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Hive Fleet Perpetual Night

Unit Photos

To start this army I built a hive tyrant and guard unit.

I decided to arm my tyrant with a lash whip & bonesword/ venom cannon.

My Tyrant guard were built using the normal tyrant guard and cutting them to add tyranid warriors for the lower half and their scything talons.

Of course I need a flying tyrant. I've armed mine with twin scything talons.

To get better pictures I've disassembled the flyrant.

No godzilla list is complete without 3 dakkafexes.

As I ran this list as a Godzilla list I decided on rippers for the troop choices. Since rippers are so un threatening on their own I decided I'd make them more terrifying (so my opponents shoot them more). Each squad is divided by what they are eating.

Squad 1 devoures Ultramarines:

A close-up of my favortes from the squad:

Squad 2 devourers Blood angels:

A close-up of my favortes from the squad:

Squad 3 crawling over rocks:

Squad 3 devourers guard (and green objects):

A close-up of my favortes from the squad:

Squad 4 devourers farmers and civilians:

A close-up of my favortes from the squad:

After seeing Moloch's exo-fex I decided I had to build my own:

The carni is made up of TONS of extended carapace pieces, 2 head spikes (on the end of the tail), and a pair of 2nd edition carni arms.

As you can see the fex mounts a 3rd edition and a 4th edition barbed strangler. It also has an epic tyranid biotitan gun.

My second Carnifex was built around a standing carnifex. I liked the look of the stacked spine-banks and normal carapace.

My third Carnifex was the first one I built. I started trying the fex out as a venom cannon and a scything talons but I found out how much this sucked when I finally got the exo-fex built so I added the barbed strangler on the other arm.

As the Creature Design Rules had rules for the Trygon I knew I had to build one so here's my sculpted model based off the old epic model. The arms were updated with the new carnifex arms.

The Creature Design Rules also had rules for an exocrine. This is scartch built from florists foam with hair scrunchies for the fleshy bits.

Why I Started This Army

This army was my first 40k army. I picked up the first army box at the beginning of 3rd edition, and played a couple of games using the list found in the back of the rule book. The army was above my play skill at the time (as well as the box set is an illegal army) so I shelved them until the actual codex came out. When the 3rd edition codex came out I picked up the boxed set with the codex. My original paint scheme started out as an ice blue with bone plates and pink fleshy bits. After I found out this took to long to paint I decided to go with an alien inspired army. To quickly paint the army in this color I sprayed the whole army black, drybrushed them with an off white and painted their teeth silver. Mainly due to my horrid paint jobs I shelved the army after 10 or so games. After the 4th edition dex came out I decided to experiment with different schemes and finally settled on the red gore with off black carapaces. After painting the basic colors I dip the models in Minwax "Special Walnut" colored stain, then the models are coated in a layer of dullcoat to get the finished product you see above. I have over 6,000 points of tyranids on my painting backlog (including more scratch built beasties), so hopefully I'll update this army later.

Well this army has now been pieced off and sold. I kept the flying Tyrant as I like it more than the amounts of money I've been offered. The rippers are in the possession of one of the guys in my gaming group so I still get to see them occasionally.


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