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Category:Tyranids Army Profile

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Auxellion's Orion Effect (Tyranid Army)

After many attempts and hours of painting I created the Orion Effect. It was easier to do then the Kraken's red carapace which I could not seem to get quite right. Do not ask me what the name means, it came to me in the middle of the night and I wrote it down on a piece of terrain I was working on. Been playing Tyranids for a bit over a year now and playing 40k for almost 2 years now and loving it!


Hive Fleet Kielbasa

I am into 40K more for the modelling than for the playing, but of course I want to play. My main failing as a modeller is that I start lots of projects and don't finish them. When the Platinum Devil tournament was proposed early in 2010, I thought I would challenge myself to build a finished army to take to Canterbury and get a weekend's gaming.


Hive Fleet Kukulan

I always liked the idea of a prehistoric deathworld getting consumed and spawning a legion of Dinonids. The 3E codex, with its speculation on the link between Eldar and Zoanthropes, gave me the idea to make it an Exodite world, which with the new units in 5E has erupted into all manner of ideas. The pipe Lictor - itself a reference to Super Mario Bros and a means to tie in the Ultramar background and paint a Forgeworld figure I always liked - gave me the idea for sewer crocs as a template for Raveners.


Hive Fleet Minotaur

The tyranids have fascinated me ever since I first saw the genestealers on the box of the original Space Hulk board game, long before I ever became a 40K hobbyist. An endless tide of snarling, shrieking monsters punctuated by huge beasts rolling over any opposition and devouring all in their path! It's the stuff of nightmares, something that appeals to a huge Lovecraft fan such as myself. The paint scheme was designed to convey the slimy and inhuman nature of these alien insectoids, specifically the green highlights which were inspired by one too many childhood activities involving squashed gypsy moth larvae.


Hivefleet yakface

The whole goal of this army is that it is the first one I've painted fully myself to a quality standard that I feel would actually allow me to have a chance to win tournaments. Unfortunately, it takes me forever and a day to paint the models in this army so I have no idea when I will actually accomplish that goal.


Hive Fleet Perpetual Night

This army was my first 40k army. I picked up the first army box at the beginning of 3rd edition, and played a couple of games using the list found in the back of the rule book. The army was above my play skill at the time (as well as the box set is an illegal army) so I shelved them until the actual codex came out. When the 3rd edition codex came out I picked up the boxed set with the codex.


Gorgon's Genestealer Cult

After I won Best Appearance at the 2008 Baltimore GT for my Genestealer Cult army, there was some interest here and elsewhere in a writeup of how I built the thing. After a few years painting Tyranids, I wanted to do something different. I always loved the Genestealer Cult background, and had a brainstorm that I should build a small GCult, maybe 500 points worth. After a timely bitz-by-weight purchase, I ended up with a LOT of models. Cults have a way of growing, I guess.


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