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GiraffeX's Thousand Sons

Thousand Sons


Daemon Prince

This is the plastic Daemon Prince kit with a GS head and the wings from the High Elf Griffon

Chaos Sorcerer

This is the Dark Angel Librarian his face was filed off and hood extended to leave a black void for his face, the jump pack is from the Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard kit



The dreadnought is a combination of a number of different dreadnought parts with a Forge World chainfist


These are mostly basic chaos space marines with green stuff cloaks, the melta guns are the metal ones from GW


Thousand Sons

The sorcerer in the second squad had his weapon converted so he looks different to the first squad. The icons are from Crocodile Games.

Fast Attack


These guys are made up of parts from the Thousand Sons box set and the Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard kit. The Sorcerer commands this squad when they are used for games.

This squad with the Sorcerer has accomplished many great deads on the battlefield, the best so far is taking out 90% of a 1500 Ork army in close combat in one game.

Heavy Support


This is a basic Vindicator which was painted with pearlescent paint to give it a special finish.


The defiler is made up of parts from the Tomb Kings Necrosphinx, a defiler cannon and flamer and a Lascannon from a dreadnought.

Havoc Squad

These are mostly the Space Marine Devastator box set combined with the Thousand Son's box set. The two missile launchers are from Forge World


These are Wood Elf Drayds

Objective Markers

The objective markers were purchased from Crocodile Games

Why I Started This Army

This was the first army I started after coming back to the hobby after a 18 year break. I wanted to concentrate on the painting and modelling side this time rather than painting basic colours so models were playable.

To view all my chaos projects they can be found in my blog here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/354443.page

The Next unit planned for this army is a Chaos Rhino then I'll be waiting for the new Chaos Legion codex before I add any further models. I also have another unit of Thousand Sons to paint when I run out of things to paint or they are needed for a game which most likely will be the case.


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