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XIV Legion 7th Company

Hi All,

I have been playing since second edition and over time have collected a range of minatures crossing; 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now 5th edition for which one squad had 3 men added to it. My favourite edition was definatly 3rd edition of the game when chaos and IG ruled the waves - IMHO.

In this article I wanted to show my Death Guard army which was based on the third edition first and second codices, as well as the "official" backstory and organisation as given originally in WD 265. I chose Typhus and the 7th company he took with him into the stars as my starting block, I was working on a plague fleet with terminus est to go with them - but then BFG kinda died as there was no one to play against at my local GW.

So basically the XIV Legion only used plague marines as they are known now and terminators, shunning vehicles and heavy weapons. So onto the decaying host itself;

My army contains:


1 x Typhus with his retinue of;

13 x Death Guard Terminators with Reaper autocannons, heavy flamer, combiweapons, chainfists, lightning claws, power axes and power maces (for those of you old enough to remember what those were) !


7x Plague marines (2x Plasma, PC w/PF, combiweapon)

7x Plague marines (1x Plasma, PC w/PF, combiweapon)

7x Plague marines (1x melta, PC w/PF, combiweapon)

10x Plague marines (2 x melta, PC w/PF, combiweapon, personal icon)

Heavy Support

2 x Obliterators

2 x Obliterators

2 x Obliterators

I hope you enjoy the photos !

= =


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