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Warmachine: Prime

Warmachine: Prime Remix is one of the Warmachine Rulebooks that was released in late 2006/ early 2007. It is a re-edition of the original Warmachine: Prime with some rules changes, errata, and colored art.

Page Five

Frost and Thunder, The Iron Kingdoms

Frost and Thunder

The book starts in Late Autumn 604 AR with a description of a battle between Kommander Sorscha and the two Cygnaran warcasters Commander Coleman Stryker and Captain Victoria Haley.

The Iron Kingdoms

Rhupert Carvolo records some of the history of the Iron Kingdoms. He describes the god Menoth, and The Twin gods Morrow and Thamar. He goes on to detail the arrival of the Orgoth as they conquered and enslaved the people of Immoren for 400 years. It took 200 years for the Orgoth to be driven from the lands. In their wake, the humans created the kingdoms of Cygnar, Khador, Ord and Llael.

Rhupert goes on to describe the Iosan, Rhulic and Cryxian lands, as well as the smaller kingdoms of Ord and Llael. Then he describes the cold lands of Khador and the modern lands of Cygnar, Caspia, and the Skorne.

New Rules

Warmachine: Prime and Remix contain all the basic rules you need to play the game.

Faction Content


Of Crown and Kingdom, A Brief History of Cygnar

The notes of Professor Gabriel Parrish outline the history of Cygnar that followed the Orgoth's departure. The history describes many battles over succession, with the trollkin, Khador, and even a religious war with the Menites in their borders. Towards the end he details the lineage of the Raelthornes, which leads to the rule of the current King Leto.

He describes the tyranny of King Leto's predecessor, his brother King Vinter Raelthorne IV, and the coup that lead to King Leto and Church of Morrow rising ascendant in the kingdom. Though he was tried for his crimes, Vinter IV managed to escape to other lands.

Model List

Protectorate of Menoth

A Menite Recounts the Past, A Brief History of the Protectorate of Menoth

The historical account is based on a speech by the Grand Scrutator Severius where he outlines the religious history of the Menite faith. He interprets the arrival of the Orgoth as a punishment for wayward faith, as Menoth is a strict lawful god. He goes on to the connection between the younger Morrowan faith with the materialistic focus of the Cygnaran empire.

He paints the religious war with Cygnar as initiated by the Cygnarans in an assassination attempt upon their first Hierarch since before the Orgoth. After two years of fighting, they were given a harsh strip of land in which to rule their theocracy.

They converted the Idrians to the One True Law, and discovered valuable resources in the harsh land that would later become the volatile oil of their alchemical fire.

And finally he describes how turmoil followed the fall of every Hierarch and how years would pass between the Hierarchs as Visgoths and the synod argued over the proper ruler. In the time of the tyrant, Vinter IV, who taxed the Protectorate mercilessly, Visgoth Voyle took the mantle of the Hierarch for himself. His ascendancy, marked by the miraculous appearance of the True Law inscribed upon his skin, lead to the development of Protectorate warjacks and the creation of subjugated arcane wizards called Vassals. It was in his reign that Menoth also had His Will made manifest through the discovery of a young prophetess. And so the followers of Hierarch Voyle prepare for war.

Model List

  1. Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters
    1. High Reclaimer
    2. High Exemplar Kreoss
    3. Grand Scrutator Severius
  2. Protectorate of Menoth Warjacks
    1. Redeemer Warjack
    2. Repenter Warjack
    3. Revenger Warjack
    4. Crusader Warjack
    5. Vanquisher Warjack
  3. Protectorate of Menoth Units
    1. Choir of Menoth Unit
    2. Deliverers Unit
    3. Holy Zealots Unit
    4. Knights Exemplar Unit
    5. Temple Flameguard Unit
  4. Protectorate of Menoth Solos
    1. Paladin of the Order of the Wall Solo


Death Denied, A Brief History of Cryx

Lich Lord Daeamortus tells Skarre Ravenmane about the power of Cryx as viewed by his ancient origins.

Sixteen centuries ago, he was a pirate king, just like Skarre. He and the thirteen other kings refused Lord Toruk's messenger and even slew him. They put aside their differences and assembled their pirate fleets to war, along with their mightiest king's ship, the gigantic Atramentous.

There was no real battle. Lord Toruk the Dragonfather needed generals, so he used a display of force. He himself flew to the Atramentous, killed its captain and crew with his fire, and then revived them as an undead force in which to convince the other pirate kings to bow to the Dragonfather. Twelve pirate kings joined the Dragonfather and were given knowledge of necromancy and the lifetime of the undead in which to carry out his schemes.

The Lich Lords forced the living on their isles to serve and obey, or serve in undeath. Lich Lord Daeamortus was the greatest of their necromancers, and he himself taught Asphyxious as the Dragonfather raised him as one of the Liches to join the original twelve. There they learned the true goal of Toruk--to find and devour his children who had once risen against him.

When the Orgoth came, the Cryxians halted their war efforts to subjugate the mainland for Toruk. As the mainlanders rebelled, the Cryx learned as much as they could from the advancements that they used to fight the Orgoth. In their final battle with the Orgoth, Orgothian warwitches attempted to call down massive power in a desperate act of self-destruction. No less than three lich lords were lost.

But to the Dragonfather, it was still a victory, for they gained knowledge from the living and dead, and they retained many things that the Orgoth left behind. And though they are now ready to face the Iron Kingdoms, all these battles pale in their true task, to find Lord Toruk's children so that he can devour them.

Model List

  1. Cryxian Warcasters
    1. Iron Lich Asphyxious
    2. Pirate Queen Skarre
    3. Warwitch Deneghra
  2. Cryxian Warjacks
    1. Deathripper Bonejack
    2. Defiler Bonejack
    3. Nightwretch Bonejack
    4. Reaper Helljack
    5. Slayer Helljack
  3. Cryxian Units
    1. Bane Thralls Unit
    2. Bile Thralls Units
    3. Mechanithralls Unit
    4. Satyxis Raiders Unit
  4. Cryxian Solos
    1. Necrotech Solo and Scrap Thrall Independent Models
    2. Skarlock Thrall Solo


Legacy of Strength, A Brief History of Khador

In much the same vein as the Grand Scrutator's address to the Knights Exemplar, Kommandant Grezko Antonovich addresses Winter Guard recruits about the greatness of the Khardic Empire. He describes the fall to the Orgoth as one that needn't have happened if the nations of the south were only stronger. Instead, the history of Khador is tied up in the weakness and betrayals of the other kingdoms, so that even when they were uniting to defeat the Orgoth, treachery threatened Khador as the Orgoth invaded to focus on the Khadoran factories.

The only thing that saved them was the Motherland itself. Her cold and her winds and her pests drove the Orgoth out of Khador, but not without losing their precious weapons factories.

When the war ended, Khador had no power to assert any border rights and were left with their large territory of difficult lands.

A succession of border wars for land followed, as did a succession of kings and queens who brought different strengths and weaknesses to the Khardic Empire. The current queen, Queen Ayn Vanar XI, is the namesake and descendant of a previous queen who once called for peace. However, under her leadership, Khador prepares to regain lost glories and lost territories in the name of the Motherland.

Model List

  1. Khadoran Warcasters
    1. The Butcher of Khardov
    2. Kommander Sorscha
    3. Vladimir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey
  2. Khadoran Warjacks
    1. Destroyer Heavy Warjack
    2. Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
    3. Marauder Heavy Warjack
  3. Khadoran Units
    1. Battle Mechaniks Unit
    2. Doom Reavers Unit
    3. Iron Fang Pikeman Unit
    4. Man-O-War Shock Troopers Unit
    5. Widowmakers Unit
    6. Winter Guard Unit
  4. Khadoran Solos
    1. Manhunter


Glory and Coin, Mercenaries of the Iron Kingdoms

Greygore Boomhowler tells a new trollkin recruit about what it takes to be a mercenary.

Model List

  1. Mercenary Units
    1. Greygore Boomhowler & Co. Unit
    2. Herne Stoneground & Arquebus Jonne Unit
  2. Mercenary Solos
    1. Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Solo
    2. Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator Solo


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