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Category:Chaos Space Marines Army Profile

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Featured Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40,000 Army Profiles

ArmoredReapers chaos list

I started this army cause chaos rocks and totally fits me. When I started collecting it they were pure renegades that weren't chaos but were not loyalist either, they roamed the universe looking for sources of more power and wealth. But as I finished collecting the basic guys I really started branching out and collecting Khorne units and Nurgle units. The army is led by the blob of pestilence a Nurgle daemon prince, second in command but original leader is Nigrot the despicable, then Taurus is just the hero solo bad ass of the army.


Cvife's Death Guard

Basically, the day I first received my student loan, so, I did what any sane student with more money than I'd ever seen would do, I went to the pub... and got drunk. Being drunk I decided it was time to do what any Warhammer player with money will naturally do... buy Warhammer. I bought the first thing that interested me, which just so happened to be a box of the metal Plague Marines, and so the Saga begins.


D-9's World Eaters

After finishing my Dark Angels army, I wanted a bad guy army. I also wanted something that played very differently than anything else I had worked on before. This fit both requirements. I have played a lot of games with this army, and it remains my favorite army to play in general situations.


Deviants of Mars (chaos)

I love this army. It used to be a LatD when it was still legal. Slowly I replaced units till its mostly chaos legal now. Of course I have yet to adjust my tactics, I'm still used to having a cheap meat shield. I tend to play smaller battles so I don't have a static list. I swap things out to keep my opponents on their toes.


Grunt13’s Emperor’s Children

I started a Slaanesh army back in third edition in order to have I competing force that could be pitted against my Ulthwe’ Eldar. When GWS came out with a Chapter Approved that gave the Chaos Marine armies the option of taking cultists mobs as troops I leaped at the chance to field a pure cultist and deamon army. I then started using a unit or two of Noise marines as heavy artillery, but kept my army composed largely of hordes of cultist and daemons.


Ian's Slaaneshi Chaos Marines

When I came to revisit CSM in the early 2000s I decided on a Slaanesh themed force, using only the actual chaos marine models in my collection. This ended up as a 4ed Emperors Children army, with tons of daemons, and using all the rules for sonic weaponry on terminators, vehicles, dreadnoughts etc. With the big chaos changes in 5ed this was split into two armies. This is now the CSM portion of my once rather large Slaanesh army.


Iron Warriors Legion - 3rd Grand Company Elements - Ixus II

I had 4-5 boxes of chaos marines lying around at the time, leftovers from the abortion that was my Emperor's Children army. I still have all the metal shoulder pads and a resin EC dread - so Chaos was a logical choice. I am a very slow painter. So, easy to paint was key. My test EC models took close to 6 hours each, so I decided to go easy with Iron Warriors. The fact that Iron Warriors had gross rules didn't hurt either.


Ninerfan's Talon of Chaos

This is the first ever army I have created, chaos just looks cool & I love the ability to have anything from the chaos space marine, space marine and IG codices at my disposal. I only got into the hobby last year and as you can see by the pics, I still have a long way to go when it comes to painting. This army was set up under the 4th Ed rules but of course under 5th Ed rules, things need to change.


Panic's Nurgle CSM

This was my first 40k army... I always enjoyed playing the bad guys! So this is my third time revisiting/updating this Army to make it better on the Table... where it counts! It used to have beastmen and cultists etc... I ebayed those when they didn't fit the last Codex. The new codex is Ok. I'm currently updating units, limited repainting and thinking about rebasing of the whole army...


Redbeard's Emperor's Children

In 2006, my teammates and I took an Emperor's Children army to the Adepticon team tournament. One of my teammates bought most of the models, but I painted the army, and kept a small Emperor's Children force for myself. When the new Chaos codex came out, I found a lot of my models no longer had a place in the army. Rather than just shelve it, I made a few purchases to bring it in-line with what seemed to work in the new codex.


Tentacle Tide

I saw a similar scheme on the net (most likely the lustwing or one of the armies that were similarly colored) and I liked it. Once I started Greenstuffing all of the tentacles onto the tanks I instantly knew this would be the "hentai army", which soon took its offical name as the tentacle tide. As a side note, nothing that I have painted is nude or invovled in any sexual situations. They are just girls in their undergarments being held aloft by tentacles. The only actual nudity anywahere in the army is from GW official figures.


Valhallan42nd's Death Guard

The basic idea of the army is that Lord Wormwood is a Fallen Dark Angel, sworn to avenge his other Fallen Brothers. Nurgle has blessed him, and with his daemon weapon, RedRot, he has climbed to the top of a warband of Death Guard, leading them against the Imperium as a small but elite raiding force. I mainly use them in smaller friendly games, or as part of or Apoc battles to incense the Dark Angel Players. :D


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