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Dakka Painting Challenge 5 - Jungle Warfare

The release of the new Dakka (in 2007) prompted the return of a classic Dakka tradition: The Dakka Painting Challenge! For those who aren't familiar, these are basically bite-sized painting or modeling competitions that challenge Dakka users to paint and/or convert a model in a short time span (typically around a month) to see who can do the best job. This can be a great way to challenge yourself to take on a project you wouldn't normally bother to do, and if your model is cool enough you might even win a prize!

Typically, entries go through a period of public voting to whittle them down to a final 5, which are then voted on by a panel of private judges to come up with the overall winner(s).

Check out the winner(s) and runners-up below and get inspired! Keep an eye out of the next Dakka Painting and Modeling Challenge in our Painting and Modeling forum and show us all what you're really made of!

Mar 2009 - Jungle Warfare

Just in time for St. Patty's Day, this challenge was to model and paint up one of the many jungle fighters from the big wide galaxy. Dakkaites were challenged to break out their snipers stalking through the bush for their target, their wanna be Rambos or camouflaged alien monsters ready to pounce and tear the weak to shreds. Use all those green paints and get the best foliage glued on! War is hell, and hell is in the Jungles!

Click here to see the full voting results for Dakka Painting Challenge #5.

The Winner - Tunnel Sniper by Mephistoles11

Tunnel Sniper by Mephistoles1

Runners Up

Lictor by Stretch
Guille Suit Cadian by Gutteridge
Hunter Kroot by Gameandwatch

Swamp Kroot by Rogen
Banner Kroot by Sirath
Catachan by Chaplain Pallantide

Hormagaunt by Nidsmaster
Tree Sniper by Syhrus
Snikrot by P4NC4K3

Snikrots Tree by Barjack
Wraith by Gearhead
Stealth Suit by romulus571


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