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LuigiX's Greensteela Kult

Full Army Photo

Da Greensteela Kult as it currently stands- about 750 points (after upgrades). As every figure (other than the pure strain Genestealers) is heavily converted, it's been slow going. For more details on the building of the army, please read my progress blog at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/237629.page

Unit Photos

The big guy, my Green Tyrant (counts as a Hive Tyrant with heavy venom cannon & scything talons). In the old rules, I used him as a Carnimek, but with the new codex, he's better off leading my army.

Da Broodboss and his Greensteelas. While the new codex demoted him, he'll always be an HQ in my heart.

Nob Warriaz. I love how these guys turned out. I'd love to up this squad to a full 9 eventually.

What will one day be a massive horde, my Ornery Gruntz. Up to 11 now, with hopes to get to 30... eventually.

A closer look at one of my Ornery Gruntz.

Rippa Grotz. These guys were a bear to build, but it was worth it- they just crack me up.

Weird Bugz, my take on Zoanthropes.

Army List

To be added..

Why I Started This Army

To be added...


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