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Warmachine: Escalation

Warmachine: Escalation is one of the Warmachine Rulebooks and was released in 2004.

Page Five

Kings, Nations and Gods Part I

Various storylines begin that follow the theme of escalating conflict. Kommander Sorscha ends the smuggling of warjack cortexes into the Protectorate of Menoth. Feora, the Priestess of the Flame updates Grand Scrutator Severius of their manufacturing plans for warjacks and weaponry. Lieutenant Allister Caine locates the factory, but sacrifices his reconnaissance detachment in order to bring news back to Cygnar.

And through all this, Lich Lord Asphyxious and Warwitch Deneghra travel unseen as their thralls claim the bodies of the living and the dead for their own.

New Rules

  1. Jack Marshal
  2. Mercenary Warcasters, Jack Marshals, and Mercenary Warjacks.
  3. Replacing Models
  4. Unit Attachments
  5. Weapon Crews

Faction Content



Commander Coleman Stryker and Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo meet and view a demonstration of a warjack powered by a storm chamber rather than a coal furnace. The new design is completely overpowered and the warjack explodes. Though the demonstration model fails, the encounter reveals mixed feelings between the two Cygnaran Warcasters. They are mentor and student, but they are also friends. There also seems to be some simmering disagreements between them.

Model List

  1. Cygnaran Warcasters
    1. Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo
  2. Cygnaran Warjacks
    1. Stormclad Warjack
    2. Hunter Warjack
    3. Centurion Warjack
  3. Cygnaran Units
    1. Sword Knights Unit
    2. Trencher Chain Gun Crew Unit
  4. Cygnaran Solos
    1. Gun Mage Captain Adept Solo
    2. Stormsmith Solo
  5. Cygnaran Unit Attachments
    1. Stormblade Officer and Standard Bearer Unit Attachment

Protectorate of Menoth

Devotion and Duty

High Exemplar Kreoss and Feora, Priestess of the Flame argue about the nature of her position. She clearly sees the Flameguard as her own, whereas Kreoss points out that they belong to Menoth. Her command over the Flameguard's loyalty reveals her advantage in the argument, as she condescendingly permits Kreoss to pass beyond the Temple soldiers standing guard. Not sure what to make of her, Kreoss clears his head in preparation to meet with the Harbinger of Menoth.

Model List

  1. Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters
    1. Feora, Priestess of the Flame
  2. Protectorate of Menoth Warjacks
    1. Guardian Warjack
    2. Devout Warjack
    3. Reckoner Warjack
  3. Protectorate of Menoth Units
    1. Deliverer Sunburst Crew Unit
    2. Flameguard Cleansers Unit
  4. Protectorate of Menoth Solos
    1. Wrack Solo
    2. Exemplar Seneschal Solo
  5. Protectorate Unit Attachments
    1. Monolith Bearer Unit Attachment


Eleventh Hour

The Butcher of Khardov, Kommander Sorscha, and Kommandant Irusk prepare to invade Llael. Vladmir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey appears, despite his orders, and offers to lend his strength to the cause. Though disquieted by Vladmir's appearance with twenty seven Berserker Heavy Warjacks, Irusk accepts the offer to join forces for the attack. The intimation, however, is that Vlad is as unstable as the cortexes of the Berserkers, whereas Irusk is too calculating to let an opportunity go by.

Model List

  1. Khadoran Warcasters
    1. Kommandant Irusk
  2. Khadoran Warjacks
    1. Kodiak Heavy Warjack
    2. Devastator Heavy Warjack
    3. Berserker Heavy Warjack
  3. Khadoran Units
    1. Greylord Ternion Unit
    2. Kossite Woodsmen Unit
    3. Winter Guard Weapon Crew Unit
  4. Khadoran Solos
    1. Man-O-War Kovnik Solo
  5. Khadoran Unit Attachments
    1. Iron Fang Officer & Standard Bearer Unit Attachment


Dark Waters

Iron Lich Asphyxious shares a plan with his eldritch student, Goreshade the Bastard. The plan is for Goreshade to infiltrate the Protectorate of Menoth, twist the Harbinger of Menoth, and bend her to his will and the will of the Iron Lich. As Goreshade prepares to travel the water bed as part of the plan to enter the Protectorate, the Iron Lich covets something in a cage unlike any of the others he bears. The cage bears his soul.

Model List

  1. Cryxian Warcasters
    1. Goreshade the Bastard
  2. Cryxian Warjacks
    1. Seether Helljack
    2. Stalker Bonejack
    3. Leviathan Helljack
  3. Cryxian Units
    1. Revenant Crew of the Atramentous Unit
  4. Cryxian Solos
    1. Bloat Thrall Solo
    2. Machine Wraith Solo
    3. Pistol Wraith Solo
  5. Cryxian Unit Attachments
    1. Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls Unit Attachment


Old Debts

A stranger arrives in a port town known for the hiring of mercenaries. After intimidating the trollkin guards at The Iron Balls, he reveals himself to be none other than Magnus the Traitor. Inside a meeting room, he confronts the Trollkin mercenary Boomhowler and demands his services.

Model List

  1. Mercenary Warcasters
    1. Gorten Grundback
    2. Magnus the Traitor
  2. Mercenary Warjacks
    1. Grundback Gunner Light Warjack
    2. Ghordson Driller Heavy Warjack
    3. Renegarde Light Warjack
    4. Talon Light Warjack
    5. Mangler Heavy Warjack
    6. Nomad Heavy Warjack
  3. Mercenary Units
    1. Captain Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs Character Unit
  4. Mercenary Solos
    1. Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist Solo
    2. Rupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Kings, Nations and Gods Part II

The invasion of Llael begins in Winter.

Kings, Nations and God Campaign

The campaign follows the events of 604-605 AR following the invasion of Khador into Llael. It's designed for four players, one from each fashion. Each season is three acts.

Act I: Four way battle to determine initiative in the campaign. Players determine locations of their warcasters for battles in Act II.

Act II: Every player plays every other character in faction specific scenarios with 1000pt armies. Winners are rewarded with campaign bonuses.

Act III: The top two players face off with extra points based on previous successes.

The Icy Grip of Winter

Khador seizes Llaelese cities as Cygnar attempts to rescue their allies and avoid losing access to Rhul. The Protectorate of Menoth prepares for a holy crusade while Cryx prepares to execute their plans to blind the Iron Kingdoms and seek out Lord Toruk's Dragon children.

The Storms of Spring=

Khadoran control into Llael expands, and Cygnar seeks to stop them. Spring opens the way for pilgrims to continue their journey into the Protectorate of Menoth, where the faithful are growing in number and in their fervor for their crusade. Cryx grows as the nations battle by picking up the corpses of the dead and transforming them into their troops.

The Wrath of Summer's Heat

The Protectorate masses on the eastern border of Cygnar as the Khadorans look to hold Llael and raid into Cygnar's northern borders. Cryx begins to gravitate to the battlefields in order to excavate massive amounts of necrotite.

Fall's Blighted Harvest

Cryx unleashes magical chemical warfare upon the populace in the form of Balebrand, an infection that can give Cryxian necromancers temporary control of seemingly unaffected individuals. Cygnar attempts to bolster its defenses from all sides as Khador slows its advance, hindered by Cygnaran homeland defense. The Protectorate's advance also slows as the faithful realize that deeper planning will be needed in order to consolidate gains.


Commander Stryker, broken by the way war is waged, resigns from his post as his emotions are no longer driven by patriotism or duty. Vladimir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey, is tended by a mysterious old lady. Hierarch Voyle is told that Menoth is pleased by their Crusade. Pirate Queen Skarre contemplates some hidden agenda by Iron Lich Asphyxious. Kommandant Irusk congratulates himself on a well run campaign that has sacrificed Khadoran troops for the occupation of Llael.

Mysterious figures haunt a reawakened Orgoth creation in the Thornwood forest. A traitor in the east releases a signal.


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