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Achilles Southern Republican Army

Welcome to the SRA

The Southern states of Terra Nova are diametrically opposed to the strict religious oligarchy of the North. Their armed forces are representative of this; the elite are well provided for while the regular dog faces make due with older equipment and less training.

The Southern Republican Army is the pride of the Allied Southern Territories. They are better equipped than the MILICIA and do not include military convict units or un-camouflaged gears and equipment.

Gear technology is used across the Terra Novan city states as the primary method of equipping the modern soldier. Infantry, Cavalry and Air units all still exist; but the Gear Trooper is capable of cross-performance in almost any theater. Originally converted from labour and industry models when Terra Nova was first colonized, Heavy Gears are operated by a single pilot and are on the frontlines of every conflict between the North, South, Port Arthur Korps and Peace River.

Unit Photos

General Purpose Squads form the core of the SRA's forces. The Jager, while the oldest model GP Gear still being used and the ancestor of all other General Purpose models across Terra Nova. It can be supplemented by high performance Gears like the famous Black Mamba.

The South's premier high-performance Gear, the Black Mamba is used across the SRA. Unit leaders from Recon, Strike and even Fire Support squads will often make use of its superior handling and fire platform.

Recon Squads in the South (and occasionally even GPs) make use primarily of the Iguana as the preferred Electronic Warfare Gear.

Backed up by tougher high performance gears they are charged with calling in Airstrikes and support fire from the Striders and tanks.

Used as a recruiting officers poster child after the War of the Alliance, the King Cobra is the supreme achievement of Southern engineers. Carrying a Particle Cannon instead of standard munitions (based on captured Coalition Earth Forces technology) and armoured more heavily than any other Gear in the South, the King Cobra is hideously expensive and only fielded rarely in Strike Squads on vital missions.

The Naga strider, though venerable, boasts a serious indirect armour threat in the form of dual Anti Tank Missile Launchers. Couple that with its large sensor boom which allows it to shoot around corners when not being laser directed by EW support troopers and the multi-crewed bipedal walker is a terror to slow moving armour targets on the battlefield.

The Saggitarius is highly specialized with its Very Light Rocket Pods. Used primarily as a bipedal support walker to help Gears and Armour deal with dug in infantry in an urban or defended environment, it cannot deal with tough targets and relies on direction from EW support.

Infantry have a use still in this world of mechanized heavy troopers. Even with all their power they cannot occupy buildings or defend fortified areas that are not specially designed with that in mind.

So the dogfaces still slog on in the deserts between the city states, and special forces units still exist for special operations.

Gears and Armour can both encounter static defenses on the battlefields of the badlands or defending outposts and settlements. This particular one sports dual Heavy Autocannons that can also be upgraded for Anti Air operations to defend against Airstrikes.

Army List

Below are three example lists from my Southern Republican Army at 500, 750 and 1000 Threat Values. I haven't included support options, but all these lists are built at the standard Priority Level of two. Priority Level two requires you to take 2 Core choices from your list, and allows you to take 3 Auxiliary, 2 Support and 1 Elites choice. On top of this, two combat groups can be made Veteran which allows additional options.

The Southern Republican army is an organization within the Allied Southern Territories that receives several special rules; Well Funded allows them to take certain marked veteran options without requiring you to upgrade their status and Assault Troops gives you a free close combat upgrade to one of your units. In addition they have access to a Political Officer who can enhance the unit he joins... at a cost.

Southern Republican Army - Priority Level 2 - 500 Threat Value

General Purpose Gear Cadre (CORE) - 235TV Combat Group Leader with Iquana upgrade One Jager has a Paratroop Rifle One Jager has a Medium Autocannon Two Jagers have a Light Autocannon

Infantry Platoon (CORE) - 85pts Three squads have Anti Gear Missiles One squad has Target Designator

Naga Strider Platoon (Specialist) - 180pts

This army relies on flexibility and the ability to call in Anti Tank missiles from the Naga when any formation encounters something it cannot deal with itself. Typical support options for this army include airstrikes and support turrets.

EDIT: The 750 and 1000TV armies will be posted at a later date.

Why I Started This Army

As a proud Canadian I really enjoy this little gem of a game, and have played both the Activision video games. The game itself has gone through several iterations and I must say it has emerged the most playable to date.

If you're interested in a game by-gamers and for-gamers... Heavy Gear is really it. All the sculpting, web and design staff do so on a volunteer basis... and the game itself is now run and designed by a former fan turned-owner after the dissolution of the original DP9 Design Studio in the late nineties.

Check it out! sy http://www.dp9.com


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