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Category:Tau Army Profile

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Featured Tau Empire Army Profiles

Dakka Detachment 1 Adepticon 2008 Tau Army

We decided to form an Adepticon team via Dakkadakka, and since none of us live in the same city (or anywhere near each other really) so creating a unified army for the tournament has always been a challenge. For Adepticon 2008, we tried something different and created a new Tau army from scratch.


Fi'rios Sept

I love tau. I've had them since 3d edition when they were relased and have played them ever since. I sold my first army, and was determined to rebuild them to a higher standard, and this is what you get. I went to Adepticon 2007 with a Lysander Wing list and after I left determined to build what you see above and learn new techniques. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed posting them. Cheers!


Ian's Tau Army

Just a small Tau army - after years of painting ancient marine, imperial guard and chaos models in all sorts of dark color schemes, I just wanted something simple and bright. So what better than a canary yellow Tau force? I think I bought it all in two lots from eBay, and just resprayed everything at once. I don't use it that often - it's just a small, basic force and since this was quite early in Tau development it lacks a lot of the more refined, recent units and options - but it's fine to use occasionally.


InquisitorMack's Tau

I painted this army thinking that I wanted to play a good shooty army (as opposed to my IG), but after playing Orks for about a year, I really missed the CC and Waaaagh spirit, so I'm selling this army on eBay in January of 2009.


Lorek's Tau Army

I hadn't been playing 40k much in the previous five years, and I figured the best way to seriously get back into the game was with an army that would make me work for my victories. The problem is that I've never been really inspired by Tau like I have been for other armies I've played, so the painting on this dragged out almost two and a half years. Now that I'm done and have a playable force, I feel much more relaxed about painting what I feel like.


Tau Empire Speartip

I started this army way back in 2003, I think when a friend of mine bought me a £25 pound box set of 12 fire warriors and a devilfish transport. This was my first army ever and I am happy on how it has progressed. I decided to create a mobile army which can bring concentrated firepower down on any unit my opponent controls, using the mobility of the battlesuit for hit and run tactics and the awesome fire power the hammerhead tank can bring.


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