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Ian's Drade 117th Suicide Legion (IG)

by ArbitorIan

Army Photo


Drade is a mining world in the Ultima Segmentum. An arid wasteland, it's only function is the mining of the ore and pumice flows that lie under it's surface. Life is hard in the labour force, and violence and rebellion are rife, but the merchant government of the planet have put this to good use. Almost every crime on Drade is punishable by the same sentence - enforced service in the penal legions, and it is from these legions that the planet's Imperial Guard tithe is taken. The suicide legionnaires of Drade are brutally treated, all trace of sedition and rebellion erased by a regime of hypno-indoctrination, psychic conditioning and suggestion, physique and loyalty-enhancing drugs and vicious close combat training.

The Drade Suicide Legions are famed for their fast and frenzied assaults, being thrown into the most dangerous parts of the line to effect a breakthrough. As a penal legion, they are completely expendable, but the suicide legions are also completely self-sufficient, each legionnaire carrying with him everything his short life will require. As such, they are often assigned dangerous sabotage, destruction or recon missions behind enemy lines. They travel light, only making use of fast vehicles and limited heavy weaponry, and utilising short las-carbines for ease in close assaults. As a penal legion, they're often assigned support that would disgust normal regiments, including xeno cavalry beasts, stunted choirs of witches, indentured astropaths, bound battle psykers and lumbering ogryns that even Drade's extensive labour gangs couldn't make use of.

Army List

(as always, this is a list of the units available to me, rather than a list built to a certain points limit)

  • Company Command Squad (Officer, Standard, Astropath)
  • Company Command Squad (Officer, 4 Meltaguns)
  • Commissar Lord (Powerfist)
  • Primaris Psykers (2 Psykers)
  • Priests (3 with Eviscerators, 1 without)
  • -
  • Psychic Battle Squad (5 Psykers, 4 Guards, Overseer)
  • Psychic Battle Squad (5 Psykers, 4 Guards, Overseer)
  • Penal Ogryns (5 Ogryns, Bone'ead, pet Baggage Lizard)
  • -
  • Veterans Squad (Vet Sgt, 6 Vets with Shotguns, 3 Flamers,Heavy Flamer)
  • Veterans Squad (Vet Sgt, 6 Vets with Shotguns, 3 Grenade Launchers, Demo Charge)
  • Veterans Squad (Vet Sgt, 6 Vets with Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Demo Charge)
  • Veteran/CCS Options (2 Autocannon Teams, 2 Missile Launcher Teams)
  • -
  • Penal Legion Squad (9 Legionnaires, Custodian)
  • Penal Legion Squad (9 Legionnaires, Custodian)
  • Penal Legion Squad (9 Legionnaires, Custodian)
  • Penal Legion Squad (9 Legionnaires, Custodian)
  • Penal Legion Squad (9 Legionnaires, Custodian)
  • -
  • Rough Riders (5 Riders, Sergeant, Meltagun)
  • 4 Scout Sentinels (with Lascannon, Multilaser and Heavy Flamer options)
  • 2 Hellhounds (with DevilDog and BaneWolf options and hull weapon options)
  • -
  • 2 Salamanders (used as Chimeras, with Autocannon, Hvy Flamer and Multilaser options, and hull weapon options)

Unit Photos

Company Commander

Company Command Squads


Primaris Psykers


Commissar Lord

Psychic Battle Squads

Penal Ogryns


Heavy Weapon Teams

Penal Legionnaires

Rough Riders




Why I Started This Army

Ages ago, when building my Adeptus Arbites, I bought a load of old metal Void 1.1 Junker models really cheap from eBay as a source of suppression shields. They had sat around with nothing to do for a while, but I liked the models and always wanted to use them. With the release of the 5ed IG codex, I thought they'd make fantastic penal legionnaires (this is what Junkers were in the Void game anyway) and, after a bit of research, found that Scotia Grendel were selling all the Void 1.1 plastics cheap.

I'd always toyed with the idea of a close-combat IG army, and loved the mentions of 'Suicide Battalions' in Matthew Farrer's Shira Calpurnia books, so a job lot of cheap plastics and my old metal junkers, plus a lot of weapon conversions and some spare models dug from by bits box made up one pretty big fast-assault themed Imperial Guard army.

The creation of the army is documented in the P&M blog here - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/257179.page

Battle Reports

  • 2012/03/26 - WEBWAYFARERS - IG Suicide Legion vs Dark Eldar - 1500pts - link
  • 2010/05/09 - BLITZKRIEG BATTLE MISSION - IG Suicide Legion vs Grots - 1000pts - link
  • 2010/04/15 - TWO NEW ARMIES - IG Suicide Legion vs Grots - 1500pts - link
  • 2010/04/11 - PLATINUM DEVIL 2010 - IG Suicide Legion vs Everyone! - 1000pts - link


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