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Hivemind's Tau Army

this is my army it isent anything that important and its not very well painted ad alot of models are broken but its still my army.

Full Army Photo

Unit Photos

my unit o' fire warriors.

It's my sky ray I lost the hammer head turret for it but oh well.

this is my sqaud of kroot nothing to important just some more breakages.

my piranahs i have got three but i havent got round to making the third one yet.

these be my battle suits and dont say the one on the left is well painted because its a birthday preasnt from my brother.

Army List

this is my thousand point list

shas o, plasma rifle, missle pod. stealth suits 6 men, 1 shas vre, a fusion blaster and a makerlight fire warriors 12 men markerlight shas ui fire warriors 12 men markerlight shas ui kroot, 10 men, 4 hounds sky ray, burst cannons piranah 2 men, fusiion blaster.


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