Gorger sickle and a Denny2 head. The head/hat of the Sorcha model went into my Holt conversion. I am happy with the over all look of the model as I think it has a Cyrxian feel but bringing in something a little different. This is intended to be a recurring villain for the PC's and will start as the main antagonist of the "Fools Rush In" adventure.

Continuing the huge effort this week was completing not 1 but 2 more squads of the Magi. That is Tact Squad V and Assault Squad VII done. I have now earned a complete hatred for GW Jump Packs, after a lot of work fitting and then GS gaps I still fond some gaps i missed while painting the models. I will say that these packs are some of the worst bits I have put together in some time. I am a little disappointed in myself at jsut having thrown them together gaps and all and sloshing paint on them before.

So all told amazing progress on the Challenge. This week's queue is the last 5 models form the Warmachine 2 player box set, the 5 Exemplar Cinerators as well as 2 other Warmachine Solos, a Doc Killingsworth form a lot on eBay I picked up with a joker with a lot of other bits and partial models for IKRPG conversions/npc's as well as a Rhupert Carvolo form the same lot. In addition I am going to try to brush clean and Prep the Command Squad, Captain and enough SM's for the last Tact Squad to finish a Demi Company.
Now on to the last 2 Weeks pictures of Progress.

[Thumb - DSCN3542.JPG]
Farrow Npc's for IKURPG

[Thumb - DSCN3544.JPG]
Inquisitorial Crusader

[Thumb - DSCN3544 (2).JPG]
Cyrxian Necromancer

[Thumb - DSCN3546.JPG]
Tactical Squad V

[Thumb - DSCN3548.JPG]
Assault Squad VII

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So week 20 is done and I am only posting 2 days late, woohoo victory. That said I did not get as much accomplished as I would have liked. I have been spoiled by the simplistic paint job of my SM's and also forgot how detailed Privateer Press models were . Though the Cinerators are now done and with them the two Player Battle Box I bought over a year ago is now finished. There is a thrill of victory to this as well as a firm appreciation for the color scheme of the Menoth force. I went with a brass metallic instead of gold but otherwise kept the colors very similar to the standard scheme. I almost decided on this instead of the Iron look for my SMs. Having done a set of models in it I am thankful that I went the way I did. I do still have a few other Menoth models and an entire Menoth All-in-One box left in my Warmachine stuff, I may or may not get to that in the last few weeks of the challenge. I did take the time to add some flavor to the unit leader, the Scroll states "Cleanse the Dark in his Holy Name" in the Menite Alphabet thanks to a wonderful person at the PP forums who complied the alphabets into a spreadsheet.

I am currently washing off the last of the old paint for the last bit of the SM Demi Company and I am hoping to finish that off this week with the Memorial Day weekend coming up. Here;s the pic of the Cinerators.

[Thumb - DSCN3607.JPG]

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Looking good dude. I really like your Crusader by the way.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Tons of good stuff here, but I can't get over the sheer awesomeness of that banner you did for Abaddon's retinue!

Heretic Tom

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So week 22 went well. I got a lot of stuff done, pictures as always at the end of the post. So memorial day week/weekend got me through a good chunk of stuff. I finished up the Demi Company of Space Marines, the Paint scheme I I have makes completing them ridiculously easy. I can manage about 20 in about 26 hours of painting. So that is halfway through a battle company. I will try to knock out the rhinos for the squads completed this week. I also completed a conversion I have had in mind for some time now involving the young Sicarus form the AoBR set. I know have my counts as Pedro Kantor completed and I Give you Chapter Master Raskana. His command squad is also on the list of things to do this week.
Also during the week I managed to knock out 2 of the WM mercenaries I failed to get done the week before.

So this last weeks push was based on a WM tournament that was supposed to happen Sat. A MACE qualifier 50 point with 2 lists, my goal was to take my Khador but following the list construction I needed to readjust my lists and add some models. I had a Greylord Ternion I had decided against painting before as I was not sure if i was going to keep it as well as a couple of the older metal Warjacks I was planning on selling on Ebay.
So form those we put together a Marauder and the Greylords, using 2 of my Jokers from the challenge I picked up an ESorcha and Beast 09. I got most of them finished minus basing on Monday. Beast 09 was picked up form the local shop on Wed. and I finished him on Friday as well as basing all of the models. I also painted up a Eiryss the same lot as the Ruphert and Doc Killingsworth. The last thing completed this week was a Effigy of Valor using a Christmas Decoration form my Terrain box.

Lastly in between waiting on washes and primers to dry I finished a new Photo Box.

I will have pics of Beast 09 and the Effigy next week since I took pictures on Monday evening with the (fruitless) hopes of updating that night.
[Thumb - DSCN3648.JPG]
Command Squad

[Thumb - DSCN3652.JPG]
Tactical Squad IV

[Thumb - DSCN3655.JPG]
Company Captain

[Thumb - DSCN3655 (3).JPG]
Chapter Master Raskana

[Thumb - DSCN3655 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN3659 (2).JPG]
Doc Killingsworth

[Thumb - DSCN3659.JPG]
Rhupert Carvolo

[Thumb - DSCN3667.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN3662.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN3660.JPG]
Khador Maruader

[Thumb - DSCN3663.JPG]

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