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Panic's Nurgle CSM
==PaniC's Nurgle CSM Army==

(click to see a larger version)

This was my first 40k army... I always enjoyed playing the bad guys! So this is my third time revisiting/updating this Army to make it better on the Table... where it counts! It used to have beastmen and cultists etc... I ebayed those when they didn't fit the last Codex. The new codex is Ok. I'm currently updating units, limited repainting and thinking about rebasing of the whole army...


  • 1 x Deamon Prince
  • 1 x CSM Lord


  • 7 x (Plague) Raptors
  • 7 x (plague) Possessed Marines


  • 7 x PlagueMarines (1 asp champion 1 special weapon)
  • 7 x PlagueMarines (1 asp champion 1 special weapon)
  • 7 x PlagueMarines (1 asp champion 1 special weapon)
  • 7 x PlagueMarines (1 asp champion 1 special weapon)
  • 7 x PlagueMarines (1 asp champion 1 special weapon)


  • 2 x Landraiders
  • 2 x Predators
  • 3 x Dreadnaughts


  • 1 x Greater Deamon
  • 21 x Lesser Deamons
  • 3 x Spawn

Battle Reports

Nurgle's Boys in action! Battle Reports!

I've been playing a Games with this Army recently you can check out how Nurgles boys did here

Daemon Prince and Chaos Lord

My Daemon Prince gets to fight in nearly every game I Play! made of parts from 4 kits he's my most advanced model to date...

The lord gets a look in... rarely.


I have 7 Raptors and 7 Possessed Marines I'm working on 30 Terminators at the moment, you can chck out progress with that project here : 30 Nurgle Terminators

My DreadNoughts with Magnatised Arms. I still can't believe that GW doesn't sell magnets!!! This Squad is under Going a Over Haul to increase the options I have, Check out the Progress here : Updating My Nurgle Dreadnoughts


Plague marines I have enough men at the moment to make up 5 squads, I have lots of plasma guns but one one melta! so i need to do more conversions and get more melta! I've bought a FW 10 marine upgrade kits which I'll either add to the guys and mix so i can have more squads or keep separate to have as a squad Choosen. for transport I also have three old style rhinos which I'd like to update but for now they do the job.

Chaos Daemons...

I don't know what to say about these fellas... These guys are still in the army... just.

I can't stand using Plague bearers as lesser daemons! So I've already bought enough extra daemon units to separate these guys out to their own army! where they can hang out as themselves and be plague bearers and a Great unclean one!

So I'm looking for a replacement, I've seen some great lesser daemon ideas flying about, and at the moment I'm looking to get the flying skulls from Doom! Once I get those, these guys are out of here!

Heavy Support

I have Two LandRaiders, These are only starting to get used now that I've got Terminators! before they seemed wasted carring Plaguemarines into combat, or at best the unit of Possessed.

Two Preditors one set up for Anti-Tank the other set up as Anti-Infintry. These serve me well I always find they do their apointed task with gusto!

I have Two Vindicators awaiting build. But I have high expectation for these tanks. I played against a pair of them once and found them to be deadly, in fifth they hold objectives wonderfully.

When I'm building the Vindicators the other tanks will get a update, If I find the parts i'm going to make the Preditors magnatised and multi-roled. I've bought the landraider FW Chaos-Tracks... Doesn't make sense to have all those aquillas crushing my enemies into the ground!


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