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Warmachine Rulebooks

Warmachine: Prime Remix

Warmachine: Prime Remix is a re-release of the original Warmachine: Prime. It includes some errata and a couple changes to specific models from the original Warmachine: Prime.


  1. Kommander Sorscha's Icy Gaze feat is limited to models in her line of site and control area. Previously it allowed her to make any model in her control area stationary.
  2. The Repenter Warjack's spray attack lights models on Fire.
  3. The Sentinel Warjack's Chain Gun gains Automatic Fire on its additional Strafe attack rolls.
  4. Captain Victoria Haley’s Temporal Barrier spell has been changed from an Aura to a Pulse effect
  5. Mechanics (Cygnar Field Mechaniks Unit and Khador) now have the Jack Marshall ability and also don’t cause Jacks to miss a turn when repairing them.

Warmachine: Escalation

Warmachine: Escalation was the second rulebook released for Warmachine. It introduced Weapon Crews, Jack Marshals and Unit Attachments.

Warmachine: Apotheosis

Warmachine: Apotheosis (2005) had the fewest updates to the four main Warmachine factions, yet it was probably one of the most difficult ones for Privateer Press to balance as it focused on expanding each faction's warcasters.

Warmachine: Superiority

Warmachine: Superiority (2006) updated the game with units, unit and weapon attachments, and new epic warcasters for each faction.

Hordes: Primal

Hordes: Evolution

Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast

Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast (2007) introduces pirate mercenaries for Warmachine. It is the first Codex style rulebook for Warmachine and includes rules for Talion Charter Contract armies.

Warmachine: Legends

Hordes: Metamorphosis

Hordes: Metamorphosis (2009) is the third Hordes Rulebooks. It contains first epic warlocks and new units, solos and unit attachments for each faction.


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