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The Sons of Davin

Army Photos

The Sons of Davin is my own custom warband dedicated to Nurgle. The founders of the warband are the Luna Wolves who were dragged under the swamps by plague zombies on Davins moon when Horus was hunting down the traitor Eugen Temba. The fallen Luna Wolves grew grotesque features as they lay under the swamp, as papa Nurgle whispered heretical messages into the ear of every Marine with sickening delight. Once the Luna Wolves had awoken from their sleep they were horrified at what they had become; some went insane, unable to comprehend that they had become traitors. Some were delighted with their new powers and not having to serve the false Emperor. The corrupted Luna Wolves found a way to leave the moon using a rift in time and space that ad been opened up when Eugen Temba had been corrupted and let Nurgle's powers loose turning the moon into a diseased, festering rock. The corrupt Luna wolves made their way into the warp where they re-named themselves the Sons of Davin, after the planet that the moon was orbiting around. The small force first started off as a mercenary force, working closely with the Black Legion and Death Guard and got more soldiers and weaponry in return. Slowly but surely the Sons of Davin grew, becoming more and more self sustainable. The legion is still growing to this day. I also play this army as fallen Death Guard in Horus Heresy battles.

Unit Photos

Here is a pic of all three of my Rhinos, I added loads of Nurgly bits using greenstuff. They drive up the board and vomit out Plague Marines. I have also modeled the drivers inside as well just to make it appear more realistic and to go that extra mile. For the painting , I sprayed them up with 'Army Painter- Army Green', added loads of washes and painted up the fleshy areas pink to add a bit of contrast. I wanted a bright colour scheme for my Nurgle army because I wanted them to stand out on the table and to be really eye-catching.

This is my Daemon Prince 'Pinkie'. When I was making this guy I decided to sculpt a head because I thought the ones that came in the kit looked a little too goofy for my taste. I added the one big bulging eye to match the aesthetics of the Plague Bearers and other daemonic Nurgle units and . I even gave him a sewn shut mouth just for creepiness. Also I wrote up a bit of a back story for him called 'The path to daemonhood'...

I was originally a Luna Wolf, but I got dragged under the swamp on Davins Moon by the minions of Nurgle. I thought I was dead, but then a warm, loving voice broke the silence, it was papa Nurgle himself, convincing me to join his ranks of immortal warriors; he would give me more compassion and love than the Emperor would give his own sons, as well as the gift being able to withstand more pain than any space marine could. I was not convinced by this, I knew who I was devoted to, and would not let the cunning voice deceive me. Nurgle was not pleased with this at all, you could tell, he became hesitant and could hear a false tone of calmness in his voice, yet he carried on trying to deceive. Somehow he had gotten inside of my head; I was seeing all of these different visions of worlds being exterminated and the Imperium wiping out whole alien races in the name of the Emperor. After a while the visions had ceased and the warm voice spoke up again, it said 'The Emperor deceives you, he is not as godly as you may think, he had bargained with the Chaos Gods for immense power before turning his back on them' I could not believe this, and I kept on trying to block out the voice, trying not to listen to the foul content that defiles Emperor's name, but yet there had become a growing essence of doubt in my mind, doubt that he Emperor wasn't Godly as everyone thinks he is and that maybe the voice is telling the truth.

It had felt like I spent millennia under that swamp. My eyes slowly eased open; a searing light burned my eyes. Luckily my eyesight adjusted in seconds thanks to the occulobe implant which gave me far more superior eyesight than any mortal man. I slowly clawed my way out of the murky swamp and observed my surroundings. Thick yellow smog hugged the ground, blurred outlines of figures moving within it. All of a sudden my vox crackled into life. At first the message being broadcasted across it was incomprehensible, but soon the message became clearer...

"Rise my sons, rise from your death for you are alive again...the Emperor has betrayed you, he has let you die and rot, but together we shall strike him down and crush the Imperium!"

A ball of rage was slowly building up in my mind; I was furious that the Emperor had turned his back on me and the countless other marines dragged under the swamp to rot. My power armour was stinking and had fungi sprouting from the recesses. Horns erupted from my shoulder pads and knees. My whole armour had gone from a gleaming white to a filthy green thanks to the bacteria clinging to the armour like a leech to a wound. Tumours broke through the armour. My face was scarred and swollen, my jaw broken. I was hideous but I didn't care, for all I cared about was killing the Emperor. I started walking, finding my neglected battle brothers, re-grouping, re arming ready to fight. We re-grouped and were about 10 men strong, it wasn't much, but these ten men including myself would slowly grow into thousands of men... from a tiny mustard seed would grow a huge tree.

We started slowly foot-slogging through the swamps, seeking out survivors, recruits and slaves. We had been walking for appropriately 30 minutes when we suddenly stumbled into an abandoned imperial garrison. It was made up of a couple of ruins surrounding what appeared to be a cathedral. The ruins were stark and unwelcoming, fortified with sandbags, a sea of razor wire which could challenge even the most experienced of space marines. But the most chilling discoveries were found in the cathedral itself.

We approached the Cathedral doors, bolters drawn. I unbuckled my multi-scanner from my waist and got no heat readings. We moved tactfully and carefully inside ready to engage any hostiles inside. The cathedral looked Gothic from the outside, with columns, arches and snarling gargoyles. Inside though was a completely different story. The interior was completely gutted out and replaced by huge machinery and flashing control panels with great lengths of wire snaking out and feeing into a great oval shaped ring, as big as a space marine. Inside this oval was a shimmering glossy surface. It was certainly out of the ordinary at the time because every now and then we would see shadows of figures moving within this shimmering oval. All of a sudden the surface started rippling... something was emerging from it...

All of a sudden a great shadowy mass burst through the portal! I barked orders for my men to get into cover and fire at whatever the hell had emerged. Space Marine Calculus had the biggest gun; a Mark V heavy bolter, so he took the highest ground which was the gallery, above the main hall. As for the rest of us, we were on the ground floor, battling off whatever beast had come through the portal employing short range fire-fights and close combat. I unloaded the rest of my ammo into the shadowy mass. It fell back, crippled, with every bolter-round it took. All of a sudden it flew up into the air and straight towards one of my battle brothers. The Space Marine was forced off his feet and slammed against the wall, armour buckling and bones crunching. The seething mass then started for Brother Calculus firing from the gallery. I took this opportunity to ready my power fists. Great arcs of energy rippled across my grotesque mutated power fist. Maggots sizzled and fried as they got caught in the energy field created. The beast was done with Calculus and was now surging towards me. I roared with anger and ran straight for the beast...the ultimate battle was about to begin...

As I ran closer to the shadowy mass of the beast, a sudden realisation struck me, the beast was not one whole creature, it was a swarm, a swarm made up of billions of tiny flies. I threw a punch at the swarm, the rippling energy of my power-fist sparking as the flies popped and fried. The seething body of insects fell back and re-grouped, rushing head-long towards me. All of a sudden BANG! I was pinned up against the wall by the raw force of billions of flies. I could hear the sickening crunch of bones breaking. Yet I still tried to swing my fist at them, trying to beat them back. I summoned up all my strength, and with sheer determination and a grunt of effort I swung one last almighty punch. Flies exploded; bile and the remains of dead insects splattered across my face. The bloated flies fell back and I came clattering to the ground. Slowly I staggered up. It would take more than one blow to take me down!

I started for the swarm again, bringing my power-fist to bear on the dark cloud of pestilent flies. A wretched stench filled the air as flies sparked and popped in the energy field. Parts of the swarm flew off in different directions before re-grouping at the other end of the cathedral. I limped into the aisle; blood oozing from my mangled leg, bone jutting out like the teeth jutting out from an Ork's jaw. I turned and faced the seething dark mass which was re-grouping, getting ready for a fight. I stood there motionless, my hand poised, ready to whip out my bolt pistol. The swarm hurtled towards me. I whipped out my bolt pistol. Gun shots echoed throughout the Cathedral. This however did not stop the seething dark mass; I dropped my weapon and accepted my fate...

The swarm knocked me back into the warping face of the portal; my hulking body shattering the silky shimmering surface. Everything went black for a moment, then I found myself in a twilight gloom on a barren wasteland. I looked up at the sky, it had streaks of every colour imaginable, as though a frenzied painter had wielded brush strokes across the heavens. I felt a sinking feeling. I looked down to see the ground swallowing me up; grotesque faces appear to be eating my legs. I tried to pull free but I was stuck fast; I could not move. A purple-neon fog drifted over the landscape, like a silent killer. I could see and hear figures within, laughing, whispering with a malicious intent in their voices. All of a sudden, something emerged from the fog...

The thing that had emerged from the fog was a diseased-ridden jittering beast. It was relatively short with a burst pot-belly; guts and sinew trailing out behind the foul creature. It limped over to me, I had tried struggling free but I was still stuck fast. The plague Daemon placed one hand upon my forehead. I felt sudden warmth through my body, followed by a long, agonising pain. I tried to push the creature away but my arms did not work, they just hung there, limp by the side of my body. I glanced down, my already horribly grotesque armour swelling... 'What monstrosity am I to become this time' I thought to myself. My armour buckled, ripping apart, bolts exploding off in all directions exposing great swelling arms, like tree-trunks, veins snaking up them like ivy. A fresh burst of pain coursed through my face. I could feel my bones turning to liquid and re-forming into a new shape, my skin folding over, creating furrows and pits of eternal darkness. My vision blurred as my eyes slowly drifted to the middle only to meet and become one. The ground was suddenly further away; everything was becoming smaller.

I felt like a true god. My whole being infused with dark energy buzzing like a thousand flies, I looked down at the deadly claws on my gnarled grotesque feet, seemingly an eternity away. Giant leathery wings unfolded from my back as I screamed my rage to the twisted sky above.

Here is a nice photograph of my Chaos Lord called 'Festus'. He was converted from a Gamesday model which I had won in a painting competition. I did some greenstuff work on him first. Then I added a Plague Champion head from the Chaos Marines kit and some fly wings from a toy insect. He is the main leader of my Chaos army purely because I have had him for so long and always field him in battles. This miniature has to be one of the best conversions I have done, it still impresses people after many years.

This is my Dreadnought (I hate calling them Hellbrutes). Once again this is a model which I assembled and painted several years ago yet always bring him along for battles. It is converted from a Venerable Dreadnought, one of my all time favorite kits to assemble and paint; I absolutely loved making this mini and would work long into the night just to get it done. He is armed with a Plasma Cannon and a Power Fist with a Heavy Flamer because template weapons are awesome.

I have two 7-man squads of Nurgle-themed Khorne Berserker squads. The fluff behind these guys is that they were originally with the black Legion, but during the Black Crusade they were killed. A crazy Apothecary/Necromancer had bought them back to life using the Zombie Plague and now they fight for the Sons of Davin. These miniatures are some of the first ones minis I painted up for this army, five years ago.

This is a photograph of one of the Plague Champions leading a squad of Plague Marines. As you can see, I even painted a free-hand fly icon. As you can see, once again I have gone all out with the greenstuff; every model in my army has been converted/customised in some way.

Here is a photograph of another Nurgle Champion. This one has the Luna Wolves icon on the banner because my army, The Sons of Davin, was founded by he Luna Wolves who were ambushed on Davins moon by the Plague Zombies and dragged under the swamps.

Here is my Nurgle Havoc Squad. I made this squad because I had plenty of spare bits laying around and I didn't want those bits to go to waste. The squad it armed with three heavy bolters, a missile launcher and 6 bolt-guns. The champion has a basic melee weapon to deal with any small skirmishes and a bolt pistol. I don't really play these guys that much as my Heavy slots are usually taken up by the Defilers.

Why I Started This Army

In year 8 my parents bought miniature wargaming back up when they were searching on eBay for Warhammer miniatures for me. I think they felt worried about me because I was quite a shy person in school, didn't have many friends and was overall a bit of a social outcast as well as being picked on quite a bit as well. My parents thought that it would be good for me to join some kind of club where I could interact with like-minded people and I would be an environment where I would feel safe of prejudice and stereotyping and Gamesworkshop looked like the best candidate. So when it was nearing Christmas my parents bought Assault on Black Reach and the painting starter set whilst I played an intro game with a GW staff member. Games-Workshop had truly felt like my home away from home; I felt as though I was welcomed there even though I was shy and didn't live up to the mainstream contemporary trends. On that day I walked home happy with my GW bag in hand with all of the 40k goodies inside. Some grown men had sniggered because I was carrying a GW bag, that got to me a little after all, I was only 13 at the time. For about a year I played Orks. I loved everything about the Orks; the Mad Max feel, how there were hordes of them, their football hooligan speech. I had quite a collection of Orks.

My interest for Orks started dwindling when I saw the Chaos Space Marine kits though. In 2009 I picked up my first Chaos box... the Khorne Berzerkers. I thought they looked so cool with the massive chain-axes and the 'ears' on the helmets making the Khorne icon. I had originally painted up those guys red. Then I painted them blue because I wanted to do Chaos Ultramarines (lame idea, I know!). Luckily I saw something that was so cool that it saved me from doing horrendous blue Khorne Berzerkers... what I saw was a Nurgle Rhino. I was so inspired by that Rhino that I just had to create an entire Nurgle army of my own so that is what I set about doing.

Next I had started converting up some of my old Space Marines from the Assault on Black Reach kit into more followers of Nurgle. I had converted up the Captain into a Plague Champion and some of the Terminators into Obliterators. I even won an under 16's painting competition at the local GW with them and got a 2008 Gamesday Space Marine captain which later became my Chaos Lord one of my all-time favourite minis which I still play to this day.

Time started flying by and month after month my army grew larger. This army has truly been a labour of love; every miniature has been converted in some way, I have spent a lot of time developing my colour scheme and fluff behind my army . This army really has a story to tell and also shows my progression of my painting skills. So where am I now with my army? Still adding more and more to it; I am working on Nurgle Daemon allies and finishing off some units which have been sitting on the back-burner for a while.


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