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Regular Dakkanaut

Those TAGs be beautiful.
While I agree the Zeta looks a touch top heavy, I think mild converting would fix the issue. (specifically putting *something* on the right hip to visually counterbalance the left gun.)

I don't even PLAY Ariadna and I want Mirage-5.
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Down Under

 LunarSol wrote:
What else should he be doing with that hand? I think the Zeta's rage fist is pose appropriate. The Cutter of all of them is the strangest of the bunch. The answer we all know though is they do it because it casts better than fingers.

I would have loved an open palm hand (happy enough with fingers in 1 flat blade) to make it look like it is balancing against something or even better...a riotstopper in there.

Glory is fleeting. Obscurity is forever.

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Dakka Veteran

It does not help that the gun looks like it's been just taped onto the side of the forearm, which gives it a feeling of being a prop? Cause there's no weight behind it in the pose.
Ironically, it's the only tag of the 4 that actually is doing anything, the others just sort of aim at the ground, making sure the local lawn doesn't attack them.
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Rogue Inquisitor with Xenos Bodyguards

Eastern edge

Good news! I have been informed that the Defiance stuff will be here soonish, lands at port/customs end of month and deliveries in December mid to late.

Shipping to USA/Canada: The arrival at the port is scheduled for November 28th. The shipping to the backers is scheduled for mid-to-late December.
If you need to update your delivery address, please send us as soon as possible.
Thaks for your support! Stay safe!
Kind regards,

Inma Lage

Social Media Manager

Corvus Belli S.L.

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"Your mumblings are awakening the sleeping Dragon, be wary when meddling the affairs of Dragons, for thou art tasty and go good with either ketchup or chocolate. "
Dragons fear nothing, if it acts up, we breath magic fire that turns them into marshmallow peeps. We leaguers only cry rivets!

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Thermo-Optical Spekter


Just a heads up, the rest of the sectorial have been introduced to the army.
Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

ASA forward observer now with SWC=0. It's a relief to see my sectorials, QK, ASA, in the Army Builder at last.

Army is here

Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

Melbourne, Australia

ASA changes have made me happy. The Akhal's were a missed opportunity, but given how aggressive the rest of the army is it's no great loss. The changes to Singh make him a possible take now, with NCO and a boost to CC.

The mahoosive cost drop to Dragoas and the Tikbalang is going to be fun to play with, ditto with the Montessa. And PanO has smoke now with the chaper Guarda.. Although I refuse to get excited until CB have had the chance to take it away as a 'mistake'.

Also also, the ACA Machinst is now the same price as the regular, so free Mim -3. Although I'm also thinking one of those is a mistake.

Overall, I'm excited for N4 finally.

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The galaxy is littered with the single-planet graveyards of civilisations which made the economically sensible decision not to explore space. 
Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

Yeah, I must say, actually getting my sectorials so that I can play them in N4 is a morale booster.

A 3 TAG list is possible now, 2 Tiks and one Dragoe. Amusing gimmick.

ITS12, Breakdown, is here contumaciousness. Ahem.

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