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Hive Fleet Kronos

Hive Fleet Kronos:

The Broods in detail:


I built this monstrosity before I consulted the codex (4e at the time) and didn't realize you couldn't put that many guns on one tyrant- oh well, no such thing as too much Dakka! He's not especially effective in the meta game, but being a tyrant he's pretty good at supporting everyone else and shooting the odd bit from afar.


These two are part of a 3 man zoanthrope squad. I had a zombie-nids idea that never fully realized, but the extra detail was fun to sculpt and adds a little bit more detail to the model. It also lowers the profile slightly so they et better cover saves- not that they need it much with 3+ invul.


Modelled after a particularly talented guy on warpshadow called hydra, who has some really dynamic posing. I've attempted to carry this theme through the army as much as I can. My own ideas about Tyranids is that they would never be caught standing still, even lurking or in cover I imagine them to be skulking or pacing the way you see big cats in a zoo. Hence why I dislike the idea of any of the models being too stationary.

This beast follows on from the first stealer- I wanted the broodlord to be a bit less static- more of the hugging type...

Again the warriors share a similar aspiration, and given the possibility of the plastic kits I couldn't resist a completely airborne one! I've got some gaunts and termagants, but they're just stock characters and are not as exciting as these guys, I also didn't invest as much time in painting or posing as there are in the more complex and less numerous models.

And now for the main event: Heavy support!

This wee chappy was inspired by the Akira movie, where Tetsuo gets a bit out of control with his hugely mutated arm. This fex runs as either a Dakka fex, or tyrannofex, although I'm yet to be sold on the effectiveness of the latter in game. I am still optimistic however! I've got some further ideas of what this mutation aspect could hold for other models, especially a tyrant. Images of the resident evil tyrant bounce around a bit but I haven't finalised it yet.

First attempt at a conversion after many years away from the hobby. This kick started me into playing again. I walked into a shop and saw the fex kit, new in my eyes and still one of my favorite kits after this long. The variety that the kit offers is awesome (no hyperbole there). I'll admit in retrospect the posing is slightly off, and game play wise, Crushing claws are a less viable than they were in 4e but I still have an attachment to my fex's, so as long my opponent doesn't mind I just run him as a vanilla fex.

These last two are now proven monsters on the field, having chewed through several paladins, 2 land raiders, leman russes and chimeras before finally succumbing. Plus they are huge and fantastic looking- what more could a nid player ask for? Oh and they can have synapse- great!

Why nids?

As you might be able to tell by now, I've got much more of a modelling than gaming aspect to this army. I've not included army lists, because frankly i don't think too hard about them. I play for fun, and the people I play against suffer as much as I do playing this selection of units (which can only run so many ways under 2k) so I don't see many reasons to go any further. I have however has some absolutely brilliant opportunities to make up new stuff on old units, as well as let my imagination run with the kits and the posing- which is why I love this army.

I first started playing back in 2e when I was quite young, and suffered early when my army case of painted nids (not beautifully) got taken when my back was turned in McDonald's (Can you hear the violins?) I loved the pitch of nids back then, and reading the assault on tyran fluff sold me them straight away. I love sci-fi and aliens, and the idea of playing and controlling these horrifying creatures, and the look of the models versus what else was available caught my imagination. The artwork back then, especially that by mark gibbon was also something that just made me want to have lots of gribbly beasties devouring the galaxy. Subsequent renditions of the nids have only gotten better, and the really cohesive look of the models now is what keeps me interested.

Well, hopefully I've kept you interested for this long too, and you've enjoyed looking at the pictures. Any questions, suggestions, criticism or comments are always welcome


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