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Hive Fleet Naga

Full Army Photo

-Complete army photo (pending) The fluff behind my force is that i wanted to build a tyranid army that is all close combat, no ranged biomorphs. I really liked the look of the tyranids in second edition when they were all about ripping their opponent to pieces up close. I also want to maintain a fast army that will focus on using run/infiltrate/deepstrike to harass the enemy. I chose the name Hive Fleet Naga after the Buddhist snake gods. My idea behind this was that the hive fleets have been studying humankind (a perceived threat) and have identified the general fear and use of snakes as evil omens and apocalyptic foes. The army uses both the quick strike and camouflage/warning colors used by these species. I decided to go with an emerald green carapace to mimic the emerald tree boa and decided to make the flesh the color of the bases, a kind of muddy tan. Hopefully the green will also appear similar to the brighter static grass used.

Unit Photos

regarding all pictures, at the moment the models appear to be more orange than they are in person. The flesh is vomit brown with a wash of gryphonne sepia. the carapace is scorpion green with a thraka green wash. i intend to both add a third color for the muscle parts (most likely a pink or purple) and add some highlights to the carapace.

these are my first unit of hormagaunts which will be the backbone of the army, quick expendable units to tie up units while my scarier things get close.

spore mines to drop on the enemy while things close, i might drop them since they don't have close combat attacks, but i got them with battle for macragge a while a back and will use them until i have enough points of other things.

some stealers, hopefully can get screened by gaunts or come in later with infiltrate to get objectives, intend to keep units small to hide them better

my attempt at a plastic lictor, didn't work quite as well as i hoped but i like it a lot more than the metal variant, he will help with reserves and can add to a combat to swing it in my favor

just a hive node for objective marker

Army List

Army list pending due to codex release January 16th

Why I Started This Army


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