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Category:DIY Space Marines Chapter Army Profile

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Featured Do-It-Yourself Space Marine Chapters Army Profiles
Crimson swords space marines

I created this army using the 4th edition codex because I wanted a space marine army based on actual rules and did not bother to change existing armies. Also they got a different color scheme. This chapter is a newer founding and loves the close range. It has 3 traits applied to it: strife for glory, praise the emperor, blessed be the warriors.


GrimTeef's Storm Eagles Chapter

I've always liked the look and feel of a Space Marine force, and have had one in some form or another since Rogue Trader days. I wanted something that felt a little different from the standard codex chapters, and liked how the Deathwing and White Scars had a bit more feral or tribal tone to them, but not so much as the Space Wolves have. Also, I wanted to find some themed reason to justify and use the army choices that I enjoyed.


Porkuslime's Omega Marines

Last year I saw the astounding Ork Models in a gaming store, and slowly was sucked back into 40K. I found a good deal on eBay for some unbuilt marines, and toppled into the abyss. As for the name and chapter.. I like the colors Black and Purple.. and they happen to be colors from a series of books by Robert Asprin.. the Phule's Company series. In those books, the Space Legion shuffles their non-conformist thinkers and discipline issue soldiers into an "Omega Company" of screwups..


The Sons of Vergus - The Hounds of the Emperor

This is my second full army, I started this army after I got sick of Ultrasmurfs, but, still being a HUUUUGE fan of the Emperors finest I just had to make my own Chapter and the Hounds of the Emperor where formed. Infact, Hounds of the Emperor where the original name for the chapter, but, on a trip to the shops, I, for some reason, thought of the name Vergus. I thought that sounded cool so I began making up the Chapters background and named them the Sons of Vergus.


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