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Michels Hive Fleet Cancer

Full Army Photo

Hive Fleet Cancer has been located in the Western Galactic Rim, its initial incursions began around the Wyoming Cluster. The Hivemind made its presence felt first on the world of Douglas, which proved fortunate for Imperial Forces as Douglas is home of the Cluster Armor Warfare Training Facility. Cancer's Hivemind apprears to have adapted to many of the changes in Imperial Tactics, even so the Imperial Guard along with thier Space Marine allies the Ash Lords Chapter held the first invasion to a stalemate.

Hive Fleet Cancer is comprised of large quanities of the serpent genoforms evolved from the Trygon geneseed. Cancer begins its invasion with waves of genestealers with the scything talon adaptation. These are closely followed by broods of Warriors who seek to penetrate the weaknesses probed by thier genestealer brood brothers. While the genestealers and warriors tie up forces in assault Trygon Primes and Mawlocs errupt strategically behind the line of defense making way for waves of Reaveners to penetrate into rear eschelon forces, disrupting heavy weapons and armor support from protecting the embattled lines. Finally, the Tyrant appears with his Guard and broods of Zoenanthropes and a brood of Carnifex to force the penetration, and break open the defenses. Yum yum yum, humans make such a tender snack.

Unit Photos

Army List

Why I Started This Army

I started this Army on account of the old 4th edition codex. I really liked the idea of a Nid Zilla army, 6 massive Carnifex charging behind a wall of genestealers just made my heart race. With the rewrite of the Codex for 5th Edition, some new possibilities bagan to take shape. I absolutely love the Mawloc and Trygon Prime, I still have my meat spear carnifex, now with the beautiful glow of bioplasma. And the Zoenanthropes with a Doom of Malan'Tai thrown in for good measure makes an opponent choose his doom. Kind of reminds me of Ghostbusters, where Ray thinks of the Stay Puff Marshmallow man and a 100 foot tall marshmallow man is the form the destructor takes. Now my opponents can choose, kill the carnifex and die by warrior, engage the tyrant have succumb to Death from the Deep, the possibilites are endless.


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