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Warmachine: Apotheosis

Warmachine: Apotheosis is one of the Warmachine Rulebooks and was released in 2005.

Page Five

Conquest, Crusade, & Conviction Part I

The events of Warmachine: Apotheosis take place after Warmachine: Escalation. As part of the story, the narrative follows the various paths that characters take that lead them to becoming Epic level Warcasters and the fight, as the title Apotheosis suggests, is over one character seeking to become a god.

Kommandant Irusk prepares to attack Fellig, a northern trade city of Cygnar. At this point in the war, Cygnar is concerned not only with Khador, but also with threats from the Protectorate of Menoth, and some of their borders are woefully undermanned in trying to deal with the multiple threats.

As part of Cygnar's offense against the Protectorate, Lord Commander Stryker informs Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane that he is to do what no one has succeeded in doing-- take down the walls of Sul. Stryker gives Brisbane 30,000 soldiers and 200 warjacks to accomplish this task. It is clear that Stryker is a driven man in his dealings with the Protectorate.

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo argues with Stryker about his actions toward the Protectorate. Stryker has taken the war to the very churches within Cygnar, distrusting all Menites, even the Cygnaran ones. The argument extends to Stryker taking a prototype warcaster armor that Nemo has designed for him. It is not yet ready, and Nemo is obviously loathe to give it to Stryker in such a state. However, King Leto has given Stryker powers above and beyond the rank of Commander and Adept, and Stormblades take the armor for Stryker's use.

Lieutenant Allister Caine meets spymaster Rebald about Stryker's obsessions. Caine has volunteered for Stryker's command, though Stryker is largely unaware that this is for a secret mission. The plan they discuss is a trail that Caine has followed for ten years.

Later Caine tracks down some Inquisitors and gets involved in a firefight, killing all but one. He saves the last one for questioning, revealing that Vinter Raelthorne has an existing heir and that the Inquisitors were somehow involved in his hiding.

Major Victoria Haley is changed after her fight to the death with her twin sister, the Warwitch Deneghra. Haley contemplates her replacement mechanikal arm from the battle, and feels tainted or less whole as a result of its use. She realizes that everything that has happened to her is a result of the Pirate Queen Skarre killing her family and kidnapping her sister at a young age, acts that have lead to her missing arm and her killing of her own sister.

She confronts Skarre in a tavern, though Skarre is hardly surprised by Haley's assault. Haley plans well enough ahead, however, to gain advantage over the Pirate Queen. Skarre manages to save her own life from ending when she reveals that Lich Lord Asphyxious has grand plans to open a gate between Caen and Urcaen using a left behind Orgothian artifact.

The Harbinger of Menoth discusses with the Protectorate of Menoth warcasters and Hierarch Voyle their plans for war. The warcasters are meant to engage the enemy, while the Harbinger and the Testament of Menoth must face the Lich together.

Lich Lord Asphyxious plots by his Orgothian temple. Souls cannot escape its gravity, and it's by this device that he hopes to open the gate between worlds. Revealing the trapped souls, he finds the one soul and necrosurgeons prepare a body. As part of his grand schemes he reawakens the soul. The former warwitch becomes Wraith Witch Deneghra.

The last of the Horselords, Vladmir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey, reforges his weapons Skirmisher and Ruin into a single new blade. The woman who rescued him from death's door, the Old Witch of Khador, enchants the blade with runes and then takes his hand and bleeds it over the newly forged weapon. Dominion, she calls it, and prophesies that he is destined to kill either the Lich or the Harbinger in order to save Caen as Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion of Khador.

New Rules

Note: These rules also appear in Warmachine: Prime Remix

  1. Bonding
  2. Forging a Bond
  3. Epic Warcasters
  4. Epic Warcaster Warjack Bonds
  5. Elite Cadres
  6. Unique Warjacks
  7. New Encounter Level (750 Points)
  8. Double-Hand Throw
  9. Trample

Faction Content



In response to Commander Stryker's emotional display at the horrors of war, King Leto Raelthorne, the usurper of Vinter IV, grants Stryker the King's marque. With it, he gains command of the greater parts of the military and the leeway with which to conduct a full scale war. Stryker accepts the post and requests the aid of individuals skilled in treachery-- jailed Inquisitors who once served as Vinter's secret police. Spymaster Rebald encourages this move as an act of penance for the Inquisitors and Leto assents over the objections of Warmaster Turpin.

Model List

  1. Cygnaran Warcasters
    1. Captain E. Dominic Darius
    2. Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane
    3. Major Victoria Haley
    4. Lord Commander Stryker
  2. Cygnaran Warjacks
    1. Thunderhead Warjack
  3. Cygnaran Solos
    1. Halfjack Solo

Protectorate of Menoth


Hierarch Voyle discusses war strategy with the Grand Scrutator Severius. There is a contrast in the two men. Hierarch Voyle is a founding member of the Order of the Fist, the very same Order that trained the Idrian High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza. He is fit and strong, while the priest before him grows frail within his warcaster armor. But Severius has a sharp tactical mind and an eagerness for battle that the Hierarch relies on.

In the background, the Harbinger of Menoth speaks as she floats in the air. She speaks of visions, of Menoth, and of destiny.

Model List

  1. Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters
    1. Harbinger of Menoth
    2. High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
    3. Grand Exemplar Kreoss
    4. Testament of Menoth
  2. Protectorate of Menoth Warjacks
    1. Avatar of Menoth



Queen Ayn Vanar XI is crowned before the Khadoran people. Of those in attendance include 200,000 Khadorans and fourteen of the Great Princes of Khador, more than ever gathered in one place for years.

Queen Ayn's speech reveals that she has an overwhelming support from the populace. She is not satisfied with the occupation of Llael, and the people support her even as some among the kayazy and nobles have reservations. Before all she drops the title of Queen and replaces it. She crowns herself as Empress Ayn Vanar the First.

Model List

  1. Khadoran Warcasters
    1. Kharchev the Terrible
    2. Old Witch of Khador
    3. Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff
    4. Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion
  2. Khadoran Warjacks
    1. Scrapjack Warjack
    2. Behemoth



Lich Lord Terminus consults with the Witch Coven of Garlghast. His ships and troops are prepared multiple feints against Cygnar, with one caveat. General Gerlak Slaughterborn mustn't be too alarming in his movements, for to do so might awake the true target of the invasion.

During the conflict, a force of Stalkers and Necrotechs would set up an exploratory base from which to launch search missions for the lair of the dragon Blighterghast.

Model List

  1. Cryxian Warcasters
    1. Lich Lord Terminus
    2. Witch Coven of Garlghast
    3. Lich Lord Asphyxious
    4. Wraith Witch Deneghra
  2. Cryxian Warjacks
    1. Deathjack

Conquest, Crusade, & Conviction Part Two

Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane begins the assault on the walls of Sul, which startles Feora, Priestess of the Flame. She's eager for the fight and wants Grand Exemplar Kreoss to launch an attack, but he orders her to prepare for defense.

Major Victoria Haley assaults Fisherbrook on their way to reinforce Fellig. They intend to retake Fisherbrook from The Protectorate of Menoth. However, the Protectorate defense is a feint. Khador is lured into engaging the Cygnaran forces and Major Haley faces the raging man in the machine Karchev the Terrible. Captain E. Dominic Darius arrives just in time to reinforce Cygnar's line.

Siege brings down the walls of Sul and Lord Commander Stryker invades its streets. Inside, he faces off against Feora who briefly considers a tactical retreat. When she sees his prototype armor acting against him she reconsiders and charges the stumbling warcaster. Lieutenant Allister Caine rescues Stryker by firing his spellstorm pistols and imbuing them with magic. Feora's Devout topples onto her fallen body.

Back by Fisherbrook, Major Haley convinces Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo of the necessity to confront the Lich Lord Asphyxious in the Thornwood. They call off their advance on their direct advance to Fellig and make their way through the woods.

The Lich Lord reveals his plans to the Wraith Witch Deneghra. He has waited generations for the coming of the Harbinger of Menoth. As a conduit for Menoth, her soul is a direct gate between Caen and Urcaen, and he intends to take the spear fashioned from the former Lich Lord Daeamortus and pin her to the Orgothian altar.

Khadoran forces arrive at the temple and they engage the Cygnarans. The Old Witch of Khador redirects Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion towards the temple.

Nemo and Haley retreat from the onset of the Deathjack Warjack. Gorten Grundback tries to hold it off, but his warjack is clearly outmatched. Nemo and Haley rush into the temple together with the Thunderhead Warjack.

The Harbinger of Menoth heads to the temple with her faithful. As they die, their souls begin to head toward the soul cages, but the Testament reclaims their souls with the power of the Omegus. They reach a lift and ascend into the Temple.

Outside, Karchev and High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza fight together with their battlegroups as Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff witnesses the return of Vladimir. However, there is no way for her to reach him across the chaos of the fray.

Atop the temple, the Lich greets the Harbinger as one would greet an expected guest. Below, Haley uses her telekinetic powers to recall the lift, and she, Nemo and the Thunderhead ascend away from the growing numbers of Khadoran troops. Her sister Deneghra waits for her and Haley prepares to kill her again.

Vladimir, who reached the upper levels by climbing the buttresses of the temple itself, witnesses these events. Cryx fights both Cygnar and the Protectorate. He himself enters the battle.

The Lich Lord Terminus approaches with the Witch Coven of Garlghast. They have foreseen Asphyxious's master plan, but Asphyxious hasn't accounted for Terminus's involvement. Goreshade the Bastard emerges from the shadows with a soul cage adorned in a pattern of eight pointed stars.

The story concludes in No Quarter magazine.

Eye of the Storm Diorama

Theater of War Campaign System


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