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Hive Fleet Typhoon - Tyranid Army

Hive fleet typhoon

Full Army Photo

Unit Photos

hive tyrant

ahh, the good memories beating bad GK players with this.


just keeping him here till I have a substitute for the wasted points.


doom The same messege as the hive tyrant.

and his personal transport!

This was my first conversion and my freinds and the local games workshop love it!


These guys often hitch a ride in doom's spore.

warriors don't do much.

ex rippers

These guys were ditched to make way for my spore. I loved them untill I found out swarms were not scoring units.

gaunts and gants

the bulk of my army. 46 do clogg up the board, but they make decent meet sheilds.

Tipsy Tervi At my gaming club whenever he spawns and I place the gants on the board everyone turns around and tells me Im cheating to go over my points limit. ceburfex A very bad conversion, and makes him vulnrable to blasts, but they let me use his heads for LOS so it's a fair trade.

tinki very bad paintjob, I intend to strip it someday.

Army List

Why I Started This Army

When I first stepped into a GW when I was 2008, someone had a huge army of tyranids. From then on I aspired too get the largest tyranid army in kettering. So far I havent met someone who can top mine, or rival it in a game!


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