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Raven Sword

Full Army Photo

(Coming Soon)

My Imperial Guard army is based on various characters in the Metal Gear universe. I'm a big fan of the series and it has been a lot of fun following this theme!

Unit Photos

Note that I'm only putting up pics of painted units, so this isn't a completely accurate gauge of all the units I have.

My main Company Command Squad, led by Ocelot (I typically run him as a count-as Creed). I've also got them pictured with a Priest, Commissar and Psycho Mantis (I run him as any of the Regimental Advisors or a Primaris Psyker).

"Solid Marbo", everyone's favourite badass. I'm quite happy with how the model turned out, it really does look like Old Snake.

Rat Patrol Team 01, led by Meryl Silverburgh and featuring Jonathan, Ed and Johnny "Akiba" Sasaki. I typically run the 4 core members as either a Platoon Command Squad or a Veteran Squad. I also had a bit of fun with the other soldiers. The guy on the left is running dual P90s as an homage to one of my favourite weapons in shooter games, and the guy on the right is mesmerized by a "magazine" (with a picture of Meryl incidentally) as a funny shout-out to Metal Gear.

An Veterans Squad led by Vulkan Raven (count-as Harker). Most of these models have had quite a history, belonging to one of my brothers, then a friend, then another friend, and then back to me. Vulkan Raven himself was one of those models that I chopped up and put together with various bitz lying around. All-in-all, they're a little rough looking, but certainly in the best shape they ever have been. Plus they're pretty good on the tabletop!

An Infantry Squad. Their colour scheme is based on that of the Praying Mantis PMC in Metal Gear Solid 4.

My Vendetta Gunship. It has kill markings on one side, and a campaign decal on the other, signifying that it participated in the defense of Perdus during the DakkaDakka Worldwide Campaign (which it really did, although it was shot down haha). I also stenciled "Lysol" on the side as an inside joke because in my first game using a Vendetta, I proxied one using a bottle of Lysol.

A pair-a-Chimera. I typically put Ocelot's Command Squad in one and either Rat Patrol Team 01 or Vulkan Raven's squad in the other. They're pretty epic moving bunkers!

Army List

(Coming Soon)

Performance (6th Edition)

Year Wins Losses Ties
2013 0 5 0


Versus Wins Losses Ties
Blood Angels 0 2 0
Chaos Daemons 0 0 0
Chaos Space Marines 0 1 0
Dark Angels 0 0 0
Dark Eldar 0 0 0
Eldar 0 1 0
Grey Knights 0 0 0
Imperial Guard 0 0 0
Necrons 0 0 0
Orks 0 0 0
Sisters of Battle 0 0 0
Space Marines 0 0 0
Space Wolves 0 0 0
Tau 0 0 0
Tyranids 0 0 0
Team Games 0 1 0

Why I Started This Army

(Coming Soon)

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