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Ian's Tau Army

by ArbitorIan

Army List

  • Commander Shas'El with Bodyguard (Magnetised Weapons, Commander has magetised shield option)
  • -
  • Crisis Team (Magnetised Weapons)
  • Crisis Team (Magnetised Weapons)
  • -
  • 12 Fire Warriors
  • 12 Fire Warriors
  • -
  • 7 Pathfinders (2 Rail Rifles)
  • 7 Pathfinders (2 Rail Rifles)
  • 3 Devilfish
  • -
  • Broadside Team (Smart Missile Systems)
  • 3 Hammerheads (Magnetised Weapons, convertable into Devilfish for the Pathfinders)
  • Sky Ray

Unit Photos

Crisis Suits

Broadside Suits

Fire Warriors





Why I Started This Army

After years of painting ancient marine, imperial guard and chaos models in all sorts of dark color schemes, I wanted something simple and bright. So what better than a canary yellow Tau force? I think I bought it all in two lots from eBay, and just resprayed everything at once. I didn't use it that often, but with a new influx of swapped models given to me in 2008, I decided to expand it and repaint it. It's even MORE canary yellow now. This is currently undergoing rebuilding - the P&M Blog is at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/291790.page

Battle Reports

  • 2011/05/14 - PLATINUM DEVIL 3 - Tau vs Everyone! - 1250pts - link
  • 2011/01/12 - CAMOUFLAGED TAU - Tau vs Eldar - 1500pts - link
  • 2010/11/06 - NEW TAU ARMY - Tau vs Plague Marines - 1500pts - link


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