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World Eaters

GiraffeX's Chaos Space Marine World Eaters Army


Daemon Prince of Khorne

The main body of the model is the Khorne Daemon Prince from Forge World, the wings are from the GW Zombie Dragon

Chaos Lord



This is the Forge World Contemptor dreadnought with spikes added to give it a more chaos feel.


Khorne Berserker Squad Alpha

Khorne Berserker Squad Beta

Both of the Berzerker squads were made up of the Forge World Berzerker kit, a few parts from the GW Berzerker kit, legs and bodies come from either the Chaos Space marine or Death Company kits.

The Rhino's have the skull from the Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn kit, dozer blades from a ebay seller and doors and top hatch from www.warmill.co.uk The top hatches have LED lights under them so they give off a red glow.

Heavy Support


Both of these models started life as the Captain Stern Grey Knight model and were converted with various parts and greenstuff.


2nd Vindicator

The Cannon from the Vindicator comes from one of the Ogre Kingdoms kits, the cannon has a flashing Red LED inside which also lights up the skulls eyes.

Why I Started This Army

This army was initially created for a doubles tournament (900 points each) which is what you currently see in the army profile. The army is ever expanding and will be having new units added as time goes on. I'm more of a modeller and painter than player which I hope shows in the army. The next planned unit is a Khorne Berzerker squad with Land Raider.

All my current chaos projects can be found in the following blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/354443.page


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