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Hive Fleet Requiem

Hello, I am Lucrecio. My Hive Fleet has been in work for two years and I'm glad that I can finally put them on the internet for everyone to view.

Hive Fleet Requiem

The mighty Tyranids that make up Hive Fleet Requiem. Each Tyranid sports the colors of midnight and the Synapse creatures are represented by blood red hues on the heads of the Zoanthropes and weapons of the Hive Tyrants and Warriors. The normal color set is black on blue, but leaders may be blue on black.

Hive Tyrant and Flyrant

Putting these two on the field can be deadly for the enemy. Having one go on the left and the other taking the right flank, it can make synapse range be around for Gaunts and other Tyranids who need it. When I painted these guys, I wanted them to look like the rest of my Tyranids, black on blue. To make them look like leaders I painted their talons and other weapons blood red. Plus, it made them look cool. A problem I found with the Flyrant is that with no guards, he can take very little punishment compared to his counterpart, who has three guards. The psychic power Warp Field does give him his 2+ save and 6+ invo, but a lascannon can easily take him down. The 6+ invo has rarely done anything for me and it makes me wonder why I put it on him. He would possibly go great with catalyst or psychic scream, but I just get the feeling it might improve with the up-coming codex. But his ability to move 12 inches and assault 6 inches makes him deadly. My other Hive Tyrant is almost always used in every battle. I decided to give him the ability to crush a tank, so I put Warp Blast on him. I've won many of my battles thanks to his anti-tank weaponry. His guard make him great in combat too. His bonesword and lashwhip along with his guards' lashwhips can take away the enemy's attacks, which have proven useful. When I got him, they sent the box with two left legs, so I had to use a lot of super glue and then I used Carnifex carapace pieces to cover up his misshapen leg and I did the same on the other side. "He kinda looks a bit like an olden day Chinese leader." is one of the common comments I've heard from people who look at him. I have to agree, the leg armor looks a lot like the armor used by the Chinese leaders.

Gaunts and Hormagaunts

I wanted to make it so no two Gaunts are alike, so I decided to use dark blue and blue for the bodies, making them look different among eachother. These are my most commonly used troops alongside the Rippers and Genestealers. Hormagaunts on the other hand, I haven't seen much use for them. They may have 3 attacks charging but I have never really used them at the same time. Devourer-armed Gaunts I found are useful against Imperial Guard and other Tyranids, (Guardsmen and other Gaunts.) The normal Termagant is my main species of Gaunt and they make a great numerous shield for my larger creatures.

Genestealers and Broodlord



Ripper swarms

Biovores and sporemines



Unit Photos

Army List


After receiving my Tyranid battle force kit, I was very ecstatic about building all of the Tyranids that it came with. After building about three Gaunts, I couldn't help but start building the Carnifex. After the Carnifex was fully built, I gave him the profile of a shovel-tusker species and set him aside. After the full army was finished, it was painting time. I had no real idea on what paint scheme to give them, so they started out with random paint schemes for different groups. After I had gotten over 1500 points worth of them, my Tyranids were nicknamed "skittles" because of the random paint scheme. Soon after hearing that nickname, I have since then started repainting my army. Dark blue, light blue, and blue along with black and blood red are their schemes now. My first Carnifex started to become the feared Carnifex of the group of people I played with. Out of complete boredom I randomly named my Carnifex "Tony." Since then, Tony has been my Carnifex of choice and people humurously accepted the name. 270 points of Carnifex made Tony a force to reckon with. Without him, I would have lost many battles. I try to make battling fun for everyone in it. My first HQ choice was my Broodlord. He was my winning piece alongside Tony. An old rule made both of them a powerful force: the ability to consolidate from a won combat into another unit. Of course, once they got rid of that it dramatically reduced the Broodlord's, Carnifex's, Genestealer's, and just about everyother Tyranids effectiveness. With the up-coming release of the new codex, I have been slow on buying more Tyranids. Rumors state that a plastic Trygon, a plastic Hive Tyrant, and supposedly 3 to 4 new species will be released. Until then, no one really knows.


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