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Well I've recently been put in charge of the gaming area at my local store and I need to learn Fantasy.  I've chosen Wood Elves because A) Freakin sweet plastic models, B) Cheaper than my Construct list Tomb Kings, C) FREAKING SWEET PLASTICS

General concensus was that the league should start at 500 points so we could move up to 1500 when 7th ed. comes out.

5 man Glade Guard squad
5 man Glade Guard squad
5 man Glade Guard squad
3 man Glade Riders
3 man Glade Riders
5 man Wardancer Squad

Total: 504pts

It seems to be bigger, model wise, than everyone elses warbands.  I figure the singer can hang back with the guard and cast a spell or 2.  She's mainly there as a sort of anti-magic at these low pts.

As my list grows I was going to expand each glade guard squad to 10 men with a singer, add a 4th squad at 2250.  Expand the riders to 5 men each unit, add a 3rd squad.  The wardancers would be bumped to 10 men, I'd also throw in 6 warhawk riders, a spell weaver and a noble on a great eagle.



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Solid Warband! I've got 2 Orc and Gobbo warbands at 350pts each but let me tell you after playing lots of warband games that is one warband that I would not like to go up against (in a good way). Now that I think of it, It's time I made a 500pt warband myself. Thank you for a helpful reminder and a fearsome force.

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I like it, but I'm doubting if you shouldn't add a few dryads. Ofcourse, that's definitly your choice of play.
I was thinking of throwing in this:

5 Glade Guard
5 Glade Guard
5 Dryad
5 Dryad
3 Glade Rider
3 Glade Rider
1 Branchwraith lvl 1 wizard

This would add up to 499.

It's less shooty, but these dryads make up for the heavy hitting. By using them, I also create a unit that the Branchwraith may actually join. This way I have my magic and extra dispell die, as do I have a more heavy hitting general with back up. I admit it's less shooty than yours, which might be a disadvantage, but I just feel like trying this first.
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