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Warmachine: Superiority

Warmachine: Superiority is one of the Warmachine Rulebooks and was released in 2006.

Page Five

The Tides of War

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir drives back a Cygnaran force in a berserk rage as he is haunted by ghosts.

Lord Commander Stryker argues with Lieutenant Allister Caine about his conduct, and Caine fires back about Stryker being reprimanded by the king about acts of war. Stryker promotes Caine to Captain Allister Caine as a way to keep him close and put his power to use in battle.

With the help of the Omegus that the Testament bore to the Temple of Orgoth, Hierarch Voyle resurrects the fallen Harbinger of Menoth. She proclaims that The Covenant of Menoth Solo must go to Grand Scrutator Severius.

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast performs a ritual that opens the way for Lich Lord Terminus and the Witch Coven of Garlghast to return to the world. Lord Toruk requires their feud with Lich Lord Asphyxious to end.

New Rules

Note: These rules also appear in Warmachine: Prime Remix

  1. Cavalry
    1. Cavalry Formation
    2. Tall in the Saddle
    3. Mount
    4. Cavalry Charge
  2. Dragoons
  3. Attachments (Weapon attachments)
  4. Warmachine Mercenary Contracts
    1. The Four Star Syndicate Contract
    2. The Highborn Covenant Contract
    3. The Searforge Commission Contract
    4. Magnus' Agenda Contract

Faction Content


In Darkness Between the Trenches

Private Fullet is a Trencher of The "Northguard Gravediggers" Warmachine Force. Together with the 89th Long Gunners, they formed the 58th Infantry. As Trenchers they are known for dying but holding positions, their honor a gravestone badge.

They fight the Khadorans by day, and by nightfall they retrieve their dead under orders of a cease-fire. During this action they encounter Cryxian thralls, also recovering the Khadoran and Cygnaran corpses. The Trenchers fight a pitched battle as Khadorans also try to stave off the Undead.

One man survives to be field promoted by Captain Maxwell Finn.

Model List

  1. Cygnaran Warcasters
    1. Captain Allister Caine
  2. Cygnaran Warjacks
    1. Grenadier Warjack
    2. Hammersmith Warjack
  3. Cygnaran Units
    1. Rangers Unit
    2. Storm Lances Unit
    3. Stormguard Unit
    4. Long Gunner Officer & Standard Bearer Unit Attachment
    5. Trencher Officer & Sharpshooter Unit Attachment
    6. Trencher Grenade Porter Weapon Attachment
  4. Cygnaran Solos
    1. Captain Maxwell Finn Solo

Cygnaran Army Structure

Warmachine Background Forces

  1. Stryker's Vanguard Warmachine Force
  2. The "Northguard Gravediggers" Warmachine Force
  3. The "Dead Line" Warmachine Force

Protectorate of Menoth

Into the Flame

Captain Tasara Sarokar leads her Daughters of the Flame Unit (referred to as a "hand") through the streets of occupied Sul. Their acrobatics take them unseen through the streets until they reach their targets: Gun Mage Adepts. The Daughters strike, and the fight is between the nimble Temple Flameguard fighting on their own territory and Gun Mages who can shoot through walls. Ten bodies litter the street and Captain Tasara Sarokar leads her remaining Daughters from the fight.

Model List

  1. Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters
    1. Feora, Protector of the Flame
  2. Protectorate of Menoth Warjacks
    1. Dervish Warjack
    2. Castigator Warjack
  3. Protectorate of Menoth Units
    1. Daughters of the Flame Unit
    2. Exemplar Vengers Unit
    3. Exemplars Errant Unit
    4. Temple Flameguard Officer and Standard Bearer Unit Attachment
  4. Protectorate of Menoth Solos
    1. The Covenant of Menoth Solo
    2. Reclaimer Solo
    3. High Paladin Dartan Vilmon Solo

Military of the Protectorate of Menoth

Warmachine Background Forces

  1. First Exemplar Interdiction, Sul Warmachine Force
  2. The Umber Guard, First of the Tenth Warmachine Force
  3. Order of the Wall Armour of Mourning Warmachine Force


Charge of the Uhlan

Yurik is a members of an Iron Fang Uhlans Unit that fights with mercenary Jack Marshals and discover an intercepted request for reinforcements. The Uhlans, trained to fight against heavily armored warjacks from horseback, rush to join Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff. Their numbers are too small, but they are required to stop a Menite incursion. Though they are outnumbered three-to-one, Yurik recognizes that the odds are somewhat balanced by the presence of the Khadoran Warcaster.

In later years he would remember that third charge and the cold Sorscha brought to the battle.

Model List

  1. Khadoran Warcasters
    1. Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
  2. Khadoran Warjacks
    1. Spriggan Warjack
  3. Khadoran Units
    1. Iron Fang Uhlans Unit
    2. Man-O-War Demolition Corps Unit
    3. Assault Kommandos Unit
    4. Winter Guard Field Gun Crew
    5. Winter Guard Officer & Standard Bearer Unit Attachment
    6. Winter Guard Rocketeer Weapon Attachment
  4. Khadoran Solos
    1. Man-O-War Drakhun Solo
    2. Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich Solo

Khadoran Army Structure

  1. Warmachine Background Forces
    1. Irusk's Advance Force Warmachine Force
    2. 111th Infantry Battalion, "The Unbreakable 111" Warmachine Force
    3. "Blood Ravens" Warmachine Force


Impressment on the Dirge

Khadoran Midshipman Ivdan Koposin is on deck of an ironhull when a maintenance error blows the forward guns on the arrival of a Cryxian ship. They are overrun by revenants and taken aboard. Taken to near starvation and thirst, Ivdan is offered a choice: join Captain Rengrave or die. He agrees and praises the Dragonfather.

His rebirth is marked by an attack on a Khadoran fort. Ivdan slays one of his former countrymen and knows that he is damned. The only thing he can do is give himself up to the new killing urges within and praise the Dragonfather.

Model List

  1. Cryxian Warcasters
    1. Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast
  2. Cryxian Warjacks
    1. Helldiver Warjack
    2. Harrowar Warjack
  3. Cryxian Units
    1. Bane Knights Unit
    2. Black Ogrun Boarding Party Unit
    3. Soulhunters Unit
    4. Brute Thrall Weapon Attachment
    5. Satyxis Raider Sea Witch Unit Attachment
  4. Cryxian Solos
    1. Captain Rengrave Solo
    2. Bane Lord Tartarus

Military of the Cryxian Empire

  1. Warmachine Background Forces
    1. The Black Fleet Warmachine Force
    2. Host of Tartarus Warmachine Force
    3. Thralls of Blackship Exhumation Warmachine Force


Flushing Out the Black Swan

Magnus the Warlord hires Jarok Croes and his Croe's Cutthroats Unit. The mercenaries head into town in daylight, and find that Magnus's benefactor is a Vinter loyalist. When they leave, they meet up with deserter Long Gunners and go to intercept Lord Commander Stryker (referred to by Croe as "the ponce").

The mercenaries ambush Stryker's small force, but Captain Allister Caine cuts them down with pistol fire. Unexpectedly, Roln, one of the cutthroats, takes a bullet that was somehow meant for Jarok Croe. Croe survives, and the last thing Roln sees is a standoff between Magnus and Stryker.

Model List

  1. Mercenary Warcasters
    1. Ashlynn d'Elyse
    2. Durgen Madhammer
    3. Magnus the Warlord
  2. Mercenary Warjacks
    1. Grundback Blaster Warjack
    2. Vanguard Warjack
    3. Wroughthammer Rockram Warjack
    4. Mule Warjack
  3. Mercenary Units
    1. Croe's Cutthroats Unit
    2. Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Unit
    3. Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps Unit
    4. Steelhead Halberdiers Unit
  4. Mercenary Solos
    1. Alexia Ciannor Solo
    2. The Risen Unit
    3. Thrall Warrior Solo
    4. Ogrun Bokur Solo
    5. Kell Bailoch Solo

Mercenary Companies and Charters

  1. Warmachine Background Forces
    1. 33rd Hammerfall High Shield Gunner Corps Warmachine Force
    2. Loyalist Army of Magnus Warmachine Force
    3. Nyss Hunters Warmachine Force



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