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3rd Choufleur Militia (Imperial Guard)

by ArbitorIan

Army Photo


Choufleur is only a backward agri-world, and one of billions in the Imperium, but power can go to anyone's head. Such it was when the governor of Choufleur, irate at the ever larger tithes being taken each year, declared independence from the Imperium. But did the Imperium notice? Did they send their finest to force complicance? No, for the people of Choufleur, armed with their farm autoguns and battered lasrifles rose up against the tyrant and returned the world to the glorious Imperium. The surviving revolutionaries formed the Choufleur People's Militia. Vive la Choufleur! Vive l'Emporuer!

Army List

  • Platoon Command Squad (Meltagun, Grenade Launcher)
  • Infantry Squad (Heavy Bolter)
  • Infantry Squad (Heavy Bolter)
  • Infantry Squad (Heavy Bolter, Sgt with Power Sword) including a Commissar (Power Sword)
  • Heavy Weapon Squad (3 Missile Launchers)
  • Heavy Weapon Squad (3 Autocannon)
  • -
  • 5 x Rough Riders (Hunting Lances)

Unit Photos

Platoon Command Squad


Infantry Squads

Missile Launcher Teams

Heavy Bolter Teams

Autocannon Teams

Rough Riders

Why I Started This Army

This was the first army I built when I really got back into the game about 5 years ago. I'd always wanted an IG army when I was a kid but never had the money to build one. This is a scratch converted army, made mostly from the Empire Militia boxed set, with Lasguns and Autoguns from the Necromunda weapon sprue, and Empire cannon wheels on all the artillery pieces.

Being my first IG army, I threw in all the other models I had lying around, with various Squats, Catachans and Praetorians, but after a few years of disuse as my painting and modelling skills improved, only the Militia conversions remained. With the 5ed Guard codex, I decided that at some point, I would remake the army as a blob/infantry heavy army, with almost no mechanised support.

I've only managed to rebase/repaint 500pts so far for a Combat Patrol tourney, but there's twice as many models in the pipeline, awaiting some Badab Black and nice new bases.

Battle Reports

  • 2010/11/14 - COMBAT FATIGUE 2010 - IG Militia vs Everyone! - 500pts - link
  • 2010/07/04 - NOVA CRUX - ASSAULT ON NOIRREATH - Witchhunters vs Eldar - 2000pts - link


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