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Dakka Dakka Ork Takktica Part 2

Takktica Part 1

Part 1 of this article is located here: Dakka Dakka Ork Takktica

Unit Evaluation: Troops

This is where all the excitement comes from in the new Ork dex. For the first time in a long time it looks like a horde army is not only viable, but potentially, dare I say it, top tier in a Warhammer 40k book.

All of this is because of the amazing Utility present in what looks to be an anemic troops section. Well as you're going to see, despite there only being two unit entries there is a plethora of choice in the Troops section, and most of it is good!

Ork Boyz

Utility: Competitive

Phil Kelly rolled up the four main entries for Orks in the previous codex into one entry right here, and boy did he do a hell of a job.

The points cost for Ork Boyz is on par with Guardsmen, despite all the buffs Orks get to Morale and Assault. This, combined with the new special rules for Orks gives us a lot of options in how Boyz are used in game and has new implications for almost any configuration you can use for Orks in this entry.

Equipping your Boyz

Lets state up front a couple of generics:

  • Any Ork can be given Frag grenades for the normal price you'd expect to see it at.
  • The only special weapons Ork Boyz can have are either Big Shootas or Rokkits
  • Special weapon quantities are limited by the number of Boyz in the Mob. Basically you get 1 special weapon for every 10 Orks in a Mob, to a maximum of 3.

After all this you have two ways to arm your Boyz: Close Combat or Shooty.

Slugga Boyz

These are now simply Boyz armed with a Pistol and CCW. There really isn't much more to them than that. This is a big decrease from their old Choppa rules, however these Boyz are now 33% cheaper than they used to be points wise, and with the new Furious Charge rules, the Boyz are still very effective in close combat.

Shoota Boyz

These Boyz cost the same as their Slugga counterparts, but are much improved over their old versions. Shootas are now S4 AP6 Assault 2, 18". Because of this change in weapon, the BS2 of the Shoota Boyz is fairly negated, especially for their points cost.

Ard Boyz

For a relatively substantial cost, you can give any unit of Boyz in an army a 4+ armor save. Some people love this idea, others don't. I'm in the latter category as I feel that the 4+ save really just makes them too expensive for their own good. Half the appeal of Orks is massive numbers, this is quite frankly a lot of points for an armor save that will be ignored by most heavy weapons in the game, and then some.

Probably the best thing I can say about Ard Boyz is that if you find that you need to fill some points, putting the upgrade on a Trukk Bound squad isn't a terrible idea. Its probably not worth it, but it can be somewhat useful for Sluggas in a Trukk. For Footslogging Mobz, just avoid it. As an appendum to the original writer, 20 'Ard Boyz go well with a Battlewagon as well, arguably more useful than the same points worth of 'Ard Nobz, who themselves are probably better off with a Trukk.

I have found that Ard Boyz can provide a great screen for other advancing boyz giving them the same save as the Ard Boyz until they get into CC.

Weapons and Equipment

Weapons for Boyz are pretty straight forward Big Shootas or Rokkit are all you get to choose from. For me, the choice seems really clear. If you want Dakka - buy Shoota Boyz. From playing Orks for years under the old codex, I've found that you never can have enough Rokkits, and that hasn't changed in the new codex. If you need long range multi-shot weapons, they're available in other places, but you can NEVER get enough rokkits.

Nob equipment is likewise just as straight forward. You can chose between a Power Klaw or a Big Choppa. One is a power fist and the other one is just +2 Strength and allows armor saves. There really isn't a choice here. S7 or S9 on the charge and ignoring armor saves, but striking last on a model that's saddled with I3 anyway really is the winner, every time.

Other equipment available is the Bosspole and/or 'eavy Armor. The Bosspole can help mitigate LD issues, which is key for Orks who are getting low in numbers (Trukkers!), so it should be considered almost mandatory in any mob that starts with less than 20 models. Changes to wound allocation in 5th edition make 'Eavy Armor something to consider for any self-respecting Nob. Besides, he's a Nob, he gets the best stuff anyway!

Organizing the Mobz

Each style of Ork Boy really suits itself to one method of play.

Slugga Boyz are best mounted in Trukks rather than footslogging it. Despite the facts that Trukks can only move 18" now (and only 12" on the turn you want to disembark), with a good 'run' rule plus a well-timed Waaagh, a Trukk-mounted mob has a nearly 23-28" effective assault range (once you factor in the 1" for Red Paint Job and the extra distance models get when disembarking from a vehicle). They are limited to 12 Models, but they can hit pretty hard for their points, just don't forget the PK Nob and don't bother with any weapon upgrades - most of the time when you're charging you really aren't going to be trying to get shots in, and it robs you of a CC attack.

With the introduction of the run rule in 5th edition, foot slogging Slugga mobs are no longer a terrible choice (although Shootas are definitely more versatile) and can certainly be considered Semi-competitive.

Shoota Boyz are now the premier footslogging unit. With their effective 24" range after moving and shooting, they can manage to engage the enemy as they close the distance to (presumably) get into CC, which many times is a pretty good place to be, despite the fact that they're "Shoota Boyz".

With a PK Nob, they are one of the most effective units in the Codex. On foot, a good mob size is 20 Boyz. It keeps the squad pretty cheap and maneuverable, and like any horde army, you really want to maximize on the number of units in your army, and 20 seems to be the best balance - mainly because it gives you two special weapons in the unit.

General Usage Comments

Sloggin Shootas

Shoota Boyz on foot really have almost no need for an explanation. Combo them with a KFF Mek and run forward, shoot, and when the opportunity presents itself: run, Waaagh then charge!

Trukkin Sluggas

Sluggas, especially in a Trukk, really need a few key words of wisdom. With only 12 Boyz in the Mob, you can suffer from LD issues, so a Bosspole is always a worthy investment. If you have several Trukk mobs in your army, you should try and maximize the one Waaagh you get per game by setting it up so that all of your Trukk Mobz hit the enemy all in one turn.

One thing that should be mentioned from my experience with the new Trukkers compared to the old ones, and this is for players of the Old Orks, especially Kult of Speed, is that you must remember: your trukk mobz are not guaranteed to kill almost any target anymore! This wasn't always true with the old rules, but with the limitation of I3 on the Boyz, you really want to be careful if you're going to engage units with multiple attacks per model (assault squads, Chaos Marine squads, Grey Hunter packs, etc). They will almost always strike before you do and with the new 'defenders react' rule it means you will likely be fighting against every model in that enemy unit. You really want to use your Trukker's speed to target weaker close combat units or coordinate multiple Trukker units together to take out tougher foes.

When equipping Trukk squads, remember any PK Nob can carry the Big Shoota or the Rokkit without detriment to the squad. This grants more shots in a Shoota Trukk by preserving an oft exchanged shoota, and adds utility to a Slugga Trukk without losing any of its damage potential since the PK nob isn't granted an extra attack for 2CCW anyway.


Gretchins by Ifalna

Utility: Semi-competitive

Grots are good for mainly one thing: cheap 4+ cover to units behind. When they are used, what is widely considered the best configuration is 19 Gretchin, including a Runtherd (with Squighound, like a Bosspole) for 67 points. This gives you a mobile cover screen for more expensive units.

Their limitiation is their competition. They are competing with the 6pt Ork Boy, especially a Shoota Boy. For 65 points you can get 10 Ork Boyz and a Big Shoota. For not much more points, you stop being a screen and you start being a viable unit. At T4 vs. the Gretchin's measly T2.

However the thing to realize about a screening unit is that you present your opponent with a quandary: either they shoot at the Orks behind the Gretchin (who now get a 4+ cover save) or they fire at the 3 point Grot unit. Either way, the Ork player comes out ahead. With only units of Boyz, your opponent has one easy choice: shoot the front unit of Orks that don't have a cover save and now they're killing off your 6 point boyz with each wound.

Although Grots are useful as a screen, they do have a big flaw, and that's their leadership. With a Ld of only 7 for the Runtherd if the Grots do have to take a morale check, especially in close combat even with the re-roll provided by a Squighound your Grots will often end the game running for the hills (or cut down as they run from combat).

Grots can also be used as a cheap way to hold an objective that is far out of the action (while the rest of your army engages the enemy) and they can be used as a screen to block off outflanking units from coming onto the board to charge your Lootas.

But for the most part you are probably better off with Boyz, especially if you're taking a Mek with a KFF anyway.

There is another use for the lowly grots that I have not seen explored. If you want to take the SAG for shoots and giggles, you can put a Mek in a squad of 19 with a herda for 67 points. That forces an opponent to do at least 5 wounds to grots to cause a leadership test, which you can re-roll using the herda. If they are shooting grots, they aren't shooting boys.

Troops Summary

Well out of the two choices available, I hope its become clear which one you want to use and which one you want to avoid.

Fortunately with the way the Codex is laid out, the one choice available to you gives you such a wide variety of choices for how the unit will play that there is nothing to be too upset about.

About the only thing I can say in summary is that when choosing how to field your Boyz, either in Trukks or on Foot, the old 40k adage of "What's good to take once, its good to take in multiples" very much holds true for Orks. The most effective lists are the ones that will run multiple units of Footsloggers or multiple units of Trukks. There are cases where one or two unit of Trukkers can compliment a foot horde, but in those cases, its sometimes better to be running Storm Boyz for that role instead of Sluggas in a Trukk.

Equipping your Trukk

So given this incredible reliability that now comes with the basic Trukk, lets look at the options you have when setting up your Trukk:

  • Rokkit Launcha - For a nominal amount of points you can upgrade the Trukk's standard Big Shoota to a Rokkit. The Big Shoota is enough to count for Weapon Destoyed, and gives you a bit of dakka. The Rokkit gives you another Rokkit. You decide.

  • Red Paint Job - This upgrade is near mandatory. Are you an Ork, or are you an ORK? Instead of moving 6", you move 7". Instead of moving 12" you just moved 13". Coupled with Run and the Waaagh! move and your assault squad just got to the enemy one turn faster.

  • Grot Riggers - This is not a mandatory selection. It can repair an immobolized result, however by the time it does the embarked units would have already at least moved and ran towards their target. If you are upgrading with Wrecking Balls etc you are looking at adding even more points to the Trukk. Probably a poor choice, even if it is only 5 points. Still, it is only 5 points.

  • Stikkbomb Chukka - It gives your squad Grenades when charging out of the Trukk. If you need to cut points from the list, dropping Stikkbombs and adding a Stikkbomb Chukka to a units Trukk is one way to do it.

  • Armor Plates - Extra armor for Trukks! This was something I initially had on all my Trukks, but from a discussion with Dakka Member Redbeard, I am going to be leaving it off. If you ever suffer something with just a "Stunned" result, this can keep your Trukk moving, but with AV10 and Open Topped, it is not something that's going to come up very often since if a Trukk is being shot at it is probably going to suffer a lot more damage. Still for the times when you're being shot with Bolters and are glanced, this upgrade may be worthwhile. I suggest playtesting with and without this upgrade before settling on what suits your playstyle better. As an appendum, it is an expensive upgrade at 10 points. A second suggestion: decide how important the Trukk is to you. If you are taking one Trukk, full of Nobz and HQ another 10 points is probably worth it. If you are taking 6 Trukks and 3 Looted Wagons you can probably spend the 90 points elsewhere.

  • Boarding Plank - One of the upgrades I just do not see a whole lot of utility for. Embarked Troops can perform close combat attacks on an enemy vehicle within 2", if the Wagon has not moved more than 12" that turn. The problem is that most of the time you will have to get out to charge to even reach a vehicle controlled by a good player. I just do not see it being very useful and the whole idea that if your Trukk can be seen while trying to make this attack it probably will get blown up next turn which is safer than it was before, but it is never a good thing. As a second opinion, it is only 5 points and you probably have a Klaw in there. That said, it is probably just a 'fun' option.

  • Wreckin Ball - Another upgrade I am not too thrilled about. If you move less than 12" you can make a S9 attack on a unit within 2" on a 4+. It is OK vs. Vehicles if you can get it to go off, but how often will you be so close to an enemy vehicle to make it work? Likewise it is still not that great vs. infantry units since it is one hit that allows armor saves. And it is pretty expensive to boot. As a second opinion. For 15 points a Rokkit Launcha and a Wrecking Ball is viable anti-tank on side or rear armour, after the Boyz have been deployed.

  • Reinforced Ram - Cheap upgrade to re-roll dangerous terrain tests, which can be a godsend if you have to go through terrain. Personally I have not been throwing it on my Trukks in the KoS lists I have tested, but I may just start since I have had to go through terrain to make charges many times in the old KoS I used to run and having this would have saved me from many losses I suffered because a truck could not get a charge off and immobilized itself when it was forced to cut through terrain. As an appendum, you can also use a Trukk to Tank Shock after adding a Reinforced Ram. This gives your four or five Speed Freek Trukks something to do after the Boyz have deployed. Especially when coupled with the difficult terrain re-roll.

Trukk Summary

The Trukks I have been using come out to a paltry 50 Points using Red Paint and Armor Plates. You could make them a bit more expensive with a Reinforced Ram and/or a Stikkbomb Chukka, but then they start to become even more expensive. Personally I see Reinforced Ram as the only really compelling option to add, but a case could be made for either combination. It is also arguable if Armor Plates are worth it, or for the same cost you could drop Armor Plates and add both the Reinforced Ram and the Stikkbomb Chukka, which is another viable build for the Trukk.

The end of it is, if you are using your Trukks properly, they are not getting shot at until they have delivered their payload, so in the end if you are confident you will have enough terrain to hide behind on a table or you are taking a bunch of screening units for the Trukks, then the second combo of Red Paint, Reinforced Ram, and Stikkbomb Chukka may be the better option for you. If you are going to go balls to the wall style and run your Trukks out there and dare your opponent to stop them all, then the first option is probably best. Though to be honest, it is probably not a good idea to go for the target overload approach unless your opponent has a serious lack of firepower in his army.

Per some discussion with Dakka Member Redbeard I have been playtesting my Trukks without Armor Plates and with the Reinforced Ram instead and have found he was right since it's very true that the time when you're only suffering from Crew Stunned is rare indeed.

Unit Evaluation: Fast Attack

Storm Boyz

Utility: Competitive

These Boyz are one of the best units in the Codex. They are seriously now the premier dedicated assault unit in the Ork army. Their big draw is that they move an extra 1D6" in the movement phase every turn, and can still shoot and charge after this extra movement. Sure if you roll a 1 then you take a wound (and still move 1"), but this downside is well worth the benefit. Now remember that you roll this extra movement dice before you move the unit, so you always know exactly how far you can or can not move. This is absolutely huge, because if you know that your movement won't take you to the next piece of cover or into assault, you can plan accordingly. Also its important to realize that Storm Boyz are not "infantry" so you do not get any benefit from the 'Waaagh' move. They're fast, but not that fast!

One of the things that really make these Boyz shine is that on the charge, you stand a very good chance of getting most if not all of your mob engaged, because they're so extremely fast. I recommend taking Mobz of at least 16 Boyz, and in a list where you are going to live with only one squad, I suggest taking the full mob of 20. I find it hard to build a competitive list without at least two Mobz of 16 Boyz in it though. These Boyz are that good!

Equipping your Boyz

They really don't get a lot of options and to be honest, they don't need them! They come with Frags already, and the only option is the no-brainer upgrade of a Nob, who by this point you should realize gets a Power Klaw and not the Huge Choppa. The Nob also has the option to take 'Eavy Armor, which just like in normal Boyz Mobz, should be avoided as its relatively useless.

The question is whether or not to spend the points for a Bosspole, which can be worth it many times because these Boyz will see combat and LD is an issue. On the other hand I'm finding that points are so tight when building a competitive list that you really can run out of points and there is some idea that if your Boyz are losing combat and there is a small enough amount of them around that they're going to break, they're probably about to die anyway.

That all said, the honest truth is that the safer, more conservative bet is to spend the small bit of points and give them the Bosspole. After that they're ready to hit the table. Just use cover and get them into CC safely and you should be set!

Storm Boyz: Special Character

Ahhh Zaagstruk, what a conundrum of a Character upgrade. He replaces the Nob now, and instead of giving you a 12" charge, he allows your unit to Deepstrike and Charge the turn you arrive! Not bad, but his 'Power Klaw' that may go at I value, is only there on the turn you charge! And when you deepstrike and charge, you lose D3 Storm Boyz! Combine this with a hefty points cost, and I think you'll find that he's really not worth the points even with such a shocking ability.

War Buggies

Utility: Semi-Competitive

Its amazing how something can go from near mandatory in one dex to only "OK" in the next one. Such is the power of new Codexes and such is the fate of the War Buggy. These guys really used to be my favorite anti-tank units in an Ork army. They were cheap, they were fast, they were scoring, and they gave you somewhat reliable rokkits for a cheap price. In addition to no longer being scoring units, they compete against other units that do the same job with either better durability (arguable) or with more utility (not so arguable).

Now I don't mean to say that buggies should be avoided. I'm saying that it may be hard to find a place in your army for them, especially in light of the Storm Boyz that compete for this slot.

Equipping the Buggies

  • Big Shootas - The cheapest buggy gets you a Twin Linked Big Shoota. Given what the dakka output on these are, and the fact that you can get lots of shots other places in the Ork list, I pretty much write this option off, except in special cases which I'll get to later.

  • Rokkits - Lootas make up for the anti-tank deficiency that Buggies used to fill in the old Ork list, and with only S8, they're not the answer to our AV14 problems. So you're not buying much anti-tank here. The upgrade here isn't that expensive and is worth it over the Big Shoota if you have points to spare and want Buggies.

  • Skorcha - Oh what used to be the cheapest and one of the most effective options now becomes the most expensive, but at the same time, its still effective! Quick heavy flamers for not too many points ain't too shabby! Hop out and scorch a squad and make your points back and then some! This is actually a decent option for the buggies if you actually want to use them offensively and have them fulfill a unique role you can't replicate elsewhere in the list. Remember that even if you convert them from normal buggies, Skorchas come with the tracked upgrade for free, so go right through that terrain!

Buggy Vehicle Upgrades

  • Armor Plates - This looks somewhat tempting because hey, its extra armor on a scoring unit, yay for last turn moves to nab objectives! Right? Wrong. Its AV10 open topped and this upgrade is 1/3 the cost of the vehicle. Thats a lot of points for something that will only come into play 1/6th of the time when glanced and 1/6th of the time when penetrated. Note for vehicles in a squadron, squadrons get an ability that does this for free, so it is only useful on the last one remaining.

  • Grot Riggers - Likewise the nerf to Grot Riggers working in the shooting phase and not the beginning of the turn to make the unit mobile again also somewhat limit my wanting to take it on such a cheap vehicle. Still, it is still useful. Note that for vehicles in a squadron, an immobolized result will destroy them before the Grot Riggers get a chance to activate, so it is only useful on the last one remaining.

  • Red Paint Job - It is more expensive now, but an extra inch does go a mile when using 24" Rokkits or Template Skorcha.

  • Wartrakk Upgrade - Debatable here. You can take it if you really want it, but these things mostly just drive around and shoot. Probably not worth it for Rokkit Buggies.

Other Uses for the Buggy

There are other uses to this cheap little vehicle besides direct damage and objective grabbing.

Some people are already talking about converting Buggies from the new Trukk model. By doing so, they can create the perfect cheap "Screen Unit" for a whole lot of actual Trukk bound Mobz hiding behind it.

The new models look to be pretty high, and basing the Buggies on those models certainly can win you 'modeling points' with opponents, since current buggies pre-date 2nd Edition, but by screening Trukks with them, you may be considered to be "modeling to your advantage" which can bring about a huge question in sportsmanship and/or a hit in a sports score at a tournament. So while this tactic is quite valid, it has some out-of-game consequences in it.

Additionally with this tactic, you want at least two units of 2 to 3 Buggies to effectively screen your Trukks. Which means you're cutting into the amount of Storm Boyz that you can field in an army, and even when going with lots of Trukks, having a big mob of Storm Boyz to back you up in situations is crucial, so finding the balance between the two is going to be hard if you're dead set on this kind of application.


Utility: Poor

Ahh another "unit that could have been great". I'll sum up the changes really fast here:

Gaining Slugga + Choppa for Extra CC attack = Good, Losing Psycho Blasta Special Rule = Bad, but fair enough, Gain 4+ Armor Save, Cover Save increased to 4+ = Excellent! Lose Fearless = Terrible,

Much like with Nobz, Mega Nobz, or any small unit of expensive Orks, these Boyz will not stick around very long once the going gets tough! The major LD issues that these guys will experience when stuck in where they want to be - Close Combat with a PK Nob, they will simply have problems against units with Power Fists or anything that gets past their T5 and 4+ Save. In fact against anything with a higher number of attacks is going to cause problems, and in the world of 'competitive 40k' these things are not hard to come by.

Now granted, with their 4+ Cover save they are pretty resilient from shooting with decent AP values, but if you take units with only say 6 Bikes in them, with 2 Casualties, they're testing on LD7 to run. You can add a Boss pole to a Nob for a reroll, but it's a far cry from fearless. Sure when they come out they can shoot with their nice Twin Linked half range Big Shootas and then charge, which will put some hurt on a squad of Marines, its still not that impressive for something you can get elsewhere in the list for less points with much more durability (here's a hint, its the first thing in the Fast Attack Section and it begins with Storm and ends with Boyz).

Equipping the Bikes

They don't have many options, and what they do have is covered everywhere else. If you buy them, they probably want to get stuck in, since any casualties they inflict via their somewhat decent shooting will probably lead to them getting shot and wiped out by whatever else is close to your target.

The kit is straight forward - Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole. The Bosspole is arguable because you inflict a wound on an expensive unit with only a 4+ save, but to be honest sticking around after failing a fall back test is better than being completely dead then and there. If you have to ask why you're taking the Power Klaw over the Huge Choppa, you need to go re-read the other sections of the Takktica.

To be honest I feel bad rating them "Poor", but competitively speaking, they just are. Sure they can be used in a rewarding fashion in fun games, like most non-competitive options in the dex. They're somewhat cheap enough where a unit of 5 or 6 with a PK Nob and maybe bosspole can keep them around and its under 200 Points for the unit, which isn't too bad. Used right they can do good things though in some matchups they will not have any good targets to go up against.

Helping them be somewhat useful for fun

One way to alleviate the problems of this unit, which are mainly LD based is simply to throw a Warboss or special character into the unit. This probably leads to "overkill" in terms of damage output, because the Boss is so potent, and thus is probably better off on his own, but if you were looking for a way to use this Mob without having too much trouble because of the rules, this is one way around the problem.

A second point, worth noting. The new consolidation rule means that it is not uncommon for dedicated close combat squads to get stuck out in the open for a turn after winning combat. With T5 and a 4+ Cover Save (while relatively weak to flamers), this provides a nice bodyguard for a Warbike-riding Warboss. Half the price for half the wounds.

It may be worth re-iterating that they can provide a cover screen on a flank, similiar to Gretchin. On 40mm bases (modelling to your advantage?) they cover ... around 18" of the table before casualities. Assuming they don't run, that is an effective cover screen with some shooting, for around 150 points. Granted, you could just take another squad of 20 Boyz :). But they give a cover save to expensive 6+ save units such as Tankbustas.

The other thing to point out regarding the Warbikes is that they are a cheap anti-infantry platform. Each bike is armed with a 12 + 18" Big Shoota and a Nob with Bosspole helps with their leadership. Couple this with their ability to hold a flank and you have a Semi-Competitive unit.

Deff Koptas

Utility: Semi-Competitive

Ahh, something else good in the fast section! Granted these guys aren't the greatest thing in Fast Attack, but they do have their uses!

First off they're scouts and jet bikes. That alone is pretty neat for setting up a few first turn charges, except for the fact that the Koptas are saddled with some mediocre combat upgrades that almost double the cost of the model! Also consider the max mob size of 5 and their LD is 7 and you get the idea that having Deff Koptas in an assault with a unit with a Power Fist and you start to understand why assault may be a bad idea.

Of course they have some other uses too. They can be given twin linked rokkits for just 10 more points compared to a Rokkit Buggy, and they can be taken in units of 1. Deffcoptas are T4(5) with 2W and a 4+ Armor Save, whereas Buggies are AV10.

Additionally, using this option opens up some nice possibilities. In games where you can go first, you can use the Deff Koptas to scout up, and then move 12" into position to shoot TL Rokkits at Skimmers hiding behind terrain for turn 1, before they move. Granted this isn't always a sure-fire way to bring skimmers down, but it is a possibility for use.

Using the Deff Koptas

  • Units of only one model bypass any LD problems.

  • Big units are needed if you're going to try for the turn 1 charge. Given the squad limitations I'd say a unit of 4 is probably optimal; however as Dakka Member Redbeard pointed out, a unit of 2 Koptas with one Buzzsaw could be used as a simple "charge and tie combat" unit for turn 1 charges that are mainly there to stop infantry from firing at you. A squad of 4 can take on harder targets but will likely wipe out what they charge which can be disadvantageous at times. Just be careful with the Squads of 2 as it will take only 1 casualty to see something run off.

  • Probably only one bike should have the Power Klaw as it gets expensive otherwise.

  • Don't forget they have Hit and Run! Coordinating use of Hit and Run to tie up shooty squads that may struggle to hurt the Kopta in Close Combat is a great application for these guys! Devastators are a prime target for this kind of application.

The issue with the Koptas is that they're perfectly suited to say, killing a unit without a Power Fist or without a whole lot of hitting power in CC, like Marine tactical squads. The problem here is that a LOT of the lackluster Ork units fall into this category and the Koptas share all their LD problems. Though truth be told the Deth Koptas can do a few things most units in this category can't: Scout, and Hit & Run.

Equipping the Koptas

  • Twin Linked Big Shoota - Default weapon and thus the cheapest option. Recommended for close combat and general support uses of the Koptas.

  • Twin Linked Rokkit Launcha - Probably the overall utility for the Kopta. Assigning a unit of these Fly Boyz to do some anti-tank work early on in the game is pretty straight forward and isn't a half bad idea. The points cost is higher than I'd like but its fair for what you get, a semi-reliable Rokkit shot on a maneuverable unit. An alternative to Buggies, especially in lists that do not include other armoured vehicles.

  • Kustom Mega Blasta - Avoid it like the plague!! You go to something that's only got one shot, is not twin linked, and it can hurt your Kopta. This thing has got "Bad Idea" written all over it. As a tank hunter, the TL Rokkit is more reliable and worth the paltry increase in cost to get it over the KMB. In terms of actually bringing AP2 to the list, its one shot with "gets hot" at BS2, this is a bad idea! (or isn't it that vehicule don't get the "gets hot" inconvenient actually... so could be rather good if expensive)

  • Big Bomm - I'm pretty "meh" on this upgrade. Its not the most reliable thing and its damage output isn't that great with just a S4 AP5 Pie Plate. I wouldn't mind taking it at the cost listed if it wasn't a single shot weapon. As it is, I just don't see it as worth while. As a second opinion, "We've got bombs!"

  • Buzzsaw - Power Klaws for Deff Koptas! Great right? Well not really. It costs a ton of points and its on a normal Boy who gets no benefit for having two CCWs, so you get 3 attacks on the charge at S7, and then 2 attacks at S6 after that. Granted the Koptas have Hit and Run so you can keep charging if needed, but I think that its an OK upgrade at best. They are good just like say Bikes - if you want to kill MEQs without Power Fists in the squad, a unit with a Buzzsaw in it can start wreaking havoc on turn 1 if things work out right for you. It is an OK upgrade, but note that close combat in 5th edition is tied entirely to # of wounds caused. That, and they are S7 against vehicles.

Equipping your Koptas is dependent on what you want to do with them. Turn 1 assaulters want some punch and the Buzzsaw brings that. General utility says go for the Rokkits to hunt tanks if you feel you need that ability in your list. One thing is clear though, do not forget they come with the Scouts rule, and avoid the Kustom Mega Blasta!

Final Consideration

Mixing weapons allows Deff Koptas to take advantage of wound allocation. The extra points cost of Big Bomms and Buzzsaws can be mitigated by this new 5th edition rule.

Fast Attack Summary

Well we've got four units here, one clear winner in terms of direct power and one loser unit. Between them we have two units who may not be the best available choices, but definitely have their uses, even if in just a limited way, in a competitive Ork list.

The basic thing you need to realize when you look at the Fast Attack section is that Storm Boyz really are one of the strongest units in the Codex. To put it simply a somewhat cheap unit that can charge anywhere from 19-24" that has a lot of bodies, a lot of attacks, and a Hidden Power Klaw Nob is bad news for ANY target. These Boyz can take down vehicles in a pinch, they can preemptively charge big nasties like Flying Tyrants or Demon Princes, and they can enforce a healthy dose of area denial wherever you put them.

They are the premier counter assault unit in the codex and they should never be over looked when creating any kind of competitive list. With their speed and some tactical deployment, you should be able to use cover effectively and limit them from taking any incoming fire, getting them to charge when and where you need them. The tactical advantages they bring to your army list can not be denied.

The other choices like Buggies or Deff Koptas are decent but will require a lot more tactics and work to get mileage out of, but can be more rewarding - especially in friendly games. Bikes are also a unit on this level and barely misses the cut to be called "Semi-Competitive", but when used say in conjunction with a Boss on Bike or just used carefully they can be a decent unit to be used in friendly games. Just don't expect too much out of them or for them to be "tournament worthy" and you should do just fine with them if you put your head to it.

Takktica Part 3

This article is continued in Part 3 located here: Dakka Dakka Ork Takktica Part 3

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