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Category:Imperial Guard Army Profile

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Featured Imperial Guard Army Profiles
1hadhq IG for apokalypse

An absolutely MASSIVE Imperial Guard tank company for use in Apocalypse games. It features a proto-type baneblade chasis vehicle carrying a massive whirlwind style missile launcher, a scratchbuilt stormblade baneblade turret (the giant plasma weapon) and many, many more tanks.


Ian's Apocalypse ImperialGuards/SpaceMarines

This army is the Imperial Coalition Force of the 38th (my hockey #, yea, i'm a Canuck) Cadian, and the Space Marines Chapter "Old Wounds" brought under the same banner by inquisitorial forces. I started this army because I loved the way the imperial guard looked. I added the space marines to the army when I read the GW article that talked about allied armies. The two went hand in hand and I thought the Marines would pack the offensive punch the ImpG's lacked.


Ian's Imperial Guard (Empire Militia) Army

This was the first army I built when I really got back into the game about 5 years ago. I'd always wanted an IG army when I was a kid but never had the money to build one. This is a scratch converted army, made mostly from the Empire Militia boxed set, with Lasguns and Autoguns from the Necromunda weapon sprue, and Empire cannon wheels on all the artillery pieces.


inquisitormack's IG with =I= allies

The store The Whiz I play at each week runs an 8 week tournament with different points each week. Sometimes we know our opponents, sometimes we don't. This allows people who like to tailor lists to do so and those who don't, don't. The first week is usually 500 points and we go up by 250 or so each week. The week we get to 2000 points is "Cheese Week." We all cheese out our lists and its cool 'cause everyone knows its coming. Sometimes I run an IG list with daemonhunter allies and sometimes its Daemonhunters with IG allies.


Methalor Penal Legion

This army was created to take part in the http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/ Macharian Crusade campaign taking place this Fall in Austin, Texas. This campaign will feature 2500 point battles and numerous Apocalypse battles.


Valhallan42nd's 42nd Valhallans

How could you not love Valhallans? The models are great, they match up thematically with my idea of what an Imperial Guard army should be (more meat for the grinder...) I've had the majority of them for years; they've actually participated in the first ever US RTT held in the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker. Don't get me wrong, Marines are great and all, but Guard are really what the 40k universe is about.


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