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Valhallan42nd's Celestial Lions

Army List

Librarian - Epistolatory, Null Zone, Gates of Infinity, Bolt Pistol Force Weapon, Frag/Krak - 150

Tactical Squad, 10 Men - Power Weapon, Flamer, Lascannon, Rhino, Teleport Homer - 235
Tactical Squad, 10 Men - Power Weapon, Melta Gun, Lascannon, Rhino - 235
Tactical Squad, 10 Men - Power Weapon, Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Melta Bombs - 190

Dreadnought - Hvy Flamer, Assault Cannon - 125
Terminators, 5 Men - Cyclone Missile Launcher- 230
Dreadnought - Multi Melta Storm Bolter 105

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad, 8 Men - Plasma Cannon x 4 238
Devastator Squad, 10 Men - Missile Launcher x4 230

Points Summary:
HQ: 150
Troops: 670
Elites: 460
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 468
Total: 1748

Full Army Photo

This photo obviously has units that I'm not using in my main army. Since this photo, I've added two more captains and a Chapter Master to make a Masters of the Chapter, and (mostly) painted a Marneus Calgar. Add to that a Thunderfire Cannon that's still being primed and we're looking at 4108 points for an Apoc game.

Unit Photos

My Commanders. My librarian is pretty easy to place, and I think he's a far better model for a librarian than a captain. The Powerfist Captain has an empire general head with a rebreather green stuffed onto him. The Power Sword/counts as Sicarious Captain is an old school Ultramarine captain with the dreaded "U" dremel off. In it's place is the much better lion's head.

My Black Reach Terminators, plus a metal Cyclone Missile Launcher bit I had sitting about. I have another squad of these that I've just painted, but the heavy weapons trooper has a magnetic arm that can be switched from an old metal assault cannon to a storm bolter. I'll be getting a heavy flamer bit soon, me thinks.

The ghostly Legion of the Damned. I don't know if their rules are all that great, but I love the IDEA of them. I just had to make them. Plus a deep striking slow and purposeful multi-melta has to be fun in an apoc game.

This is my Apothecary Dread. In the Chapter's (canon) background, all it's apothecaries suffered heavy sniper fire at an action during the Third War for Armageddon. They were all presumed dead. In my version (non-canon) one survived, mortally wounded, and bravely directed his own entombment into the sacred sarcophagus of this revered dreadnought. There are no special rules; I just think it's neat. In Apoc I use him as a ven dread, in normal games, he's a standard dread.

The dread with the black and blue heraldry is magnetized to be able to switch out between his shown armament and the standard Multi-Melta/Dread Close Combat Weapon arms.

My Masters of the Chapter

Why I Started This Army

Like I say in my Flesh Tearers Army Profile, I have a thing for doomed Chapters. These guys first came onto my radar when the Third War for Armageddon was in going on. To quote from the http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Celestial_Lions :

During a period known as the Khattarn Insurrection, five companies of the Celestial Lions were attached to Inquisitor Apollyon in order to crush a ongoing revolt on the main planet, Khattar. The orbital defences were nothing to the Space Marines and they quickly landed on the planet, with virtually no opposition. As the campaign progressed and the number of prisoners increased, it became evident that this was no mere minor rebellion. Apparently the priesthood of Khattar had been corrupted and had led the leaders of the planet into the arms of Slaanesh. Local renegade Imperial Guard and Planetary Defence Force regiments were quickly defeated and within three months the rebellion was crushed. The detachment of the Celestian Lion boarded into their ships and left for their Fortress Monastary.

As the ships left orbit, the Imperial Navy, under orders of Inquisitor Apollyon, bombarded the planet, and obliterated the entire population of the planet. This action horrified the Celestial Lions who proceeded to condemn the Inquisitor. Captain Saul attempted to halt the bombardment, but could not counter-order an Inquisitor. From then on, the Celestial Lions were highly vocal against the Inquisition, as it was not necessary to destroy the planet. They sent a series of very loud and public condemnations against the Inquisition in general. A delegation of Chapters senior officers left for Terra to further their cause, but the ship never arrived. It was blown wildly off course by a freak warp storm, far into Ork territory. The wreckage was eventually found two years later, although this was not enough to deter the Celestial Lions, which kept demanding an investigation into the events surrounding the destruction of Khattar.

Their efforts, though valiant, were completely in vain. The Inquisition technically answers to no one but the Emperor himself and itself. Furthermore the Inquisition reacts poorly to outside pressure and does not like any kind of criticism...

With the outbreak of the Third War for Armageddon, the entire chapter of the Celestial Lions dispatched was deployed to defend Hive Volcanus. They suffered horrendous casualties within months of arriving. The intelligence they received was horribly inaccurate and often led them into ambushes where they were outnumbered and outgunned. Some of the higher ranking officials began to suspect this was intentional, a ploy to wipe out the entire chapter, but nothing could be proven.

One particularly devastating battle was when four entire companies were wiped out in the Mannheim Gap by the combined forces of Warlord Thogfang's Gargant mob and the Razor Speed Freeks. Losses mounted and ended with a very well coordinated attack on the Celestial Lions base camp.

This particular battle lasted for three hours. Hundreds of Marines fell to the overwhelming Ork forces. Sniper fire reigned down from the mountain sides, relentlessly targeting the Apothecaries. Finally, a small company was able to break through the Ork lines and fight their way back to the Hive. Only ninety-six Marines survived and, to make matters worse, the last Apothecary took a bullet to the head within hours of arriving at the Hive. Their gene-seed lies unharvested on the surface of Armageddon and the remaining brothers have sworn to die alongside their fallen brothers, fighting to the last. The Bell of Lost Souls will be tolled for them when they are finally all wiped out.

You can't get more doomed than that. I also like metallic chapters as well, and gold and blue make a good color combo.


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