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Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast

Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast is one of the Warmachine Rulebooks and was released in 2007.

The Better Part of Valor

Act I

Act II


Model List

  1. Mercenary Warcasters
    1. Captain Bartolo Montador, aka Broadsides Bart
    2. Captain Phinneus Shae
    3. Fiona the Black
  2. Mercenary Warjacks
    1. Buccaneer Warjack
    2. Freebooter Warjack
    3. Mariner Warjack
  3. Mercenary Units
    1. Press Gangers Unit
    2. Sea Dog Crew Unit
    3. Sea Dog Deck Gun Unit
    4. Sea Dog Rifleman Weapon Attachment
    5. Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster Unit Attachment
    6. The Commodore Cannon and Crew Unit
    7. Lady Aiyana and Master Holt Unit
  4. Mercenary Solos
    1. Bloody Bradigan Solo
    2. Bosun Grogspar Solo
    3. First Mate Hawk Solo
    4. Doc Killingsworth Solo
    5. Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile Solo
    6. Dirty Meg Solo
    7. Lord Rockbottom, Expedition Financier Solo

Privateer Strategies

Talion Charter


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