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Andilus Greatsword's Lizardmen Army

(This page needs to be updated to reflect the new army book)

Full Army Photo

Coming soon... or whenever I finish painting my army. One or the other.

Unit Photos

This is my Saurus Oldblood, Barloq. He's one of my oldest models, and is very close to my heart. His name has become my main internet handle, so I've become very attached to him over the years, even when I shelved the Lizardmen. However, because of my attachment to my Oldblood, I've begun to rebuild and repaint the army and now it's becoming very nice. Barloq's somewhat colourful scheme represents his Sacred Spawnings (I originally got/painted him when Sacred Spawnings had in-game effects), the Blessed Spawning of Tlazcotl and Sotek. On the tabletop, he's a combat beast, wielding the Blade of Revered Tzunki and Venom of the Firefly Frog.

I always used to think Slann were ugly and fat... until I got one and put it on the table. Man do these guys just exude personality. And they're a hell of a lot of fun to paint too! In fact, they're so good that I haven't been using Barloq that much because I'd rather spend my Lords allowance on a Slann to buff my force with Life magic!

One of my older Lizardmen models. I love the paintjob of the Carnosaur, the photos really doesn't do it justice. I originally painted the model to look like Kroq-gar and Grimloq, but when I repainted it, I made it so that it could be either representing Kroq-gar or a mounted version of Barloq. Definitely one of my favourite models in my entire collection.

I have yet to actually use this guy, but he's got a very awesome model. The guy I got it off of didn't have his plaque unfortunately, but it looks ok without it. I've been using him as a simple Skink Priest in games, but I imagine he'd be a great Lord in a Skink-based army.

This guy is an absolute beast in close combat. He's a bit expensive, but I love throwing him in with my Slann and Temple Guard and making a wrecking ball of doom on the battlefield. I have a hard time imagining many units that would be scarier in a duel than Chakax.

A simple Priest. His paint job turned out really nice though. They're reliable little critters to add some extra power for the magical powerhouse that is the Slann.

Saurus are awesome, both on the tabletop and in their models. I wish their WS was 4 instead of 3, but they can't be perfect now can they?

When I got these, a few had already been painted in various stages of completion. I liked the scheme and decided that these Saurus came from a different spawning than the others. This actually ended up becoming a theme in the army. Originally I was going to make every unit a blue base, but because of this every unit is a different colour representing their unique spawning.

My Slann, Chakax and Temple Guard, easily the best painted unit in my entire collection. It's kind of funny, I painted them in many different stages and with different techniques, so there is 4 or 5 noticeably different schemes on the models in the unit. The left-most ones are the best painted in my opinion, the ones I painted last. The 2nd from the left and 2nd from the right were my first attempts and took me around 15 hours to paint... they turned out ok, but not as well as the rest of the unit. The middle one is Chakax, and he's painted more like my regular Saurus because I was having trouble producing a light-blue skin tone for him. He's ancient though, so he's from an entirely different spawning, so it's not like it's unusual for them to be different colours. The furthest right Temple Guard were actually painted by the previous owner, and they look fantastic. I had to touch them up a little bit because the owner hadn't finished them, but I don't take any credit for them.

I'm a little iffy about these guys, since having Stupid cavalry could be potentially dangerous... but then again, Cold Blooded minimizes this risk somewhat. More importantly, Lizardmen Cold Ones look like crap. I really liked the old Cold Ones, but these ones really do look stupid. Even worse, Dark Elf Cold Ones look awesome (I have 1 because I needed a mount for an extra rider). Anyway, they seem like a decent unit, but I haven't gotten a chance to try them yet.

Army List

A typical 2000pt list I'd use would look like this (mostly because I'm limited with the models I can field):

Slann Mage-Priest (BSB with Sun Standard of Chotec, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Divine Plaque of Protection, Focus of Mystery, Focus of Rumination, Lore of Life)


Skink Priest (Dispel Scroll)

Skink Priest

20x Saurus Warriors (Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Spears)

16x Saurus Warriors (Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer)

15x Skink Skirmishers (Brave)

10x Skink Skirmishers (Brave, Javelin and Shield)

10x Skink Skirmishers (Brave, Javelin and Shield)

10x Temple Guard (Revered Guardian with Gold Sigil Sword, Musician, Standard Bearer)

1x Salamander

Why I Started This Army

I started this army back in 2003 when I began to get into the hobby. I always had an interest in Dinosaurs since I was a little kid (what kid who'd seen Jurassic Park wasn't?), so the army really appealed to me. I mean, an entire army of lizard-dudes? AWESOME. I got a few units for the army, but ended up putting them aside in 2005 in favour of my Space Wolves and didn't bother with them again for years. I didn't start dusting them off again until 2011, when my 40k armies were nearing a state of (relative) completion. It was then that I decided to get into Fantasy for real this time. I got a decent-sized Lizardmen force off a local guy on Kijiji and soon my force swelled to a real, fieldable army. The army's still in progress, but it's nearing completion quickly.

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