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GiraffeX's Death Guard

Chaos Space Marine Death Guard Army


Daemon Prince of Nurgle

The main body of the model is the from the plastic Daemon Prince , the legs are from a tyranid, the flaming ball from a Skaven WFB kit, the head is from the High Elf dragon and the jet engine is Lego

Death Guard Lord



Chosen made from the DV set models


Plague Marines squad 1 with personal Rhino transport

The PM squad is made up of parts from FW and the rhino eye was sculpted using 'sculpey'

Plague Marines squad 2 with personal Rhino transport.

These Plague Marines are Finecast sadly the sword has bent on the champion. The rhino is made up using bits from the Plague Cart set from the WFB Vampire Counts army.

Plague Marine Squad 3

Plague Marine Squad 4

Plague Marine Squad 5

Fast Attack

My counts as Heldrake made from a Valkyrie, named Lucky Lucy



+=Why I Started This Army== This army was initially created to bring a bit more strength to help my World Eaters army out. The army is ever expanding and will be having new units added as time goes on. I'm more of a modeller and painter than player which I hope shows in the army.

All my current chaos projects can be found in the following blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/354443.page


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