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GrimTeef's Storm Eagles Chapter

Army List

I'll have to add and update the army list, but the full army photo shows all the fully painted units I have to choose from.

I'm using the current Blood Angels codex as they have the most fitting feel that the Storm Eagles would have on the battlefield, being a primarily rapid insertion and drop force.

Full Army Photo

Unit Photos

Master Librarian Meros is the current leader of the Storm Eagles, and a powerful psyker and learned librarian. Meros is second only in power to the Chapter Master himself (who is undergoing construction).

Librarian Logan is a great leader in his own right and commands the Storm Eagles when Meros is otherwise occupied. In game terms, since Logan has Lightning Claws, he is a Librarian in name only, and plays as a Captain.

Meros' Honor Guard. Used now as a standard codex Blood Angel Honor Guard. The flamer-weilding marine has recently been moved to one of the 2 primary Assault Squads.

Honored Seer Jakon. A powerful librarian in his day when he walked upon his own armor-shod feet, and now even more deadly using the armored power of his life-sustaining Dreadnought sarcophagus.

Honored Brother Morentz carries the mobile heavy firepower for the strike force.

Honored Brother Durus acts as a fire support platform and assault dreadnought.

Storm Eagles Tactical Squad Dagon. A more assault oriented tactical squad, they usually support Dreadnought Durus.

Tactical Squad Ventis, a long range fire support squad.

This tactical squad was originally used as a small tank hunting squad, but has had most of its members absorbed into the other 2 Tactical squads.

The Scout Squads of the Storm Eagles range ahead of the main force, providing battlefield information to the carrier gunships so they can deliver the heavier armored brothers and Dreadnoughts safely to the conflict zone.

Scout Squads are assigned squadron designations (usually storm or avian derived) until they have proven themselves in battle. Once this occurs, the squad is allowed to go by the name of its sergeant.

Speeders are favored vehicles of the chapter due to their speed and small size. The carrier gunships can quickly deploy Speeders which are then tasked with eliminating enemy armor.

The Storm Eagles brothers relish the chance to take to the skies and hunt their prey, much like the great predatory birds of their homeworld.

A Storm Eagles force will always include at least one Assault Squad.

The Storm Eagles generally eschew the use of heavy tanks on the battlefield, as they are noisier than thier battlefield tactics account for. Dreadnoughts are quieter overall and can get into places that larger vehicles and tracked transports cannot. However, in other cases where a Dreadnought is impractical or deemed too risky to use, Devastator Squads are used to bring mass anti-armor or anti-infantry firepower to bear.

Why I Started This Army

I've always liked the look and feel of a Space Marine force, and have had one in some form or another since Rogue Trader days. I wanted something that felt a little different from the standard codex chapters, and liked how the Deathwing and White Scars had a bit more feral or tribal tone to them, but not so much as the Space Wolves have. Also, I wanted to find some themed reason to justify and use the army choices that I enjoyed.

The army features the 4 things I enjoy about Space Marines: Librarians, Dreadnoughts, Assault Marines and Scouts. I want the list to feel like a rapid insertion force, with the Dreadnoughts there for mobile heavy weapons support, as well as acting as the Tribal Elder that the leaders turn to for advice.

Part of my chapter's storyline is that they are recruited from a relatively feral shamanistic culture with a higher than average occurrence of psykers. They have a form of ancestor worship, which dovetails into the use of Dreadnoughts in battle. The most potent animal spirit worshiped by this culture is the Storm Eagle, a massive avian predator that regularly hunts at night and storm-wracked days. The Assault Squads have taken up this theme of animal spirit worship.


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