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Hive Fleet Devourer

This is the army profile of hierophant99's Tyranid Hive Fleet Devourer. Enjoy!

Full Army Photo

Unit Photos

Hive Tyrant

Hierophant Bio-Titan

Army List

Here is my current 3000 point Apocalypse army list for the Hive Fleet. For regular games, I just remove the Hierophant, and I have a regular 1750 point army. This list states each unit, with its basic equipment, followed by any upgrades in brackets.


-Hive Tyrant (Stranglethorn Cannon, Old Adversary, Leech Essence, and Paroxysm)

-3 Tyrant Guard


-3 Zoanthropes

-2 Zoanthropes


-22 Hormagaunts (Toxin Sacs)

-15 Termagants

-15 Termagants


-3 Carnifexes (Adrenal Glands and Frag Spines)

-1 Trygon


-Hierophant Bio-Titan


Hive Tyrant~providing synapse, enhancing rest of the army, anti-anything that gets too close

Tyrant Guard~protecting Hive Tyrant, attracting firepower, anti-infantry, anti-elite infantry

Zoanthropes~providing synapse, anti-anything in range

Hormagaunts~sacrificing themselves, anti-infantry, anti-elite infantry, anti-characters, tarpitting units with Force Weapons

Termagants~sacrificing themselves, taking objectives, anti-infantry, anti-elite infantry, anti-characters

Carnifexes~anti-anything but basic infantry

Trygon~being a fire-magnet, anti-elite infantry, anti-infantry

Hierophant Bio-Titan~scaring opponents, attracting lascannon fire, shooting down vehicles, squashing stuff

Why I Started This Army

As long as I've known about Games Workshop, I've loved Tyranids. Their fluff is fascinating and their models look great. Also, being a fan of the Alien movies, a swarm of deadly creatures fits me perfectly.

I first discovered Tyranids when they were in their Third Edition. The awesome history and fiction in that edition's Tyranid Codex definitely got me interested in them. In Fourth Edition, I started playing them, and ever since, my local Games Workshop store has felt the destructive power of Hive Fleet Devourer!


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