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Tentacle Tide

The Tentacle tide. An all Slaanesh all the time army of love. Ok, under both the previous dexes half of my models aren't worth much on the battlefield, but I still built them anyway! I used to run this list as Emperors children, but that doesnt work now so .. meh.

Unit Photos

Land Raider ... a bit dusty when the phots were taken ...


The rest of the armor... at least until I get the Warhound, Baneblade and Subjigator finished!! Those are all assembled, jsut need some chaosy conversions and painting.

The terminators all have magnetic arms so they can get 4 combi melta, 4 combi plasma, all LC, fists, etc as well as the regular loadout.

I use Sisters of battle as my regular CSM's. This way it is easy to tell which models are cult marines or chosen since they use the regular CSM models. Imagifiers are my IoCG.

Berzerkers: No place for bunny ears in a pink army, so they got shaved off.

Chaos lord with speed ... erm I mean steed of Slaanesh now that the new dex is out. He used to be awesome, but now only sees the table for nostalgic reasons. Being insta killed and missing most of your attacks just itsnt worth it. Ahh the days of Spikey bit and Master crafting ...

The Demon Princes.

Prince # 1 used to be a dreadnaught .. but never quite did well. So he got a promotion! He sometimes gets mark of Tzeench to represent his used to be armored hide. He always gets warptime. Prince #2 is my lash prince. Someday I am going to swap the sword for old whip that came with hive tyrants just to make it obvious.

The forgeworld keeper of secrets. This is the most fragile modele I have ever had (until I bought the new vampire counts skeletons). I have already broken off two of her arms, all of her raised fingers and her sword in half(thus the flame).

Raptors: pics coming soon Oblits : Pics coming soon

Why I Started This Army

I saw a similar scheme on the net (most likely the lustwing or one of the armies that were similarly colored) and I liked it. Once I started Greenstuffing all of the tentacles onto the tanks I instantly knew this would be the "hentai army", which soon took its offical name as the tentacle tide. As a side note, nothing that I have painted is nude or invovled in any sexual situations. They are just girls in their undergarments being held aloft by tentacles. The only actual nudity anywahere in the army is from GW ofical figures.


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